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Vault 77 is one of the Vault series of fallout shelters developed by Vault-Tec. It was featured in a promotional, crossover comic strip entitled One Man, and a Crate of Puppets, released to promote Fallout 3.

Only one man was sealed inside with only a crate of puppets for company.


Vault 77 was sealed with only one person inside on October 23, 2077. This individual, later referred to as "Puppet Man," initially believed that this was a mistake and pleaded for the "other fucking people" to be let in. With his pleas unheard and unanswered, the years of solitude that followed took a toll on his mental condition.

On February 4, 2079, Puppet Man found a crate of hand puppets and immediately began playing with them. He quickly lost himself in his puppet games, and by March 30, he started to believe that the Vault Boy puppet was talking to him. That night, he tore apart the king puppet and then accused the Vault Boy puppet of the murder. The Vault Boy puppet responded that it was actually Puppet Man himself who "murdered" the king puppet, prompting the two to escape in fear for what the dog puppet might do. Puppet Man left Vault 77 soon thereafter, leaving the location uninhabited.

In 2277, a lone Vault 77 jumpsuit and a holotape can be found in Paradise Falls. The audio recording on the holotape states that the jumpsuit "freaks the boys out" because of a story about a "stranger with no name" from a while back, also fearing that if the jumpsuit is his, he might come back for it.


  • The location of Vault 77 is unknown.
    • The interior features very typical Vault architecture. However, unlike most Vaults, its fixtures are not overall pale and blue, but a dingy, metallic orange. Additionally, the door itself was dirty when the Puppet Man entered, and the walls appear to be dirty.
    • The Puppet Man emerged into an arid desert with dull, tan sand.
    • The one-armed ghoul encountered by the Puppet Man implied that he was ghoulified in his Vault experiment.
      • The denizens of Vault 12 were ghoulified. Vault 12 is beneath the ruins of the Californian city of Bakersfield, now known as Necropolis.
        • One Man, and a Crate of Puppets takes place in the years immediately following the Great War. The population of Vault 12 may or may not have taken significantly longer to completely ghoulify.
      • The ghoul may have been from some unknown Vault where people were ghoulified quickly.
        • Ghoulification can occur near-instantly under certain circumstances.[1]
        • The condition could also be deliberately induced by pre-War experts, through physiological procedures in a process lasting no longer than a few weeks.[2]
        • The condition has also been achieved and inflicted upon others by several cults, through unclear means on unclear timeframes.[3][4]
    • By 2277, a Vault 77 jumpsuit found its way into the possession of the Paradise Falls, in the Capital Wasteland. The Slavers feared the object intensely due to its historical context, but hesitated to burn it, perhaps out of superstition.


Vault 77 appears only in the official Fallout webcomic One Man, and a Crate of Puppets and is mentioned in Fallout 3.[5]


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