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The Vault 63 engineering sector is a cut section of Vault 63 in Fallout 76, introduced in the Skyline Valley update.


The engineering sector was the research facility where Vault 63's defense technology was developed. This mainly consisted of weapons and robotics research. A large part of this was Robobrain development, including the construction of the Storm Goliaths, with automated manufacturing processes to quickly replace any Storm Goliaths destroyed at the Hawksbill weather station. The sector was headed by Ignatius, a member of the Stolz family who by 2105 had seemingly gone insane and used a pacification device to turn a group of Robobrains into a pretend family.

The sector's research was extremely hazardous, with personnel required to wear protective gear at all times; the lowest accident fatality rate they achieved was apparently 40%, indicating a high level of workplace fatalities, including one incident where a researcher was turned to goo by a plasma weapon. The sector was also heavily involved with the Vault's other research sectors. Shipments of preserved brains were frequently delivered from the organics sector, while parts and equipment were frequently shipped to the meteorology sector. All of this ceased once the earthquakes caused by the activation of the Vault 63 weather machine struck the region, with almost all of the sector staff perishing: possible causes of death included flooding, cave-ins, and the Vault's robots becoming hostile.

The engineering sector would have been visited in a cut quest in the Vault 63 questline, identified by the prefix Storm_MQ12 (making it the intended final quest before Gathering Clouds).[1] Little remains of the quest, although surviving dialogue for the Mister Handy Tunnsley, who would have been encountered at the sector's security desk during the quest, provides some clues for it. The quest would have involved finding and dealing with Iggy. This would result either in a good ending where the Vault 76 dweller and Iggy would reach some sort of agreement, or a bad ending where the dweller would take Iggy's pacification device from him, causing the Robobrains to kill him.


The engineering sector was connected to the Slumber Mill Motel via an elevator in a cavern section. This side entrance was built into the tram tunnel right next to the tram station for the sector, which could be entered from doors on the north and south of the station. The northern parts of the sector were partially flooded, while several parts of the sector were also caved in. The central room of the engineering sector was evidently a robot testing area built to mimic a suburban neighborhood, complete with parking lot, houses, and greenery. The sector also included a laboratory and a security office, as well as Iggy's personal quarters.

Iggy would be found in the robot testing area. The sector would be populated with hostile robots, including Mister Handies, overridden Mister Gutsies, Robobrains, and Eyebots. A Storm Goliath would also be found in the sector. All Vault 63 personnel in the sector would be dead, including Vault 63 dwellers and scientists, some of which would be skeletons.


The Vault 63 engineering sector was cut from the Fallout 76 update Skyline Valley, though it is still mentioned in-game.


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