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This is a transcript for dialogue with Vault 76 overseer.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 0002987F 00029881 You come from every walk of life, every race, color, and creed.
2 00056845 00089F7B When you hear this, it means I've been gone for several hours.
3 I've got... my own mission. Out there in Appalachia.
4 00056851 00089F81 Just know that Vault-Tec is proud of you. *I* am proud of you.
5 00069433 0007B77C Such a huge responsibility. almost to self, thinking about the enormity of the task
6 00069442 0007B783 You have been tasked with nothing less than the rebuilding of America.
7 0006B8AC 0007B794 But it's time to get up and get out there. We've been locked away long enough.
8 0006BB2D 00089E8D I hope you all enjoyed the party last night. Even those who may have... overindulged. And overslept. sly joke, but still speaking with authority
9 0006BB2F 004EC0FC Today... is Reclamation Day. momentous but solemn; it is a great day but the task ahead will be hard
10 0007B765 004EC0F7 Good morning, Vault 76. message over a PA system
12 004E62C2 00029884 But more importantly... you'll always be my family.
13 004E62C3 00029883 You are this country's best and brightest.
14 004E62C4 00029882 But you all share one very important trait.
15 00519A3A 00519A3B It may be time to leave, but I'll never forget the day you all entered Vault 76.
16 00521F5C 00521F68 This is the Overseer. Signing off.
17 00524C5E 00524C5F This is the Overseer.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 0003EA9B 0003D4E9 Overseer's... let's call these personal journals. Not an official log. Just... something for me.
2 0003EAA3 0003D237 Well, since I'm doing this whole trip down memory lane, maybe a walk over to the old high school is in order...
3 0003EAA4 0003E9FA Hi mom. Hi dad. I'm home. I'm sorry it's been so long. I... I couldn't get away. to self, returning to your family home long after parents are dead
4 I know neither of you is around to hear this. But I miss you. I miss watching dad grade papers on the living room table. I miss the three of us huddled around the radio, listening to "The Silver Shroud."
5 Dad, you were right about what living underground would really be like. Twenty-five years locked in with the same people was a... challenge. somber joke
6 But watching them pair up, get married, have children... I think I got to know a little bit of what you and mom were always telling me.
7 0003EAA5 0003EA9D The Agricultural Center. One of my first posts with Vault-Tec. I was so excited because I used to come to this same farm when I was a kid. personal journal
8 I remember one year... at the Autumn Festival. Me running through the corn maze. Going every which way. Mom and dad yelling after me to slow down. Ha! Wasn't going to happen.
9 I guess I was always hitting life fast. Couldn't just be a Pioneer Scout, I had to make troupe leader. Couldn't just be a good student, I had to have straight A's.
10 God, I miss those early days. Just... being a kid. The three of us. Our simple life. Our simple house. I wonder if it's still standing...
11 0003EB01 0003D25D When the career fair came, and I met the people from Vault-Tec, it was like a light turned on. Protecting families, protecting their future, protecting... America.
12 The first thing I did when I got the acceptance letter to Vault-Tec University was head over to mom's grave with dad. He was happy that I was staying in West Virginia. So was I.
13 0003EB02 0003D4EA I was in my junior year when I got the news that mom died. Mining accident. Everyone in West Virginia has a story like that in the family. You just... you never think it's going to be you.
14 Dad was in pieces. I started living in the library more than before, and I was already there most days to begin with.
15 And Evan... god... Evan. Mom had introduced us just a few months before. Graduated a year ahead of me, went right to work in the mines. So handsome. And those arms. What West Virginia girl could resist all that?
16 I can't believe he stuck with me. After the funeral, I didn't want anyone around, but there he was. Showing up in the library after his shift with a lunchbox for us to share. Every day.
17 0003EB03 0003E9F5 Overseer's personal journal.
18 0003ECEF 0003D25B Evan chose that moment to propose, that lughead. He knew I wouldn't say no after hearing the news. He knew me better than anyone...
19 Dad died a few months after Evan and I moved in together. He really wanted to walk me down the aisle. Well, I didn't really get to walk down there, either, so... *cough as tears well up, then sigh*
20 I think it's time I went home. I owe Evan that much.
21 0003ECF0 0003D25C Four years of living, learning, and breathing Vault-Tec. Graduating with honors in the Overseer track. Dad was so proud. He came out even though he was already so sick.
22 I must have impressed the right people, because I was offered the next available Overseer slot. I had just graduated! It was supposed to take years. Maybe they knew the War was inevitable.
23 When I learned that 76 was going to be built, I was so excited I jumped right out of my chair and did a little dance around the living room. Appalachia would be safe, no matter what happened.
24 0003ECF1 0003D512 Overseer's personal journal.
25 0003ED4B 0003D514 Yes, experimenting on Vault residents was ethically wrong, but the goal of finding the most suitable people to repopulate, to understand humanity pushed to the extremes, what if that was the only way for us to survive?
26 We can't save everyone. That's what they always told us. And I thought... I still think... they were right.
27 Vault-Tec found out that I knew. I thought I was going to be fired, or arrested, but instead they confided in me. Vault 76 was going to be a control Vault. No experiment.
28 0003ED4C 0003E9F6 Vault 76 was built to take the best and brightest, but... that wasn't what all the Vaults were for. confessional
29 The Societal Preservation Program. I wasn't supposed to know about it, but when I found out...
30 Evan wanted me to tell the press, but... I didn't.
31 0003ED4D 0003E9FB Overseer's personal journal.
32 0003F453 0003E9F9 I found him. Evan. He's down there, just like I thought he'd be. But I... I didn't think he'd be... one of those things. The green lesions on his face... ramp up to crying
33 Oh god... I did this to him. It's all my fault. crying
34 They told me I could have Vault 76, but not... not if I was married. They would've had to give Evan a spousal exemption and give him space in the Vault.
35 0003F454 0003D513 Overseer's... Overseer's personal journal... distraught, close to tears
36 0003F455 0003E9F7 I was so relieved, but... they told me I was going to be assigned to Vault 101, in Washington DC. I had to leave West Virginia... my people... behind.
37 I couldn't let them do that. No matter what it took.
38 I'm so sorry, Evan. I wish I could say I would've made another choice. That I would've picked dying in this house together when the bombs fell.
39 I never stopped thinking about you, and I'm not giving up until I find out what happened. If you're not here, then there's only one other place you'd want to be. The mines.
40 0003F541 0003D4E8 I know what I have to do, but I... I just can't. I love him. I already killed him once, I can't do it again.
41 Please, I gave 76 everything. You were all so brilliant. The first few years were hard, but we learned to trust each other. You learned to trust me. I was young... So young... Younger than most of you. But you accepted me as your Overseer.
42 So I need you to do this for me. Let Evan rest. He didn't deserve any of this.
43 The Scorched. Eliminating this plague. It's not just about survival now. It's personal. We have to secure the nukes. Wipe this disease off the map.
44 0003F542 0003EA9C But... there was someone more qualified. A civil engineer, someone with the skills to help rebuild. He was a distant cousin of a Vault-Tec executive and almost made the cut...
45 76 was for the best and brightest, and Evan didn't qualify. Deep down, I knew they were right.
46 So I broke off the engagement. I... sacrificed him. For the Vault. For Appalachia.
47 00138D43 00138A64 You see this? The cooking station, the stash box, the workbenches. All built with the C.A.M.P. holotape recording
48 You need a home base out there. The Construction and Assembly Mobile Platform is designed to give you one. Just add resources, planning, and a little elbow grease.
49 When you move your C.A.M.P., everything you've built is stored, ready to be placed back down in the new area. Use this to establish a foothold whenever you're in unfamiliar territory.
50 00138D51 00138D34 If it's still standing, the town of Flatwoods is further down this road. Find me there.
