Some of the computers still work, but the only files are diaries and garbage. Typical vault.Samuel Cooke on Vault 19

Vault 19 is one of the Vault-Tec vaults in the Mojave Wasteland. By 2281 the vault has been abandoned by its original inhabitants, and is currently occupied by Powder Gangers founder Samuel Cooke and his escaped convict followers.


Vault 19's "social experiment" involved the segregation of the dwellers into two different colored sections, with minimal contact, who were then subjected to "non-violent and non-chemical" (according to a terminal with corrupted files) stimuli to induce paranoia. Terminal entries of the residents indicate success in this goal, possibly through the use of high-frequency subliminal messaging (children reported hearing sounds/voices that the adults could not). Terminal entries also show that the divided sections of vault residents were rapidly approaching violent conflict, but there is no evidence that bloodshed actually occurred nor do we know the ultimate fate of the vault residents.

The Great Khans avoided the vault because they, historically, hadn't had the best of times squatting in vaults. No other group has been aggressive enough to attempt to displace the fire geckos from the vault. Powder Gangers, searching for a location to turn into a base, explored the upper floor of Vault 19 and found that it was “mostly clear.” Now they wait, with a fragmented leadership[1] conducting small scale raids on caravans passing the I-15.


This vault is located in an abandoned parking lot on a road between Bonnie Springs and Whittaker farmstead, northeast of Goodsprings. The entrance is concealed by a sewer grate inside the parking lot attendant’s booth. There is an alternate entrance directly into the sulfur caves northwest of Whitaker farmstead.

The top floor is mostly intact but most of the lower levels have been cut off by collapsed corridors.

Main areaEdit

A ladder leads down from the sewer grate into a small room containing the vault door and its control panel. Passing through the main entrance into a hallway, to the left and right of the entrance are the two overseers' offices. On the left from the entrance is the cafeteria, where many escaped convicts sit idly. There is a first aid box under the counter, a Nuka-Cola vending machine and a Sunset Sarsaparilla vending machine in a corner. Continuing through the cafeteria into the hallway, one will find two restrooms, both with first aid boxes on the wall near the sinks, and the clinic. The clinic has a waiting room and an examination room with a large supply of chems and surgical instruments, two doctor's bags, and a copy of Today's Physician.

Also note that there are 5 patient logs in the clinic: two under the desk in the examination room, one on top of that desk, one in the east corner of the room beneath the shelving unit, and one on the western wall, behind the privacy screen and underneath the medical trolley.

Blue sector living quartersEdit

This can be accessed with a blue sector key card, which Philip Lem will give to the Courier if they offer to help him. One can also find a blue sector keycard near a terminal in a room inside the red sector. Alternatively, one may wait for one of the convicts to open the door, and take a keycard from a desk in one of the rooms. The blue sector keycard can also be pick-pocketed from Lem if there is no other alternative. This sector is a horseshoe shaped hallway with many rooms on the sides occupied by convicts. A great deal of bottle caps and Vault 19 jumpsuits can be found in the dressers. At the end of the hallway is the elevator to the fire gecko infested common areas.

Red sector living quartersEdit

This section can only be accessed with a red sector key card, which will be given to the Courier when they offer to help Samuel Cooke (note that this will not affect Philip Lem or vice versa, it only opens up a new objective). This is a small "L" shaped hallway, and is much smaller than the blue sector, with similar loot in the dressers and lockers.

Common areasEdit

The common areas can be accessed through elevators in either the red or blue sectors, or through the sulfur caves.

Blue sectorEdit

Assuming that the Courier comes down from blue sector, the room on the left in the collapsed hallway opens onto an apartment with a large hole in the ceiling and one or more fire geckos. Further down the elevator hall is a small room with double beds, a floor safe, two dressers and a single Vault 19 jumpsuit on one of the dressers. Strangely, this jumpsuit will not disappear when picked up. This room also has a Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle cap on the desk near the terminal. Finally, there is a large room with many beds and lockers at the end of the hallway. The atrium must be opened with a blue sector keycard. The atrium itself contains more fire geckos and the entrance to the sulfur caves on the floor. The upper level can be reached by crouching under the doorway, but there is little of value there. There is one first aid box behind the bar.

Red sectorEdit

The red sector is also reached by an elevator. It is smaller than the blue sector, with only one collapsed room and the elevator. This is guarded by one fire gecko. The hallway leads to the shared atrium where the sulfur cave entrance is found.

