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This is a transcript for dialogue with Vault 63 dweller.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 0075E04F 0075E053 It's a shame we don't have the workforce to spruce this place up a little.
2 0075E054 Been a long time since we had a good community gathering around here.
3 0075E055 You reckon that Storm is gonna get worse or better?
4 0075E056 These jumpsuits don't leave much room for expression.
5 0075E057 Seeing someone do so much good around here... it's refreshing.
6 0075E058 Ya should have arrived a few years back. The old Vault sure was something. You know, before the accidents.
7 0075E059 The new animals up there... any of them good for eating?
8 0075E05A Supplies are starting to dwindle a little, even with the stockpile from the supply runs... you know, before the Storms...
9 0075E05B Don't you be starting to change things up around here, we gots a system and it works, damn it!
10 0075E05C We felt the whole Vault shaking a while back. Security said it was nothing to worry about though.
11 0075E05D There was a landslide around the mansion? I wonder how that happened?
12 0075E05E Vault 63 has lasted this long, no reason to think it won't keep lastin'.
13 0075E05F I'm tired of all the red tape and security checks just to get a breath of barely fresh air.
14 0075E060 What if we go back to the surface and nobody wants to know us because of our... you know... condition?
15 0075E061 I miss research. And science. And discoveries. And news. Screw it, I miss how it was before!
16 0075E050 0075E063 It's been a long time since I treated someone with their epidermis intact. What can I do for you?
17 0075E065 Just keepin' the peace. As you were.
18 0075E067 Man, it's good to see a new face!
19 0075E068 Made it through the mess around the house didja?
20 0075E069 Didn't think I'd ever see anyone who didn't have the condition again...
21 0075E06A You come from up the road a ways? Is the Storm bad up there too?
22 0075E06B Looking pretty bad out there.
23 0075E06C Folk have been talking about you. Good things. Mostly.
24 0075E06D That's a lot of stuff you got. You must have been some places, huh?
25 0075E06E You fixin' to hide from the Storm?
26 0075E06F You gotta tell me how you keep your skin so clear!
27 0075E070 I bet everyone outside has it real bad.
28 0075E071 You're plum crazy braving that Storm out there!
29 0075E072 Hey there! You look like a smart one.
30 0075E073 You sheltering in here because of the Storm?
31 0075E074 Well look at you! We could learn a thing or two from you!
32 0075E075 I knew the second accident would bring people sniffing around here. What do you want?
33 0075E076 Hey there, "smooth-skin". Did I say it right?
34 0075E077 Who thought "Ghoul" was a good name? I don't eat human flesh... as far as I know...
35 0075E078 "Ghoul" sounds so cool! Like I have superpowers!
36 0075E079 Do you have an appointment with Mr. Stolz?
37 0075E07A You know, something changed in the Overseer when his wife got ill. He must miss her.
38 0075E07B Did you see that newspaper article lying around? Makes me wonder about the Overseer sometimes...
39 0075E07C I heard someone was sent out to the Weather Machine to fix it up. That can't be good.
40 0075E07D At least the Weather Machine is still out of action... We don't need "another" accident.
41 0075E07E Poor Audrey. I heard her and the Overseer going at it again. Wonder what it was this time...
42 0075E07F Audrey seems more... "determined" than usual...
43 0075E080 Good thing there weren't any Lost in the generator room, that could have been real bad.
44 0075E081 "Ghouls" huh? I kinda like it.
45 0075E082 "Ghouls" huh? That's a shitty name. Insensitive.
46 0075E085 Chief Oberlin seems really pissed off. Stay out of the Security office...
47 0075E086 I just saw Chief Oberlin and he actually smiled at me? You must have helped him out good!
48 0075E087 So the Overseer triggered all those accidents? The Lost are his fault? I can't believe it, we trusted him!
49 0075E088 With the Chief in charge, things will be better. He'll look after us. He always has. 'Bout time we had some changes.
50 0075E089 The Chief in charge? We're safer now sure but...*sigh* get ready for the 10,000 rules we now have to follow...
51 0075E08A I didn't know Audrey had it in her...
52 0075E08B So I guess Audrey is in charge now? Maybe she'll let us go up top now! And remove all those protocols we had to follow?
53 0075E08C With the Overseer and the Chief gone who's going to protect us? Audrey is nice and everything, but what happens if something happens?
54 0075E08D The Overseers' wife was in here with us? This whole time? With her condition? That can't have been safe!?
55 0075E08E I haven't seen Oberlin or Audrey in a while. Maybe the Overseer sent them up top?
56 0075E08F The first time was an error, the second one was unlucky. But a *third* accident? That's intentional...
57 0075E051 0075E091 Anything I can look at for you today? Any signs of the condition?
58 0075E093 Don't you go starting any trouble around here, keep it civil.
59 0075E094 We've kept this place safe for decades. That isn't about to change.
60 0075E096 Wow! Your skin isn't split at all!?
61 0075E097 You have beautiful skin. It's... unsettling.
62 0075E098 Ah, the one from outside! How's the Storm?
63 0075E099 How's it going out there? Windy? Airish? Heh.
64 0075E09A Are there many like us out there? You know, with the skin?
65 0075E09B Mmhmm. What brings you back in here?
66 0075E09C What's up?
67 0075E09D Need something?
68 0075E09E Looking for someone?
69 0075E09F Huh? What did you say?
70 0075E0A0 Hey there!
71 00767C9D Mr. Stolz is ready, go right ahead.