51 This is Overseer. Signing off.
52 00138E48 00138B23 Overseer's log. South of Vault 76.
53 00138E4C 00138D11 I've left my C.A.M.P. behind so you can use it.
54 I know I'm breaking my own advice by not taking it with me, but after seeing Appalachia for myself, I need to make sure every resident of 76 has a safe haven they can start from. I'll make do without it.
55 0015325E 0015324F I knew this wasn't going to be the Appalachia I remembered, but... mutated animals, haywire bots, and no people so far... holotape recording
56 We have to be ready to rebuild in - what I can confirm - is hostile territory. Fortunately, Vault-Tec was prepared.
57 001532BB 00153260 I used to love coming here on weekends. Taking flight lessons. Now it feels like I walked into a nightmare. looking at the now ruined airfield and signs of a large battle
58 003CDA23 003CDA26 I had a directive from Vault-Tec: secure the region's three nuclear missile silos. I... WE... had to make sure they didn't fall into the wrong hands. players have used the nukes to attack each other
59 I knew I couldn't do it alone, so I asked you -- my Vault 76 family -- for help. And what did you do?
60 My God... Why? How could you do this? We were supposed to take control of the nukes. Not engage in an Appalachian arms race!
61 003CDA25 003CDA27 Please, stop this madness. The cycle of destruction has to stop.
62 I... I haven't lost faith in you. I know you are GOOD people, and will do the right thing. If anything I've... lost my faith in Vault-Tec.
63 They gave me a mission I could never accomplish on my own. They must have known I'd need your help.
64 Did they also know what you'd do? It's just so hard not to feel... manipulated.
65 00437D82 00437D83 But first thing's first. We can't let the disease spread to us. Looks like the Responders were developing some kind of inoculation.
66 I'm going to pick up their work. You should too. This is the Overseer. Signing off.
67 004E49E4 004E7679 But I'm glad you did. Truth is, I need your help. I've been given a task, and... I've decided to break protocol and tell you what it is.
68 Because If there's one thing I've learned in these past few years, it's that we need to rely on each other.
69 004E7675 004E767A I know it's even worse than we imagined. But someone's got to know where the missile silos are and how to secure them.
70 The Responders are the best lead we have.
71 This is the Overseer. Signing off.
72 004E7676 004E767B My God... there's no one here. The old tavern, the church. People were using them for shelter, but... they're gone.
73 Mutations we expected, but there's something else... a disease. I was attacked by... well, it used to be a person.
74 But it had these green, glowing lesions. And its voice... Angry, tortured. "We are one." One what?
75 Whatever happened here is beyond anything we expected. And we expected a lot.
76 004E7677 004E7678 But it's been twenty-five years. I just don't know what we're going to find out there. Or where to start...
77 My directive was to go to the nearest population center and assess the situation. I'll set up a C.A.M.P. on the way once I get my bearings. Find me there.
78 004E841F 004E8422 I wondered what could possibly cause all this, and then I got my answer. It swooped down from the sky. Screeching. Breathing. INFECTING everything.
79 I don't know how to fight this. But we need to consider all of our options. Even the nukes.
80 We find the source of this Scorched plague and wipe it from the map before it can leave Appalachia.
81 004E8421 004E8423 Those "Scorched" things are everywhere. I kept quiet... they didn't see me... I managed to observe them for a bit.
82 Whatever this disease is, it seems to completely take over its host.
83 The ones that used to be human, eventually they... go rigid. Like some kind of stasis.
84 And if they stay like that too long, they sort of... burn up. From the inside out. Vesuvius in reverse.
85 004E9247 004E925A If only they had survived. What I wouldn't give to have a few of America's finest watching my back right now.
86 As it is, I'll have to find out how they were planning to combat the Scorched on my own. Once I can figure out a way through these doors...
87 004E9248 004E9261 A mental asylum as a last stand against the Scorched. Brave, crazy, and crazy-brave, the Army way...
88 At least, I'm pretty sure the Brotherhood had former US Army members judging by the security systems.
89 004E9249 004E9256 Dealing with these terminal systems like it's just a normal day in America is... somewhere between disturbingly comforting and completely insane.
90 But there's a lot of secrets in this old capitol that we'll need to find.
91 004E924A 004E9262 If automation still rules West Virginia, then Charleston is the heart of the machine.
92 Bureaucracy still pumping away, without any people to serve. There's a lesson there somewhere.
93 004E924B 004E925F I wonder, now that I'm in the Army, is my official title "Overseer Private" or "Private Overseer"? *laughs*
94 Time to see if I can fool a few automated identification systems.
95 004E924C 004E9257 *phew* Maybe I'm going crazy, but it was nice to put on the uniform and play pretend with a bunch of robot drill sergeants. a little out of breathe; just ran around a bit for the boot camp
96 I actually think I learned a thing or two about marksmanship.
97 004E924F 004E925B No stimpaks left. Funny joke in here about... practicing what you preach... This is... this is... the Overseer. Signing off. Hopefully not for the last time...
98 004E9250 004E9263 *labored breathing* Ooohhhh... Not good, not good, not good. wounded from a fight, trying to focus through pain
99 Just-just trying not... Trying to focus. But the pain is unreal. So bad... Want to do this now while I can... I'm... I'm afraid I might... pass out.
100 004E9251 004E9260 The "mayor" of Grafton used to be the automated assistant, and it's gone completely mad. Still trying to run the town. Even holds elections for itself.
101 We built these machines to do things without us... and they have. It might be useful if I played along.
102 004E9253 0052807E My hope, my fear, is that some other group of survivors tried to figure this out as well. We just have to keep looking.
103 004E9254 0052807B The security systems are still operational, just like at site Alpha. My guess is that site Charlie will be the same story, but I need to be sure.
104 Still have no idea how I'm going to get the military credentials to gain access.
105 004EC0EB 004EC0FA If they're following military logic, then they'll have a fortified headquarters somewhere. And a leader. Someone who knew what they were planning.
106 004EC0EC 004EC0FB Just who was this Brotherhood of Steel? Survivalists? Former Army personnel? They took their training and their call signs seriously, that's for certain.
107 Organized, efficient, access to hardware. You'd think they'd be ruling West Virginia by now, but they're gone.
108 004EC0ED 004EC0F8 Sounds like they let go of their paranoia long enough to seek out help from the other survivors.
109 Just have to hack this terminal. See what they left behind in there, and what they wanted to do.
110 004EC0EE 004EC0F6 Sam Blackwell and Raleigh Clay. Those damn traitors and their secessionists turned their backs on America to form their "Free States."
111 Concrete bunkers. You'd never get that past a Vault-Tec Radiation Proofing inspection, that's for sure.
112 004EC0EF 004EC0F9 All the good people I've learned about who've died, and it's the sociopath who still gets to live...
113 004EC0F0 004EC0F3 There's someone in control of this old ski resort, and if I ever find her, I'm going wash her mouth out with the first thing vaguely resembling soap I can get my hands on. *exasperated grunt of disgust* fast, exasperated
114 Selfish. That's the word. Maybe that's why she's alone. Maybe that's why she's survived. But the only way she'll tell me what she knows is if I help her first.
115 004EC0F1 004EC0F5 It takes a certain calling to voluntarily run into the middle of a fire. Rescue people. Looks like they kept up that spirit even as the dangers changed.
116 They must have fought the Scorched up close more than anyone. I need to find out what they knew.
117 004EC0F2 004EC0FD Automation used to define life in West Virginia, now it's the only thing left.
118 These training programs that the Responders have set up; how many survivors were running through these?
119 004ECA91 004ECA92 Was attacked... Some kind of... I think it was wearing a gas mask... a heavy coat... But-but not human... Not human... wounded from a fight, trying to focus through pain
120 004EE51D 004EE51F And what did they do? Close ranks. Get paranoid. Refuse to work with one another.
