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Vault 81 Tour is a miscellaneous quest in Fallout 4, where the player is offered a tour of Vault 81 by child resident Austin Engill.

Quick walkthrough

Miscellaneous quest: Vault 81 Tour
Enter Vault 81 for the first time.
Take the elevator down.
Wait for Austin Engill at the top of the stairs.
Pay 5 caps.
Pass a persuasion check to be granted a free tour.
Take the Vault 81 tour.
Reward: 75+ XP

Detailed walkthrough

On the Sole Survivor's first interaction with Austin Engill, he will offer to take the player character on a tour of the Vault for a price of 5 caps or for free if the player character successfully passes a Charisma check. Austin will then proceed to show the main rooms of the Vault to the Sole Survivor. Once the tour is completed, the player character will receive 75 experience points.

Quest stages

5 Start tour with depot
10 Continue tour with Overseer's office
11 Continue tour with diner
12 Continue tour with hair salon
13 Continue tour with hydroponics lab
14 Continue tour with school
15 Continue tour with doctor's office
16 Continue tour with Erin's room
90Quest failedAbandoned tour
100Quest finishedCompleted tour


  • The quest can be failed if the player character moves too far away from Austin during the visit. Additionally, the quest will also fail while conversing with NPCs while on route to different locations in the Vault.
  • If the quest is started late at night, it is possible to become "stuck", as Austin will go to bed without the tour being completed. To avoid failing the quest, one may need to wait for him to wake up again.