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Please, I gave 76 everything. You were all so brilliant. The first few years were hard, but we learned to trust each other. You learned to trust me. I was young... So young... Younger than most of you. But you accepted me as your Overseer.— Vault 76 overseer, Overseer's journal, entry 6

The Vault 76 overseer was the leader of Vault 76 before 2102, when she left the vault prior to Reclamation Day.


On October 23, 2102, the overseer left Vault 76 several hours ahead of the other residents. A prepared recording greets the player character through the intercom while instructing them to leave the vault.

After ensuring the well-being of every vault resident for twenty-five years, she was directed by Vault-Tec to secure three nuclear silos, namely Sites Alpha, Bravo and Charlie, for them, even if it meant going against the United States Armed Forces. She left a holotape for Pennington to give to the player character asking for assistance in her dangerous task. Scouting Appalachia for the silos, she has also left a trail of holotape logs and journals for the player character to find, and to help follow her.

Besides her Vault-Tec mandated job of finding the nuclear silos, the overseer journeyed to various locations in Appalachia to view what had become of her homeland, and eventually find her fiancé Evan, who turned into a Scorched.

It was revealed in her holotapes that she was initially slated to be the overseer of Vault 101 due to her engagement with Evan, and only by entering Vault 76 as an unmarried woman could she remain in Appalachia. She chose the vault over Evan, and while she felt guilt over her decision, she expressed her belief that Evan was not Vault 76 material and that she had done what she thought was best for the world, as well as enforcing her own desire to remain in her own home state.

She directly stated she knew of Vault-Tec's immoral experiments, though she defended their actions as trying to save humanity.

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Interactions with the player characterEdit

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  • First Contact: When the player character leaves Vault 76 for the first time, they are tasked with finding the Vault 76 overseer in Flatwoods.
  • Overseer's Mission: Player characters are tasked with finding her logs as she scouts for the nuclear silos.
  • Personal Matters: Player characters are tasked with finding her personal journals that have been left in places important to her.


  • The overseer's name or likeness has yet to be seen in the game, although a cartoon depiction of her is shown in the Personal Matters quest achievement graphic. A woman resembling this depiction can be seen sitting on the seat closest to the lectern during the speech about the completion of Vault 76 in the opening cutscene, she may also be the instructor in one of the opening slides where the residents are being trained for reclamation day.
  • When in the overseer's childhood home in Sutton, one can view her Vault-Tec University diploma on the wall for a major of "nuclear fusion" and her SPECIAL stats are listed on it in addition to other course scores. However, the lines beside her SPECIAL stats are skewed, with 8 numbers listed instead of 7. No name is visible on her diploma.


The Vault 76 overseer appears only in Fallout 76.

Behind the scenesEdit

Her body exists in the game files, but is not used anywhere in the game.


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