121 And it cost them all their lives.
122 People of Vault 76, if you're listening... DO NOT fall into the same trap.
123 You find each other. You work with each other. Only TOGETHER will you win.
124 This is your Overseer. And I'm begging you, please...
125 Save our country.
126 004EE51E 004EE520 The more I travel this godforsaken "Wasteland," the more I realize what truly destroyed West Virginia.
127 And what destroyed any chance the survivors had of... actually surviving. Mistrust.
128 All these divergent groups... Responders, Brotherhood of Steel, whatever.
129 Separately, they had everything necessary to beat the odds. Brains, brawn, and bravado to spare.
130 00521F4E 00521F60 *cough* Overseer's log... Somewhere in the mountains... wounded from a fight, trying to focus through pain
131 00521F4F 00521F61 Overseer's log. Grafton.
132 00521F50 0052807A Overseer's Log. Missile Silo Bravo.
133 00521F51 00521F5F Overseer's log. Fort Defiance.
134 00521F52 00521F63 Overseer's log. Camp McClintock. a little out of breathe; just ran around a bit for the boot camp
135 00521F53 00521F69 Overseer's log. Allegheny. pronunciation: AL AH GAIN-Y
136 00521F54 00521F67 Overseer's log. Camp Venture.
137 00521F55 00521F5D Overseer's log. Charleston Capitol.
138 00521F56 00521F65 Overseer's log. Free States Bunker.
139 00521F57 00521F6A Overseer's log. Top of the World. the person you've met here is selfish and aggravating
140 00521F58 00521F5E Overseer's log. Charleston Fire Department.
141 00521F59 00521F66 Overseer's log. Morgantown.
142 00521F5A 00521F6B Overseer's log. Town of Flatwoods.
143 00521F5B 00521F64 Overseer's log, or should I say, direct communication. Because whoever is listening to this had the moxy to try to find out where I've gone.
144 00528074 0052807D Overseer's Log. Missile Silo Charlie.
145 00528076 0052807C I've now verified that all three missile silos still have fully operational security.
146 No way inside, yet, but I'll scour all of Appalachia if I have to.
147 00528077 00521F62 Overseer's Log. Missile Silo Alpha.
148 00528078 004E9258 If we can't secure these sites... My god... the automated factory in the silo... Just how many nukes can it make?
149 00528079 004E9259 No one's here. Not even any military survivors. That might be for the best. I don't think Vault-Tec asserting jurisdiction over the nukes would've gone over well.
150 But, that also means I'm locked out. Access is restricted to the highest ranking officers. It's not going to be easy to fool.
151 0053041A 0053041D Before they were wiped out, the survivors called themselves the Responders. Looks like they were made of firefighters, police, emergency medical staff.
152 They even have an automated system to teach people about treating water, food, survival.
153 I'm doing their tests, and you should too.
154 0053041B 0053041C There were three active nuclear silos in Appalachia before the bombs fell. They blew up the world before. We can't let it happen again.
155 So we've got to locate and secure all of the silos, or die trying. Hopefully the former. Hmph.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 003FB7B1 00402A73 Something on your mind?
2 004286EF It's so good to see everyone again.
3 004286F0 You need to talk? I have time.
4 004286F1 Vault 76 is a family. We'll get through this together.
5 004286F2 We'll rebuild this country brick-by-brick if we have to.
6 005896A6 Overseer: So, it's done. A Vault full of gold. You can't really ask for a better symbol of prosperity, can you? Mild surprise, impressed.
7 00595A31 I know you have questions. And we'll get to them. I have an important mission.
8 00595A32 You're back. You're still not ready for the mission.
9 004029FF 00402A67 Pretty hypocritical for me, of all people, to take off on my own, huh? *chuckles then sighs*
10 At first, I was just racing ahead. Hoping that if there was any trouble, I'd hit it first.
11 And then, there were the nukes. The Scorched Plague. Seeing my old neighborhood bombed to pieces. I... needed time. listing all the terrible things you saw
12 00402A01 00402A85 I grew up here. My parents used to live just down the hill. If there's one neighborhood I'm rebuilding first, it's this one.
13 00402A44 00402A80 Everything on those holotapes is the truth. They... I... believed that sacrifices were necessary for our survival.
14 00402A46 00402A82 The real question is: how do you live with yourself, knowing that's what you've done?
15 Honestly? You worry and hope and bargain and wish it's not true, then one day you wake up, and it just doesn't bother you anymore.
16 You've blinded yourself. So you can keep going.
17 00402A48 00402A8B No. I don't get to let go of this that easily. I... abandoned him. in reference to Evan
18 00402A4A 00402A96 Securing the nukes was a goal, yes, but for me our primary mission is and will always be rebuilding this country.
19 It's not just about Vault-Tec's plans anymore. It's about what we need. What we want. We'll thrive here in Appalachia, in our own way.
20 00402A4C 00402A9A I was doing what I could, while also trying to keep nuclear weapons out of the wrong hands. Remember?
21 You might not like my decision, but the fact that you found all the tapes, and you're not dead, means they worked.
22 I'm here now, okay? I never turned my back on you, on any of you. That's the truth.
23 00402A4E 00402A81 I... you're welcome. I'm just glad I can be here in person now.
24 00402A50 00402A6C They certainly thought so. Seeing the results for myself? I'm not so sure.
25 00402A52 00402A65 I believe in Vault 76. I still do. That's why I know we'll get past this. I can't undo the nukes being used, but we can build a better future together.
26 00402A54 00402A70 I know. You did what you were asked. And so did I. But now we need to think for ourselves more. Build the America, and the Appalachia, we want.
27 00402A56 00402A7D Well, remember, it's not a scavenger hunt. I put them in place to help you on your way, even when I can't be there personally.
28 00402A58 00402A6E Let me see. Oh, look at that. Yeah, I think that's everything.
29 It's been a long journey hasn't it? For both of us. Appalachia has changed. We've changed.
30 00402A5A 00402A63 That's just it. I don't know. I thought they had let me into their plans. That we were... special.
31 But now I'm wondering if we were all just one big experiment to them. Just like everyone else.
32 And what happens once there's more nukes landing on Appalachia than she can take?
33 00402A5C 00402A99 I... *long pause, holding back tears*. Thank you... in reference to Evan, the Overseer's fiance, who had turned into a Scorched
34 00402A5E 00402A7B I hope they helped.
35 004286DA All right. Go ahead.
36 004286DB Let's hear them. neutral, matter of fact
37 004286DC Sometimes, I honestly thought they'd be the last things I'd get to say to everyone.
38 004286C3 004286CF Yes... it did. But we have to look to our future. America is our mission now. regretful
39 004286C5 004286CB Abandoned you? Do you have ANY idea how hard it was to walk out that Vault door on my own? Knowing I might not see any of you ever again? defensive; deep down, you fear the player is right
40 Breaking Vault-Tec protocol to leave behind my C.A.M.P.? The holotapes? The care packages? All with the vague hope that they might keep you all safe?
41 I've never stopped being your Overseer. Never.
42 004286C7 004286D3 Me too.
43 0058965E 00589695 I don't know. But we'd be fools if we didn't think it was a possibility they considered.
44 *sigh* I'm done worrying about the Societal Preservation Program. The right and wrong of it. Whether we're just following their plans or not.
45 That's why I'm not going anywhere. And I hope you won't either. Optimistic
46 00589660 0058968A With residents like you to boss around, why would I ever stop? Taken aback
47 If there's one thing I wish I could get through to you, it's this: you don't have to like me. I'm still your Overseer.
48 Whenever you need me. I'll be right here.
49 00589662 00589697 If we're lucky, one day people will look back and say that the rebirth of America began right here.
