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The Vault 63 organics sector is a section of Vault 63 in Fallout 76, introduced in the Skyline Valley update.



The organics sector is accessed during the quest The Powerhouse of the Cell. It is filled with Lost, and the corpses of Vault 63 dwellers, security, and scientists can be found throughout the sector.

Upon first entering from Shining Creek Cavern, there are several side rooms. To the left is a locker room with a feral Lost. The security room, identifiable by the dead Vault dweller outside, has a locked safe and a terminal which unlocks the tram station outside (the large door). Only the station platform is accessible, which has little loot apart from a note, Handle with care, attached to the train car with several brains lying on the ground.

Head through Screening to proceed deeper into the sector. The next room, a reception area, will always be occupied by one Lost engineer. The next room is the foyer, which is filled with Lost. The foyer has various crafting stations: a weapons workbench, an armor workbench, and a chemistry station. The foyer has doors leading to the various wings of the sector, but upon first entry, the only way forward is to head through the laser gate at the far end. Past there is an elevator to Hilda's office. In the corner of the foyer near the laser grid gate is a table with some pre-War variants of junk items: two unrusted tin cans, a clean broom, and an unused enamel bucket.

Hilda Stolz can be found in her office during The Powerhouse of the Cell. Hilda's office has a chemistry station and a locked wall safe, as well as Hilda's terminal and a Carlisle typewriter. There is also a Vault-Tec bobblehead on her desk. After talking to her, the Vault 63 Chem Wing card will be received, allowing access into the Pharmaceuticals wing.

The staircase has a dead Vault dweller and a feral Lost. Directly ahead is a lavatory with another feral Lost and a room marked as "Pharmaceuticals Research," which can only be unlocked with the Vault 63 Labs card received later in the quest. The way forwards is to the left, which leads into a larger room with more Lost. This room has another weapons workbench, as well as a stash box, beneath the stairs. Right from the entrance is a large door leading to Pharmaceuticals R&D, also requiring the labs card. The way forward is the large door to the greenhouse at the bottom of the stairs. The greenhouse is a cave with three Lost dwellers who are killed as a quest objective. A chainsaw can be found on a wooden crate near the entrance, while the cave gate key (which unlocks a fence gate in Shining Creek Cavern) can be found in an empty planter in the dirt section. To the far end of the greenhouse is a large pipe with a dead scientist next to it. The pipe leads back into Shining Creek Cavern but is initially inaccessible.

Collecting the sample from "Henry" during the quest will unlock the Pharmaceuticals R&D wing. The right side of this hall leads into the Pharmaceuticals Research room which connects back to the wing entrance. This room has three chemistry stations and a serum mixer test used to create Serum Alpha during the quest (with a vial of toxic goo nearby), as well as the corpse of a wanamingo. A skeleton near the wanamingo has the note Dead subject, while a blackboard nearby has the note Freezing rules. A locked storage cage near the blackboard has various aid items and junk, including Addictol and bulk nuclear waste. The left side of the hall leads to Clinical Trials Chamber 1, which leads to Test Chamber 1, where the first sedated Lost test subject is found. A nearby room has a locked drug testing terminal.

Dealing with the first feral Lost test subject will make the pipe in the greenhouse leading back to Shining Creek Cavern accessible. At this point in the quest, the player character will need to go back into the cave and collect three unusual fungi samples. Entering the area during the quest will also cause the player character to experience severe auditory and visual hallucinations, including ghostly whispers and apparitions of hostile shadows which appear and disappear out of nowhere. These shadows take the form of various creatures, including super mutants, Scorched, deathclaws, and Mothmen, but generally do little to no damage, and disappear upon attacking or taking any damage. This effect will persist after reentering the organics sector and does not disappear until later during the quest (it will not persist if one exits to Appalachia or another interior cell, but will reappear upon entering Shining Creek and/or the organics sector).

The Human Biology Wing can be accessed from a door on the first floor of the foyer. It is locked and requires the Vault 63 BioWing card, which is obtained after talking to Hilda once returning from Shining Creek Cavern with the unusual fungus. There is one Lost in the room down the stairs, and Biology Lab 1 (which contains a single feral Lost) can be found to the left from the stairs. This room has all four Mad ramblings notes as well as Concerned about Victor. A large door directly across from the stairs cannot be unlocked until returning from the other side, so the way forwards is to head to the right, either jumping down from the railing or taking the slightly further stairs. Turning to the right from the railing will lead to a small room marked Office 1 which has Jamie Stewart's terminal as well as a dose of Addictol.

The bottom leads to the clinic (filled with several Lost) and the connected surgery lab, where the second feral Lost subject is located. One of the beds in the corner of the clinic has a feral Lost. The clinic has a door leading to Fluid Handling, which is locked and requires the Vault 63 Fluid Handling card, obtained after listening to Hilda once the feral Lost subject with Serum Beta is killed. Fluid Handling is a large room filled with Lost with a "river" of radioactive green liquid flowing through the middle, along with a large vat of the liquid. Up to approximately 20 rads/sec can be taken by standing near the liquid, and standing in it will also cause damage. Past Fluid Handling is a hallway with a power armor station and a tinker's workbench. There is an inaccessible door marked "Biology Lab 2," which can be seen through a window to be a room with brains in vats. The Vat Storage Control Room, marked "Vat Control," is found further down the hallway and is populated with three Lost. It also contains the third sedated Lost subject (later revealed to be August Stolz), to whom Serum Omega is administered during the quest. A larger, inaccessible room can be seen through the window in Vat Control after administering Serum Omega, with the lights turning on to reveal many rows of Lost sedated in vats. The end of the hall, where two dead scientists can be found, has a terminal that unlocks the door leading back to the Biology Wing entrance.

Notable loot[]

  • Recipe: Antibiotics - Recipe, found on a table in Biology Lab 1 in the Biology Wing.
  • Concerned about Victor - Note, found on a table with a static object Massachusetts Surgical Journal in Biology Lab 1 in the Biology Wing.
  • Dead subject - Note, found in the hand of a skeleton near the wanamingo corpse in the Pharmaceuticals Research room in the Pharmaceuticals Wing.
  • Freezing rules - Note, found on a blackboard in the Pharmaceuticals Research room in the Pharmaceuticals Wing.
  • Handle with care - Note, attached to a wooden post next to the train car with brains on the floor in the tram station near the entrance.
  • Mad ramblings - Four notes, found on a table in the far end of Biology Lab 1 in the Biology Wing.
  • Potential Vault-Tec bobblehead - In Hilda Stolz's office, on the main desk.
  • Cave gate key - Key, in the greenhouse in an empty planter. Obtained during The Powerhouse of the Cell. Opens the cave gate in Shining Creek Cavern.
  • Vault 63 Chem Wing card - Obtained from Hilda Stolz during The Powerhouse of the Cell. Unlocks the door to the Pharmaceuticals Wing.
  • Vault 63 Labs card - Automatically added after listening to Hilda over the intercom after dealing with the first Lost subject, during The Powerhouse of the Cell. Unlocks the Pharmaceuticals Research room in the Pharmaceuticals Wing.
  • Vault 63 BioWing card - Obtained from Hilda during The Powerhouse of the Cell after returning to her with the unusual fungus samples. Unlocks the door to the Human Biology Wing.
  • Vault 63 Fluid Handling - Automatically added after listening to Hilda over the intercom after dealing with the second Lost subject. Unlocks the door to Fluid Handling in the Biology Wing clinic.

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The Vault 63 organics sector appears in Fallout 76, introduced in the Skyline Valley update.