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Vault 118 overseer's log is a holotape in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor. It is recorded by the overseer of Vault 118.


On the Vault 118 overseer's terminal in his office.



Overseer: Progress on construction of the second wing of the Vault has completely stalled. Once the premiere area of the vault had been completed, funding seems to have been cut off. My supervisors have informed me that they haven't received payments from Mr. Parker, and Vault-Tec won't pay out of pocket to continue construction. I've repeatedly approached Ezra about the finances, but he keeps telling me that Mrs. Riggs hasn't transferred the funds. However, when I asked her, Julianna said that she had just given Ezra extra for the gold paint in the rooms. I've hired an investigator to look for signs of embezzlement in a few weeks.

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