50 I'll be around if you need me. My door's always open for you.
51 00589664 0058968C All right. Sorry for prying. Old Overseer habit.
52 00589666 0058969D Fair enough. I have a feeling we'll be dealing with the Raiders for a long time to come.
53 But that was probably going to be true whether or not they got any gold.
54 00589668 0058968E Yes. Exactly. Rebuilding America is about more than just industry. You have to have a stake in the outcome. And you've given them one.
55 0058966A 005896A0 What? No. I wasn't questioning your judgement. Just... worrying out loud.
56 0058966C 00589691 I just hope they remember which one of those you are. Their respect seems to be... fickle.
57 But you know them better than I do. I trust your judgement.
58 0058966E 00589690 As long as they don't forget that their strength comes from our help. They seem to have short memories.
59 Well, I may not trust them, but I trust you. You had to make a decision.
60 00589670 005896A4 All right. You don't need to stand there while I talk about how I think you did a good job. But... you did a good job.
61 00589672 00589694 Well, they have a common person to gripe about now: you. But they also know you'll treat them equally and can solve their problems.
62 *chuckle* Welcome to the thankless world of leadership.
63 00589674 00589689 That means a lot, coming from the person who did so much of the work. We owe you a lot. Proud
64 00589676 00589696 Well, I'm sure you've got other more important things to do than listen to me preach about my mission as Overseer.
65 Come and visit anytime if you need me. I'll be here, keeping an eye on Appalachia as best I can.
66 00589677 0058968B So, with the mystery of Vault 79 solved and the gold recovered, maybe it's time to start thinking about what kind of future we all want to make Optimistic
67 00589678 0058969C Listen. I'm not mad. Well, maybe just not as mad as you might think. Resigned
68 I asked a lot of you, and you delivered on what counts. That's the important thing.
69 00589679 0058968D We answer to each other, got it? I've taken my share of criticism as Overseer. Believe me.
70 Your actions affect more than just you. We needed the newcomers to see that gold as their future. Now they'll have doubts.
71 I just hope you're prepared for the work ahead. You WILL be making this up to them. Somehow.
72 0058967B 0058969F Appalachia isn't just ours anymore. Like it or not, more people are here. They're not going away just because we give them dirty looks.
73 The point of that gold was to get more people invested in it. Remember? A gold-backed currency needs to be our goal.
74 I just hope you haven't soured everyone to the idea that we're the right stewards for it.
75 0058967D 0058968F If we're talking about who deserves the bulk of the credit. It's you. No question. A challenge, even a reprimand
76 But that gold's value comes from being in more people's hands than just yours. That was the idea remember? Get people invested in the idea of a gold-backed currency. A warning
77 Look, economies are built on trust. Law and order is built on trust. In the long run, you're going to have to make this up to them. Somehow.
78 0058967F 005896A2 I hope the newcomers take advantage of the example you've tried to show them. We all need to work together if Appalachia is going to survive
79 00589680 00589692 I see a lot of promise in that settlement, those people. I think you did the right thing.
80 00589681 005896A7 It won't be an easy alliance, but we'll have plenty of time to deal with it in the future.
81 00589682 00589698 Is it true? You really kept every single gold bar for yourself? Hoarding victory, upsetting our new allies. What were you thinking? A challenge, you don't agree with this decision
82 00589699 Splitting the gold between Foundation and the Crater... I have to say I'm impressed. It's not easy to be fair. To reach out to all sides. Admiration
83 0058969A I hope the Raiders appreciate that gold you gave them. To be honest, I'm worried about their reliability. You think you can handle them? Disapproving
84 0058969B I'm curious. Why choose Foundation to share the gold with? I have my thoughts, but I want to hear yours. Curious, but not judging in any way, in fact you approve
85 00589683 0058969E I'll admit, in the end, they helped us out, after all. I'm sure this wasn't exactly what they had in mind, but... who knows?
86 00589685 005896A3 One of these days, I'm going to drill that cynicism out of your head. But fine. Moan and groan all you want. You've earned that right.
87 I guess I'll just hold on to hope for the both of us.
88 00589687 00589693 Shouldn't I be the one saying that? You made contact with the new comers. You assembled a team. You got into that Vault.
89 All I did was give you a firm shove out the door. It's what Overseers do, I guess.
90 0058EC90 0058EC92 There's still a lot of work ahead, but I think you've more than earned a break.
91 Plenty of legwork I need to do before we're ready for the next phase of our plan. But Vault 79 is ours now. Thanks to you.
92 0058EC91 0058EC93 Now I think it's time we talked about what happened in there. I've heard you made some tough calls.
93 00592A0F 00592A12 See Davenport for details.
94 00592A13 I need something else.
95 00592A14 Thanks.
96 00592A15 Here you go.
97 00592A16 Take this.
98 00592A17 You came through again.
99 00592A18 I'm going to need your help.
100 00592A19 Great job.
101 00592A1A I hate to ask it, but there's a job I need you to do.
102 00592A1B It's always something in Appalachia. Please, if you could help me out with something I'd appreciate it.
103 00592A1C Davenport picked something up on his sensors. If we don't deal with it, it's going to be a problem.
104 00592A1D I know I ask a lot of you, but there's another problem and I can't think of anyone better suited to deal with it.
105 00592A1E You can find all the details on the terminal.
106 00592A1F I wrote everything down for you. Here.
107 00592A20 This note should have all the details you need. Thanks.
108 00592A21 Just follow up with Davenport. He can tell you everything you need.
109 00592A22 You came through. Again. Thank you.
110 00592A23 Sometimes I wonder if they should've made you the Overseer. Thank you.
111 00592A24 Another job done by my favorite Vault resident.
112 00592A25 I really don't know how you do it. Thank you.
114 00595A1C 00595A2E You just what? Seriously? What were you doing in Vault 76 all these months?
115 *deep breath* All right, everyone was supposed to leave at Reclamation Day. My advice -- start pulling your weight and catch up.
116 And maybe invest in an alarm clock.
117 00595A1D 00595A30 Anything. Everything. Keep your eyes peeled for opportunities.
118 But word of warning: stay clear of the Space Station. A group of Raiders have claimed it, it's called Crater now.
119 They may not shoot you on sight, but they don't like intruders.
120 00595A1E 00595A26 Before the Bombs, everyone in Appalachia pushed their automation to the limit. Beyond the limit, really.
121 The Grafton Mayor is no exception. As crazy as that old console may seem, his job can point you to many useful locations for you to know.
122 00595A1F 00595A33 I'm working on understanding Dr. Hudson's research better, and I hope some day soon a simple inoculation can be developed.
123 But I'm not there yet. Her lab, however, can synthesize a specific vaccine for you. If it hasn't broken down again.
124 00595A20 00595A27 I wish the Responders had survived. They sound like courageous people. Sadly, all wiped out.
125 But they automated some of their basic survival training. Just go to the Church in Flatwoods and their programs will take it from there.
126 00595A21 00595A25 Stay careful out there. Together, we've made Appalachia safer. But she still has fangs.
127 00595A22 00595A28 Is there anything else you want to talk about?
128 00595A23 00595A2A You need to get better gear, and sadly, better real world training than we provided in the Vault.
129 Go to Flatwoods. The Responders had a Volunteer program that I know I found helpful.
130 00595A2B Before you do anything you need to get inoculated against the Scorched disease. You've seen what it does to people.
131 Doctor Hudson was working on a cure. Her research lab was in the Morgantown Airport. That should get you started.
132 00595A2C I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'd recommend talking with the "mayor" of Grafton.
133 There are a lot of opportunities for gear and salvage to be found in the Toxic Valley. And the Mayor will send you to some prime spots.
134 00595A2D Listen, I can tell you've learned the basics - but the Savage Divide and Ash Heap... they're murder.