Sulfur cavesEdit

The sulfur caves can be accessed directly from the Mojave Wasteland by a cave northeast of the Vault 19 map marker, and through a hole in the floor of the recreation room (with several pool tables) on the Living Quarters level. There is also a secret elevator connecting the caves to the Overseer's Office that can only becomes accessible by picking a hard-locked door in the caves that leads to the secret area beneath the Overseer's desk, and hacking a hard-locked terminal in this area that opens up the floor of the office.

The caves level of the vault is the most damaged by far, and is comprised mainly of yellow caves made entirely of sulfur, and the vault's operations, reactor, and utility rooms. It is also infested with many fire geckos and night stalkers.

The cave itself is separate from the vault. Entering the cave will take you into the vault’s operations room. In order to block off the sulfur caves for Lem’s optional part of the quest Why Can't We Be Friends?, follow the path to the right into a large cave. To the left is a large yellow rock formation peppered with lumps of gray rock. This is the “Microcline Rock”. If you activate it, you will see that it contains enough potassium to create an explosion large enough to block the caves or destroy the vault. An Explosives level of at least 50 and 5 blocks of C4 are required to setup the C-4.

Beyond this cave is a larger cave with access via a staircase back into the operations center of the vault. There is also a ladder to the Mojave Wasteland, which will bring you outside northwest of the Whittaker farmstead.

Following the staircase leads to a common room with more vending machines. Exiting this room and going down the stairs will bring you to a utility room. Going left will take you past another entrance to the operations room. Past the blocked reactor entrance is the systems room, which has no loot whatsoever, but may contain a fire gecko. If you exit the common room and go right (north) there is a short passage which leads to a hard locked elevator leading to a tunnel beneath the desk in the overseer's office where Lem is located. The password to this computer may be gained from the terminal in the office itself, or it can be hacked with an average Science skill.


Notable lootEdit

Vault 19 Patient logs

The patient logs in the clinic

Related questsEdit


  • Samuel Cooke's men are labeled as escaped convicts, rather than Powder Gangers. They do not wear Powder Ganger apparel and are not considered part of that faction.
  • The keycards can be found on almost any table in either sector next to a terminal.
  • If you fail the quest Why Can't We Be Friends? by killing Papa Khan, all the occupants of this vault will become hostile.
  • The utility door that serves as the elevator to Philip Lem's overseer's office is too small for the frame in the Sulfur Caves, and one can see slivers of untextured exterior around the sides of it.
  • On the desk in the room where the Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle cap is found, there is terminal with a log entry about the bottle cap. The writer thinks he's going insane: he sees a star on the bottle cap and states that "no matter how long he closes his eyes it doesn't go away." It can be found on the living quarters level in the far left room not on the 1st floor.
  • Companions can become easily cut off from the player when exploring the vault as the doors that require keys will close after you travel through them.
  • Journal entry 65 on a terminal in the Red Sector of the 1st floor, accuses the "Reds" as having sabotaged the water filter, even though it is located in Red territory, and all the other Red terminals were accusatory of the Blues.


Vault 19 appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenesEdit

Vault 19 was designed by Sydney Wolfram.


  • PCIcon pc Xbox 360Icon xbox360 Sometimes, the floor safe in the blue section of the living quarters may not appear. However, you may still open it. The safe will reappear after opening it.[verified]
  • Playstation 3Icon ps3 Sometimes when firing the missile launcher in the vaults main area, all convicts might disappear, making the quest Why Can't We Be Friends? impossible to complete.[verified]
  • PCIcon pc Xbox 360Icon xbox360 A Vault 19 jumpsuit found on top of a dresser in the last room on the second floor of the Blue Sector, when looted, will not disappear. You will have the item in your inventory, and it will make the picking up sound, but the item appears to be still on the dresser. It cannot be looted again. This is unresolved as of the 1.07 patch (still broken in 1.40.525).[verified]
  • PCIcon pc Playstation 3Icon ps3 Xbox 360Icon xbox360 When killing all the geckos before Cooke gives you the quest, you can't retrieve the red access card.[verified]
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360 Sometimes, the proper speech dialogue with Lem does not occur, leaving the Courier no other option but to obtain the blue key card by other means (i.e., pick-pocketing Lem, waiting for another resident to open their room door, etc.)[verified]
  • PCIcon pc Xbox 360Icon xbox360 Sometimes when loading a save from within the Vault the game will be corrupt and unable to load the previous save.[verified]
  • PCIcon pc Upon entering living quarters, player occasionally falls through the floor after immediately turning left.[verified]



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