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From what you can make out in the archives, two GECKs were part of every Vault's standard inventory package. Only one was shipped to Vault 8, however.[...] Due to a shipping error, it appears Vault 8 received a box of surplus water chips intended for another Vault. The other Vault most likely received Vault 8's second GECK.— Information gathered by the Chosen One from Vault 8 Central Computer[1]

Vault 8 is a Vault located in the post-War settlement of Vault City in Fallout 2.


Vault 8 was a control Vault that was intended to open and re-colonize the surface 10 years after being sealed.[Non-game 1] The Vault was designed to house a hundred or so people. Vault-Tec, to ensure a bright future for the Vault inhabitants, planned to have two G.E.C.K.s located in Vault 8. Due to logistical errors by the government, Vault 8 received a shipment with hundreds of water chips meant for Vault 13, which as a result received an additional G.E.C.K.[2]

Establishing Vault City[]

Main article: Vault City

In 2091, 14 years after the Great War, the Vault received the all-clear signal and the overseer ordered the opening of the Vault doors.[3][Non-game 2] While many citizens were responsible for monitoring the surface sensors,[4] the "all-clear" signal was sent by the Enclave,[Non-game 3] as well as detection from radiation sensors on the surface.[Non-game 4]

With the help of their G.E.C.K., the inhabitants established a city outside of the Vault.[5] The city relies on a reactor that controls its ability to expand.[6][7]

In 2241, the Vault is primarily used for storage and providing medical services, with Martin looking after the equipment in the command center on the lower level[8] and Doctor Troy providing medical services to the citizens of Vault City on the upper level.[9]


Level One[]

Fo2 Vault 8 Entrance

Beyond the outer blast doors and a long steel corridor lies a Seal'N'Safe Model 343 Vault door, together with an airlock and security door. Doctor Troy is located here and can treat crippled limbs and radiation poisoning. He is a key figure in two quests, delivering a sample of Jet to him and making an antidote for Jet. Should the Chosen One become a Captain of the Guard, Marcus can be treated by Doctor Troy and all the ammunition stuck in his body removed.

Assisting Doctor Troy is a nurse named Phyllis who can provide some insight into how Vault City functions. Those who possess the magic 8-ball can access the emergency medical dispenser in the hall, for a super stimpak and two regular stimpaks.

Excursion locker:

Level Two[]

Fo2 Vault 8 Living Quarters

Level two is currently used only as storage. The rooms are filled with crates and abandoned equipment, though most doors have stuck power couplings or are locked. Vault City stores its supply of uranium ore for their nuclear power plant, as well as any other goods they trade with the outside. Spare water chips, originally intended for Vault 13, are located here.

Upper leftmost room:

Upper left-middle room:

Upper right-middle room:

Upper rightmost room:

Lower rightmost room:

Lower right-middle room:

Lower left-middle room:

Lower leftmost room:

Rattling vent:

Level Three[]

Fo2 Vault 8 Command Center

This level is divided into two distinct halves by a red security door. There is a meeting room, library, and computer core. At an intersection lies a storeroom, where all the Vault's basic supplies are kept in lockers.

The second part, the actual command center, is separated by a security door with a bright red light, beyond which lies the security station with the Vault's armory. Just beyond is the main control room, where the central computer and primary control stations for the Vault are together with the water processing computer. Last is the overseer's chamber, where his hydraulic pedestal and control seat is located.



Related quests[]


  • Martin sings to himself, and the Chosen One can compliment him on his singing for a small Karma bonus or deride him for the opposite.
  • The Vault-Tec elevator decal has a spelling mistake, saying Vaul Tek.


Vault 8 appears only in Fallout 2.

Behind the scenes[]

  • The location is mentioned in the Fallout Bible.[Non-game 5][Non-game 1][Non-game 6]
  • Vault 8 was to play a major role in the canceled Fallout movie, having been destroyed and the current home of a character named Max.[Non-game 7]
  • The carvings that flank the Vault door are from the real-world 1933 Chicago World's Fair, titled "Atomic Energy."[Non-game 8]



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