135 Explore and search for opportunities to learn and gear up in the Forest and Toxic Valley.
136 00595A24 00595A2F But... you're just not ready. It's just too dangerous. I can't in good conscience send you on it.
137 0059E030 0059E03A Glad that's over with. Combat just ended, and your side won. You feel relieved and ready to get back to work.
138 0059E03B Whew! Let's get back to work. Combat just ended, and your side won. You feel relieved and ready to get back to work.
139 0059E03C I'm not used to this much excitement. Combat just ended, and your side won. You feel relieved and ready to get back to work.
140 0059E03D Guess we'll live to fight another day. Combat just ended, and your side won. You feel relieved and ready to get back to work.
141 0059E03E Not bad. Not bad at all. Combat just ended, and your side won. You feel relieved and ready to get back to work.
142 0059E031 0059E040 Augh! You were hit by an enemy attack, crying out in pain.
143 0059E041 Ouch! Damnit! You were hit by an enemy attack, crying out in pain.
144 0059E042 Arrgh! You were hit by an enemy attack, crying out in pain.
145 0059E043 Oof! You were hit by an enemy attack, crying out in pain.
146 0059E044 Ow! Get off me! You were hit by an enemy attack, crying out in pain.
147 0059E032 0059E035 Need some help here. You're wounded and calling for help.
148 0059E036 I'm down! You're wounded and calling for help.
149 0059E037 Damn! They got me. You're wounded and calling for help.
150 0059E038 Bleeding out here. Someone help. You're wounded and calling for help.
151 0059E033 0059E046 Watch out! You spotted an enemy and go into combat with it
152 0059E047 Look out! You spotted an enemy and go into combat with it
153 0059E048 I really don't have time for this. You spotted an enemy and go into combat with it
154 0059E049 Careful! You spotted an enemy and go into combat with it
155 0059E04A Oh no you don't. You spotted an enemy and go into combat with it
156 005E654A 005E657B If you're planning on working with this new group, I recommend getting to know their history in Appalachia first.
157 You can head over to Camp Venture, or Allegheny Asylum-excuse me "Fort Defiance"-to learn more.
158 005E657C Not much more than you, I suppose. We've both been through their hallowed grounds... Seen what's become of them.
159 005E654B 005E6570 Think that all you want. I know first-hand how easy it is to be manipulated by that kind of influence. Annoyed
160 I just hope you don't fall into the same trap that I did. Worried
161 005E654C 005E656D Maybe it's unfair of me to make presumptions... I've never met the West Virginia group, let alone these new arrivals. Kind of feels bad
162 Just... please. Be careful not to let your guard down completely. No one can afford to these days. Determined
163 005E654D 005E6575 Oh, how opportunistic of you...I'm going to assume you don't really mean that. Annoyed with the player
164 I'd hate to think I associate with someone with such selfish goals. Passive aggressive
165 005E654E 005E6573 I've spent my life beholden to an organization's "virtuous" beliefs. It's nothing more than a way to control how people think. Concerned the player is not seeing clearly
166 I hope, that if you spend time with them, you won't allow yourself to be blinded by their ways. Concerned
167 Never stop seeing the world through your own eyes. Sincere
168 005E654F 005E6574 If there's anything I've learned in all this, it's that humans can and will abuse technology. Sincere
169 So, I agree with the Brotherhood's stance on collecting and containing technology... To a degree. speaking with caution
170 Our world has become wild, deadly. People need to be able to protect themselves-not out of some classic American principle, but out of survival. Sincere
171 If they plan to hoard away weaponry, they must offer protection in return. And I can't imagine they have the numbers, or possibly the will, to do so. Concerned
172 005E6555 005E657D I'm with you on this. I agree with much of what they stand for. Please with the player
173 However, looking into their history shows their methodology can be a little... troubling. turning to concern
174 005E6557 005E656E That's... deplorable. I know for a fact that you've been taught better than that. Upset with the player
175 For the good of the region, I implore you to not provoke the heavily armed military force at our doorstep. In disbelief a bit
176 005E6558 005E657A Okay, what else did you want to talk about?
177 005E6559 005E6576 What did you want to know?
178 005E655A 005E6579 You're absolutely right, and it would be wrong to not honor that sacrifice. Kind of sorry
179 But fighting the Scorched was for their own survival as well, not just for the good of Appalachia. Sure of herself
180 It makes me wonder: what if they succeeded? What would Appalachia look like under their rule today? Genuinely curious
181 005E6563 005E656F I tend to agree, but I'd like to offer a bit of caution.
182 They may present themselves as altruistic saviors, but actions will speak louder than words. Cares for the person she's saying this to
183 005E6564 005E656A From my recollection, they were well-trained, and highly disciplined. The kind of group I thought Appalachia really needed.
184 But given time, and some more reading-- especially from people who dealt with them-- I'm not sure if I agree with their approaches. Growing concerned
185 Some people from that time saw them as taking what they wanted, when they wanted. Threatening compliance, or else. Concerned
186 I don't know if this new group follows those same principles, but the communities of Appalachia today wouldn't stand for it. Concerned
187 005E6568 005E6577 No, I haven't... But Davenport has been helping me keep a close eye on them since they arrived. Slight concern in her voice
188 And from what I hear, you've been pitching in... I take it you trust them? A little suspicious of the player
189 005E6578 Sure. What about them?


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 00401027 00401095 Appalachia isn't just ours anymore. We need people whose talents aren't covered in the Vault-Tec training manuals.
2 Look, talk to them both. See if they can help us. We can plan more once we know what all our options are.
3 00401028 00401081 Not my first pick, but it's hard to argue with your point. Do me a favor. Talk to them both. Get all the options on the table.
4 00401029 0040109A Do me a favor, talk to both of them. I doubt they'll work together, but we'll want all the options on the table.
5 0040102A 0040107D I... doubt it. I think something must have gone wrong. The American government should have come to reclaim the gold. They should be here.
6 But there's no point worrying about all that. We need to get into that Vault ourselves, and more importantly, we need help to do it.
7 Fortunately, you just made contact with two large groups of people who both seem to have their own talents.
8 0040102B 0040108D Our mission is to rebuild this country, remember? We were an economic powerhouse once. We could be that again. And it could start right here. In Appalachia.
9 0040102C 004010AC We won't be able to do it alone. We need help. Even more importantly, we need people to buy in. See that gold as their future.
10 Fortunately, you just made contact with two large groups of people who both seem to have their own talents.
11 0040102D 0040109E Just... listen. As closely as you can.
12 What has gold always been used for in human history? Money.
13 We could create our own currency. One with a legitimate authority backed by a real resource. No more barter or wild, unregulated proxies.
14 It won't happen overnight, but one day we could have leverage to create a new economy, property rights, taxes, laws, a government.
15 0040102E 00401092 Hear me out. What has gold always been used for in human history? Money.
16 We could create our own currency. One with a legitimate authority backed by a real resource. No more barter or wild, unregulated proxies.
17 It won't happen overnight, but one day we could have leverage to create a new economy, property rights, taxes, laws, a government.
18 0040102F 0040108C Exactly! No more barter or wild, unregulated proxies.
19 It won't happen overnight, but one day we could have leverage to create a new economy, property rights, taxes, laws, a government.
20 00401030 00401087 Not as much today, but that's just it. Put aside the base instinct of hoarding wealth, what could we do with a Vault full of precious metals?
21 00401031 00401077 Even getting into the Vault at all is going to be a challenge, let alone dealing with that buffet line of intrusion countermeasures.
22 But the reward... put aside the base instinct of hoarding wealth, what could we do with a Vault full of precious metals?
