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The Vault 79 slideshow is a presentation shown during the quest Overseer, Overseen in the Fallout 76 update Wastelanders.


The overseer accompanies the Vault Dweller of Vault 76 in accessing the secret wing of Vault-Tec University. Upon reaching the end of the wing, a film regarding Vault 79 is shown on a projector screen.

The film reveals that Vault 79 was built to secure the United States' Bullion Depository's gold reserve in the event of nuclear war. The film also lets them know that the Vault was reinforced with several security features similar to the security at Fort Knox.

After the film finishes, the overseer will present her plan on how to rebuild civilization according to her mandate, by sequestering the gold reserves found at Vault 79 and use them to issue a gold-backed currency in Appalachia and recommission trade (with Intelligence 8+, the player character can figure that out before she explains it). A common currency would eliminate barter and wild, unregulated proxies, giving residents the leverage to create a new economy and eventually taxes, laws, and a proper government.



F76WL projector slides Vault 79



Welcome, esteemed members of Congress and our Armed Services, to a very special Vault-Tec presentation.

Gold! This rarified metal has been the backbone of trade since time immemorial. And, in the event of nuclear war, this precious resource will once again become invaluable to rebuilding America's economic future. That is why Vault-Tec has been commissioned to build... a different, and very real, Vault.

Named for the atomic number of the metal it will guard, Vault 79 will be the new home for all of America's gold reserves. Fort Knox will secretly be retired and emptied. Its gold bullion transported to the new Vault, where it will be safe behind Vault-Tec's top-of-the-line automated security.

Biometric recognition to verify authorized personnel.

Sophisticated laser grid fields to ward off intruders.

And, in the unlikely event of a breach, military-grade defensive turret systems, built in partnership with our friends at RobCo.

All of this, along with Vault-Tec's signature lead-lined containment walls, air-tight construction, fusion-powered generators, and automated manufacturing facilities.

Vault 79. A golden future for the America we all know and love. Brought to you by Vault-Tec!

Behind the scenes[]

The slideshow is narrated by voice actor Bill Lobley.