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Since debuting Vault 76 last year, in honor of America's tercentenary, Vault-Tec continues to expand with plans for well over 100 Vaults around the country.Newscaster

Vault 76 is a Vault-Tec facility located in the Forest region of Appalachia. It is located north of Flatwoods and was designated as the "Official Vault of the Tricentennial" by Vault-Tec, under the tagline "Vault-Tec Salutes America."[Non-canon 1]


Vault statistics
Construction begin February 2065
Construction end October 2069
Duration planned 240-300 months
Facilities Brainpower 4
LightLife Geo-Thermal
General Atomics Nuclear Power

Construction began February 2065 and ended October 2069.[1] The facility was designed to use LightLife Geo-Thermal, General Atomics nuclear, and super reactors for its power supply, and the Brainpower 4 computer control system.[1] It was completed and introduced to the public on July 4, 2076, the United States' tercentenary, celebrating 300 years since the nation's founding.[2][3]

The occupants were selected due to their high aptitude, including alumni of Vault-Tec University, members of the military, and high level government employees.[4] When the Great War occurred, the security team was charged with ensuring authorized personnel made it safely inside the vault.[5] This team was authorized to use lethal force to achieve this directive, instructed to lock all weapons in specified containers immediately after the entry procedures were completed.[5] The vault was planned to open to the outside world after 20-25 years, the inhabitants charged with the recolonization of Appalachia, known as "Reclamation Day."[6][4]

The Vault 76 overseer's first directive was to navigate any challenges among inhabitants, with a focus on maintaining their overall health and safety.[7] The security team managed conflicts occurring in day to day operations.[8] The inhabitants began their service to the vault, the overseer and security chief's team supported by a morale officer and personnel department.[9][10] Over the years the citizens continued their directives, having children, engaging in friendly competitions, and celebrating momentous events.[9] Those who lived outside of the vault speculated about who resided within.[11][12]

Reclamation Day

As Reclamation Day approached, the inhabitants began preparations, including purging files and wrapping up projects.[13][14] The population of the vault had reached a high enough level to require rationing due to stress on the hydroponics system, but when creating their final reports, the security team reported no deaths.[9][15] Security requested permission to arm the inhabitants before they left the vault, but was denied by the overseer.[15] The Vault Dwellers completed preparation checklists, including wiping logs, securing non-essential gear, and acquiring reclamation packages.[16]

The staff set up survival stations and the overseer instructed everyone to quickly proceed away from the vault to begin their mission once the doors open, as the vault would become inhospitable thereafter by way of a mandatory shutdown.[17][18] The overseer hosted a party the night before Reclamation Day from 10:00 PM to midnight, offering the remaining liquor rations and official Vault-Tec party hats.[19][20]

Once the party concluded and the inhabitants retired for the evening, the overseer made their final recordings and proceeded out of the vault ahead of everyone else.[19] The overseer was given a separate mission to find and secure three nuclear silos code-named ALPHA, BRAVO, and CHARLIE.[21] If they found the sites still nuclear capable, they were ordered to ensure no one except Vault-Tec access or launch nuclear ordnance, and that Vault-Tec alone maintain jurisdiction over any government or military claims.[21]


Vault 76 is the game's starting and tutorial area, providing a direct route to the exit with few branches. The player character awakes in their apartment and has the opportunity to explore their surroundings and collect the Nuka Tapper game holotape from their personal terminal. They are only allowed to exit the apartment once they collect the Pip-Boy 2000 Mark VI.

Upon exiting, they enter an atrium area with detritus from the previous evening's party. The atrium is large, complete with tables, a diner, and a soccer field in the middle. There is a note that cannot be taken sitting on one of the tables in the diner on the upper level, called the love note. Side routes are inaccessible but the player character can access the personnel files in the projector room, the survival displays, and the overseer's office.

Several Mister Handies are positioned throughout the vault on the route to the exit and man stations at which the player character can acquire their C.A.M.P. and a few other basic necessities as they prepare to leave. After leaving, no one can return to the interior, but new characters created will always start in the vault.

Equipment stations
Number Image Name Attendant Items
1 Vault76PopUp1.png Stay Hydrated Worthy Rad-X
Purified water
2 Vault76PopUp2.png Health & Medication Cavendish Stimpak
3 Vault76PopUp3.png Power is Key Higgenbottom Cloth x5,
Steel x5
Wood x5
Adhesive x3
4 F76 Vault 76 Station 4.png Join a Team Merriman Party hat
5 Vault76PopUp5.png Camping Made Easy Crowley C.A.M.P.
6 Vault76PopUp6.png Get a Job Poole Black-rim glasses
Perk cards



Notable loot



Vault 76 appears only in Fallout 76 and is mentioned in Fallout 3 and Fallout 4.

Behind the scenes

When reaching the first checkpoint, the "celebration" music from Fallout Shelter plays.


Player character apt
Equipment stations
Vault interior
Vault door
Concept art and signage


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