35 0040103B 00401089 Here. This has to be it. Let's see what they left behind. you and the player enter a hidden meeting room
36 0040103C 0040109B Afraid I don't have my old cap and gown to share with you. Hopefully what we'll find in the Restricted Wing will be even better. joking; the player just passed the final exam
49 0040106D 00401097 Assuming there even IS a restricted section, and I am NOT verifying that, neither of you have Vault-Tec University credentials.
54 0040106E 004010DB For once, the rumor mill gets it right. There IS a treasure in that Vault. All of America's gold reserves. just watched a presentation about Vault 79
72 00546BF9 America's gold reserves are in that Vault. just watched a presentation about Vault 79
73 00546BFA I had my suspicions about it, but now we know for sure. Vault 79's purpose is to store gold. just watched a presentation about Vault 79
78 0054B09B A Vault simulation, run by robots... Be prepared for anything. going through the Vaul simulation with the player
79 0054B09C Just remember, the goal of all of these simulations is to keep the Vault running, and under your authority. going through the Vaul simulation with the player
80 0054B09D We should keep moving. Sooner we're done, the better. going through the Vaul simulation with the player
81 0054B0A1 Looks like it's back to Professor-Bot. finished the Vault simulation
82 0054B0A2 I'll admit, this wasn't a terrible simulation. Some good lessons to learn, if your were paying attention. finished the Vault simulation
83 0054B0A3 Let's see if that old bot will finally give us the access we need. finishing the Vault simulation
84 0054B0A7 Keep an eye out. exploring the Restricted Wing
85 0054B0A8 Who knows what Vault-Tec was hiding in the Restricted Wing. Be careful. exploring the Restricted Wing
86 0054B0A9 Let's go. exploring the Restricted Wing
87 0054B0AD Quiet. Listen... listening to a presentation
88 0054B0AE This could be it. Pay attention. listening to a presentation
89 0054B0B3 Talk to the newcomers. We'll need them if we're going to get into that Vault. told player to get the Raiders or Settlers to help
90 0054B0B4 I'll meet you back in Sutton. told player to get the Raiders or Settlers to help
91 0054B3C0 Can't believe this old bucket of bolts is still around. The senior class would kidnap him every year as a prank. talking to Professor-Bot when the player walks in
92 0054B3C1 Like it or not, Professor-Bot might be our only way into the Restricted Wing. talking to Professor-Bot when the player walks in
95 00401070 00401086 I KNOW there's a restricted section of the university. You didn't think the students never noticed who comes and goes? arguing with Professor-Bot, the de facto dean of the university
111 0053B776 0053B77C Faculty and staff determine who goes where in this university, not former students. snide
112 005439C9 00543A0F He's laying it on a little thick, but good on you for showing some integrity. There's a better way. We'll find it.
132 005439E0 00543A08 When I did these tests, there were bonus points for enthusiasm. I think we can safely say you've earned them all. player is joking around play at being the Overseer
147 005439FB 00543A16 You don't seriously believe that's how an Overseer should talk, do you? God, is THAT what you think I sound like? player is joking around play at being the Overseer
162 005448EB 00544964 Not really my place to say, Overseer. But taking either of them in could spell trouble. They each have a loyal team to call on.
173 00546B6E 004010D8 Overseer, huh? We'll see. gruff
174 00544970 I'm at your service, Overseer.
175 00546C05 We won't be able to do it alone. We need help. Even more importantly, we need people to buy in. See that gold as their future. player agrees to break into Vault 79
176 Fortunately, you just made contact with two large groups of people who both seem to have their own talents.
177 00546B71 00546BCC We can agree to disagree, but we're getting into that Vault.
178 00546B73 00546BEF *sigh* If you won't do this for your country, then do it because we don't have a choice.
179 People are going to try to get into that Vault. They'll die trying to get through the security. They'll die fighting over the gold even if they DO get through the security.
180 And if keeping all that from happening isn't enough for you, then I guarantee you there's other things in that Vault to plunder. Things we don't want in someone else's hands.
181 00546B75 00546BD2 The American government, built on the American dollar, GAVE you your freedom. Not only that, it gave you protection. Rights.
182 00546B77 00546BFB Of COURSE it's about control! The control to bring order to all this chaos. Do you WANT to keep living in this... Wasteland?
183 00546B79 00546BD9 Actually... I am. turning to the player, smiling at them
185 00546B7B 00546BE1 It was almost good to see you again, Professor-Bot.
191 00546B82 00546BED If this simulation is like the original ones, there's probably a key in his office we can grab. Or just pick the lock on the reactor door. player is trying to figure out how to get into the reactor area in the Vault Simulation
196 00546B8B 00546BDD It's always ugly choosing sides, but it's better than letting factions divide the Vault. Good work. player resolved the Vault Simulation without violence, but had to pick one side against the other
197 00546B8C 00546C09 Good job. That's a solution any Overseer should be proud for getting to. Everyone learns we have to work together. player resolved the Vault Simulation without violence and brought the two sides together
215 00546BA1 00546BC8 When I first did a Vault simulation, it was a water emergency. Had to ration what little we had. Some people died. Riots had to be contained. player's vault simulation ended in someone's arrest and death
216 We're lucky 76 never had to go through either of these cases. But preparing for the worst is what being an Overseer is.
219 00546BA3 00546BCD I'm not familiar with this test scenario. Professor-Bot must have come up with it on his own.
253 0054E476 0054E479 This is it. Somewhere past this maintenance area is the Restricted Wing. you and the player entering an old maintenance area
259 00590AAB 00590AB0 I see I'm not going to persuade you by appealing to your desire for a better tomorrow. Crafty bargaining with a tough customer
260 Instead, think about all of the other useful things that could be in a that Vault. Useful and valuable things. And it could all be yours. Crafty bargaining with a tough customer
261 I'm not going to deny that I need your help to get the gold, but whatever else you find in there is yours for the keeping, no questions asked. Crafty bargaining with a tough customer
262 005A0F68 0042E317 This is ridiculous. Even if we had four years to waste, which we don't, the University is empty. There's no professors anymore.
263 005A0F69 0042E30F You mean the Vault simulation? That's ridiculous! All the professors are gone. The Vaults have already been assigned!
264 005A0F6A 0042C0D1 Why don't I step in for a bit? player threatened Professor-Bot and didn't succeed
265 Look, Professor-Bot, we might be the only living human beings connected to this university anymore. Shouldn't protocol side with us?
266 005A0F6B 004010A3 I might be the only human being connected to this place that's still alive. My authority doesn't override yours?


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 003FBBB5 003FBBB7 Broadcasting to the people of Vault 76. This is the Overseer. radio broadcast
2 We need to talk. Face to face. I've missed all of you, but this isn't just about a reunion. We have work to do.
3 I'll be waiting in Sutton.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 003FBFA6 003FBFA9 But first, I have to ask... Did you finish the inoculation against the Scorched Plague? Please, it's vitally important.
2 003FBFA7 003FBFA8 Pretty crazy out there, huh? I know we have a lot to catch up on.
3 003FCB04 You're back. You get those settlements to see that they need our help?
4 003FE897 You takin' your sweet time with that inoculation?
5 0040047F The inoculations. They're on their way?
6 004286D7 It's good to see you, but we need to focus on the inoculation. Is it done?
7 004286D8 The inoculation. Have you finished it?
8 0042997B Any luck with the newcomers yet? They convinced to accept our help?
9 0042997C Hope Rose didn't give you any trouble. Well, more trouble than she typically is... Are the Raiders convinced they need our help? you hate Rose
10 0042997D How'd it go with the settlers? Wouldn't be surprised if they were suspicious of strangers. They willing to accept our help?
11 0042997F Keep an eye out. All kinds of things make home in these old factories. exploring the cola factory with the player
12 00429980 Nuka-Cola. Kind of makes you thirsty being around all this branding, doesn't it? exploring the cola factory with the player
13 00429981 We mass produce this vaccine, and Appalachia is one step closer to being free of the Scorched. exploring the cola factory with the player
14 00429982 We should keep moving. exploring the cola factory with the player
15 00429983 Let's go. exploring the cola factory with the player
16 00429985 We did a good thing here. You should be proud. finished making the vaccine
17 00429986 You go ahead and deliver the vaccine. finished making the vaccine
18 00429987 I'll meet you back in Sutton. finished making the vaccine
24 0042A0DE You've delivered the inoculation?
25 0042A0DF Is it done? Do they have the inoculation?
26 00595A29 It's time. You're ready. Ready to learn about the mission.
27 00597671 I'll have my people hand these out, but we'll be expectin' more. Slightly threatening tone at the end.
30 003FCAFD 003FCB07 Nuka-Cola's scientists were trying chemical substitutions to make new flavors. That's how we're going to trick it into making the inoculation with the player at the Cola Plant's flavor lab
31 We just need to figure out how to mix soda ingredients to produce human antibodies. Easy, right?
32 003FCAFE 003FCB0B I tried jump-starting them, but the reactors are completely shot. Bad power couplings. with the player at the Cola Plant's reactor room
33 003FCAFF 003FCB0A This is it. We need to get the power up and running, and reformulate the machines for the inoculation. Fire everything up, and try not to get killed. meeting the player just inside the Cola Plant
34 003FCB00 003FCB06 I've been looking into where we can mass produce the inoculation. Some of the obvious choices are... messy...
35 But if you just sit back and ask yourself: "who could've manufactured a lot of specially formulated liquid in sterile packaging" it becomes obvious.
36 003FE436 003FE43C That's it! Freedom from the plague, in a bottle. the vaccine has been manufactured
37 While you're handing those out I'll start organizing things here and get a plan in place to get more to whoever needs them.
38 Meet me back in Sutton when you're done.
39 003FE437 003FE43E This is it. You do the honors. with the player at the assembly line
40 003FE438 003FE43F Well... that was... Um... I'm sorry, I just can't help but wonder what it was like to actually work here. I mean, can you believe this? player just had to build a marketing campaign in order to unlock the manufacturing controls
41 003FE439 003FE441 That's it! Now we just need to manufacture the inoculation. Player just completed the laboratory portion of making the vaccine
42 0042B305 That's it! Now we just need to restart the reactor, then we can manufacture the inoculation. Player just completed the laboratory portion of making the vaccine
43 003FE43A 003FE43D Reminds me of the equipment back at the Vault-Tec Ag Center. Let me know if you want me to take over. pronunciation: "Ag" like "Gag"
44 003FE43B 003FE440 That's added your blood sample as an ingredient. player finishes using some lab equipment
45 I guess that technically makes you Nuka-Cola's newest flavor? Actually, maybe don't think about that too much.
46 003FE91D 003FE939 Oh... yeah. I can't remember the official title. You'd think it'd be burned into my head with how many times I played that for everyone.
47 The reality is a little different, though, isn't it? "Prepare for the Future." *sad sigh*
48 003FE91E 003FE93B Do you think I like sending you into harm's way? I don't. But we have to lean on each other. I need you, all of you, to do your part.
49 003FE91F 003FE93D Thank you. Really. It's good to have my Vault family around again.
50 003FE920 003FE938 Judging by the... architecture, the ones to the north are the old "Raider pals" that crazy robot Rose keeps going on about.
51 You might... ugh... need to talk to her about them. See if she can arrange a meeting, or whatever their word is for "we need to talk, don't shoot us."
52 The ones to the south look more like a caravan of families, but who knows what they've been through. Don't let your guard down around either of them.
53 003FE921 003FE93F It'll be better in our hands, whatever it is.
54 But first, we need make sure the newcomers don't get infected.
55 003FE922 003FE93A Agreed, but with trouble comes opportunity, if we can get ahead of it.
56 But first, we need make sure the newcomers don't get infected.
57 003FE923 003FE93E I don't want to lead us down the wrong track, but I've got my suspicions. The gold people are finding in the rivers can't be a coincidence.
58 But first, we need make sure the newcomers don't get infected.
59 003FE924 003FE932 Exactly. Another step towards rebuilding our country. I've got some plans that we'll talk about later.
60 But first, we need make sure the newcomers don't get infected.
61 003FE925 003FE933 I think that's part of what's fueled the wild stories about it. A box you can't open just makes you want to see what's inside even more.
62 But whatever it is, it can wait. We need to make sure the newcomers don't get infected.
63 003FE926 003FE930 Whoa, easy there, Grognak. Scorched Plague, remember? We can't inoculate them with force. We need to get them to agree.
64 003FE927 003FE964 I don't know if you've been following the rumors, but there's something in the mountains.
65 No one's managed to get into it yet, but one thing's for certain: it's a Vault.
66 I eavesdropped on some of the newcomers, and whatever is inside there has gone from speculative guesses to full blown fantasy.
67 Stories of untold riches would draw groups of people even before we turned the world into a wasteland. Hope and greed are powerful motivators.
68 003FE928 003FE963 Not our PROBLEM? Did you lose your eyesight in the vault? Look around. If those people become Scorched, we're all as good as dead.
69 Talk to these newcomers. Get them to accept our help. I'll work on finding a way to make enough of the inoculation for all of them.
70 003FE929 003FE965 I knew I could count on you. I'll work on finding a way to make enough of the inoculation for everyone. You just get them all to agree.
71 003FE92A 003FE935 I know. Believe me, I know. But we can't focus on what other people could have done. We have to focus on us. Our future.
72 003FE92B 003FE93C I'm not... *sigh* I'm trying to make sure you're okay. That's my number one priority right now. For all of you.
73 So please, you need to tell me. Is the inoculation finished?
74 003FE92C 003FE936 I know I owe you a sit-down, but I need to discuss this first.
75 I'll be quick. Once you're on board, we can catch up, and I'll answer any questions you might have.
76 Now, the inoculation. Did you finish it?
77 003FE92D 003FE934 You didn't find my tapes? This disease has turned people into... something else. You'll see them. The burned skin. The glowing lesions.
78 There's a vaccine the Responders were working on at AVR Medical. You need to finish the research and get inoculated.
79 Hurry back once you're done. We've got plenty to do.
80 003FE92E 003FE937 Don't put it off. You don't want this disease. And I... I don't want to see anyone from 76 infected.
81 003FE92F 003FE931 Good. Because we're going to need a lot more of it. Have you been to the mountains, lately? It's not just us, anymore.
82 People from outside Appalachia are coming in. I snuck around two of the larger groups and saw them both building.
83 Walls, housing, defensive positions. They're coming to stay. Each and every one of them is walking into a medical crisis they don't even know about!
84 003FFC05 003FFC13 Uh... right. *sigh* Anyway, I'll meet you there. a little sad, player reminds you when you were young and naive
85 003FFC07 003FFC19 I was a little busy before, remember? The Scorched Plague? The nukes?
86 Look, just meet me there, okay?
87 003FFC08 003FFC1F Over twenty-five years in the making for me, but it's time to finally see what it's hiding. Meet you there?
88 003FFC09 003FFC17 We don't have a way in, but I think I have a plan to at least find out what's inside.
89 Every student who graduates Vault-Tec University has a story about the "Restricted Wing" where all the higher ups would have their meetings.
90 And not just stuffy professors and their Mister Handy assistants, I mean sit-downs with government officials. The military.
91 003FFC0A 003FFC18 Wise ass. It's a Vault, okay? Vault 79.
92 003FFC0B 003FFC1E A few other people from 76 made the trek into the mountains to find this "treasure" we keep hearing about.
93 It's a Vault. Vault 79. Sealed tight with no obvious way in. The rumor mill about what's inside is running wild.
94 003FFC0C 003FFC16 Exactly. And that's made the rumors about what's inside grow wild.
95 003FFC0D 003FFC1A Now that one crisis is over, it's time we start working on that mystery in the mountains. Have you heard the latest?
96 003FFC0F 003FFC12 You know, all your talk about the Vault-Tec training and thinking about the old days, I almost... well, never mind. I'm just glad everything worked.
97 003FFC10 003FFC14 Thank you for that. Amazing how selective your memory is getting.
98 You have problems with how I do things. I get that. I do. But we're making a difference.
99 003FFC11 003FFC15 Phew. What a relief, huh? We'll get shipments up and running in case that first batch wasn't enough.
100 Look, I know you're doing more than your fair share of the work. Don't think I didn't notice. Thank you.
105 00402A03 00402A83 You have something to say to me? Say it.
106 00402A05 00402A72 The local Nuka-Cola plant! They even have all the equipment to make experimental sodas. It's the perfect vector for an oral inoculation.
107 I was getting things up and running before the... current occupants came back. I need extra hands. Meet me there?
108 00402A07 00402A79 Ever listen to a Nuka-Cola commercial? There's a plant of theirs right here in Appalachia. And we're going to use it to make an oral inoculation
109 Meet me there?
110 00402A09 00402A8A Exactly! Great minds, huh? The local plant even has all the equipment to make experimental beverages. Perfect for us hacking in the inoculation.
111 The current occupants were giving me some trouble, though. I could your help on this one. Meet you there?
112 00402A0B 00402A8D Yes, well... I'm glad you're putting the training to good use.
113 00402A0D 00402A68 Freeloaders? This is a DISEASE, not a contest! It doesn't care who wins. It just makes us all lose.
114 *sigh* Let's just focus on what needs to happen next, okay?
115 00402A0F 00402A86 Good. I knew I could count on you.
116 00402A60 00402A90 We can't rely on that old hospital holding out indefinitely. There's only one machine. It's a dangerous location. The list goes on.
117 004286C1 004286D0 The bar owner? Wasn't easy hauling them all the way to AVR Medical. And boy do they love talking.
118 I've got some plans to make this whole thing easier, but we need to get you taken care of first. So, did you finish it? The inoculation?
142 0042995F 00429973 That's it! We're ready for manufacturing! helping engineer the vaccine
143 00429960 00429976 Okay, I've got it! Now we need a little bio factory to produce the antibodies in the drink. helping engineer the vaccine
144 Can't make Nuka-Cola without yeast, and it's simple enough that we should be able to do a splice...
145 00429961 00429968 Isolating the antibodies in your blood sample. helping engineer the vaccine
146 Okay... that's a lot... Give me a second, I need to find the ones produced by the inoculation...
147 00429962 0042998E A little biochemical engineering to round out the day. I'll get to work. You watch our backs. helping engineer the vaccine
148 00429963 00429978 Being Overseer isn't about lording over others OR acting smart. It's ABOUT providing direction so everyone knows where to go.
149 Sometimes that means getting ahead of a problem. Sometimes that means telling people what to do. But it's not about ME. It's about all of YOU.
150 We're going to the local Nuka-Cola plant, and we're going to create an oral inoculation. We have to stop this plague. For everyone's sake.
151 Now get your gear ready and get moving. I'll meet you there.
152 00429964 0042998C That's what I thought. Now, we're going to the local Nuka-Cola plant. We're going to use their equipment to make an oral inoculation.
153 I'll meet you there.
154 0042A25B 0042A25C Good job! That'll be enough power to get the larger equipment up and running. player fixes the plant reactor
155 0054EF11 0054EF19 I couldn't have pulled this place off without him. Let's talk.
158 0054EF13 0054EF17 Let me introduce you to Davenport. He's been helping me with some reconnaissance. Keeping an eye on Appalachia.
159 0054EF14 0054EF18 We really went overboard with this place. Feel free to look around.
160 0054EF15 0054EF1B Let's talk downstairs. Cozy as this place is, there's someone I'd like you to meet.
161 0054EF16 0054EF1C Oh, thank God. You're here. I almost... It's just so good to see you. seeing the player again since leaving Vault 76
171 00575A6C 005904F2 Let's get to those reactors. We need this place running before we can do anything.
172 005904F3 I'm sure by now you can see why I needed your help.
173 005904F4 I wonder how many of these ghouls used to be Nuka-Cola employees.
174 005904F6 The flavor lab was still intact when I managed to check on it last. Let's hope it stayed that way.
175 005904F7 Let's keep our fingers crossed that the equipment here's still in working condition.
176 005904F8 Davenport and I never could have pulled this off. Believe me. We tried.
177 005904FA There's bound to be some power couplings around here somewhere.
178 005904FB Look on the bright side. Power couplings are pretty trivial to find. The damage could have been much worse.
179 005904FC The best thing about manufacturing plants like these is they always keep spare parts on hand.
180 005904FE Thank God we got that out of the way. Now let's get to that Flavor Lab.
181 005904FF With power off our checklist, we're practically there.
182 00590500 Still running after all this time. Nuka-Cola always did have state of the art equipment.
183 00590501 With the power back on, I'm sure we're going to be seeing a few more "friends."
184 00590502 You've become pretty handy in a pinch. They sure don't teach you those skills in the Vault.
185 00590504 We need to find something that could extract a sample of your blood. Oddly enough, I'm pretty sure they're equipped for that.
186 00590505 Nuka-Cola always had some interesting... agendas. Let's just say the public was better off.
187 00590506 This is quite the lab. You'd never guess all this was just for finding the next best soda.
188 00590508 All we need to do is calibrate the sequencer and we should be set to start the manufacturing process.
189 00590509 Maybe we don't give any details out on what's in this inoculation. Although, anyone with a mind for science is going to have a pretty good idea.
190 0059050A Here's hoping this works.
191 0059050C I'm pretty familiar with all of this, so if you're feeling uncomfortable, just let me know.
192 0059050D We worked with stuff like this all the time back in the day. I assume it's kinda like riding a bike, right?
193 0059050E Really, if you need a hand, just let me know. I'm more than willing to do my part here.
194 00590510 Hope that reactor is ready for a jump start. It's dormant days are coming to an end.
195 00590511 I'm ready to get this process started. Let's just hope the equipment here is up for the job.
196 00590512 Let's hope this formula works. If I've done all my calculations right, we shouldn't have any issues.
197 00590513 That was pretty exciting. Good to know I still got it.
198 00590514 Davenport was essential in these measurements. Without his mechanical mind, I'm sure I'd still be spinning my wheels on some of it.
199 00590516 I hope those people at The Crater and Foundation can fully appreciate what you've done for them.
200 00590517 After all this excitement, I'll be happy to get home to Davenport and a nice up of coffee.
201 00590518 Remember to meet me back at Sutton when you're done. Once I know everyone's on board, we can work on some real distribution.
202 005902D9 005902DA Anyway, I'm sure you must have other questions. We can talk about them now, if you want. Or, if you're ready to head out - just be careful out there.
203 005904DE 005904EE A little help?
204 005904EF Damn. That was a big hit.
205 005904F0 Oh God, that's a lot of blood.
206 005904DF 005904EA We can take them. Going into combat. Voice slightly elevated.
207 005904EB I'm not about to let anything stop us. Going into combat. Voice slightly elevated.
208 005904EC Oh no. Not today. Going into combat. Voice slightly elevated.
209 005904E0 005904E6 Dammit. Getting hit in combat. Making a small grunt before the line.
210 005904E7 Yeah, that hurt. Getting hit in combat. Making a small grunt before the line.
211 005904E8 Getting too old for this. Getting hit in combat. Making a small grunt before the line.