The Vault 114 terminal entries are entries found on terminals within Vault 114.

Check in terminalEdit


Property of Vault-Tec
Check In

Please remind residents to:
1) Line up in an orderly fashion
2) Change into Vault Suits immediately
3) Save all questions for Orientation

Residency A1Edit


Linehan Family: Sean, wife Martha, sons John and Mitchell

Flaherty Family: Michael, wife Joan, daughter Elizabeth

Pressley Family: Jenna, husband Richard

Residency A2Edit


O'Malley Family: Michael, wife Jennifer, son Robert, daughter Ellen (infant)

Baker Family: Ralph, fiance Sarah, dog "Spike" (Do Not Allow)

Yancey Family: Murry, wife Amy, sons Jimmy and Ronnie

Residency B2Edit


Madison Family: Bill, wife Belinda, daughters Jean, Mary, and Melissa

Smith Family: Sean, wife Molly, son Paul, daughter Stephanie (infant)

Residency B3Edit


O'Brien Family: Kevin, wife Megan, sons Ryan, Brandon, Logan, daughters Molly, Anna, Kayla, Brenna (infant)

Todd Gates (bachelor)

Door terminalEdit


Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) Termlink
Greetings, Vault Citizen. Please take a number.

Take NumberEdit


-1st Attempt
Your number is 998. Please wait until your number is called, and the Overseer will be with you. Have a nice day!

-2nd Attempt
Your number is 999. Please wait until your number is called, and the Overseer will be with you. Have a nice day!

-3rd Attempt
The queue to see the Overseer is full for the year. Have a nice day!

Override Door ControlsEdit


Accessing door...

Manual override initiated. Opening door...

Vault-Tec terminalEdit


Property of Vault-Tec
Vault 114 Personnel

Welcome, EmployeesEdit



After many months of preliminary construction, we are pleased to welcome members of the Technical and Scientific Staff to the newest addition to the Vault-Tec Family: Vault 114!

Like you, we are excited to get started on our latest endeavor, but we are not quite ready to open that great big gear door to our new residents yet. As you've probably noticed, we've contracted outside of Vault-Tec for construction on this one, since it is utilizing a unique space. By repurposing the former Park Street Subway station, we will be seeing a decrease on building costs, as well as a shorter timeline for construction. This fits perfectly with the Vault's observational studies, which will be revealed in a future memorandum.

However, because of this, we will be seeing a lot of civilian traffic until construction is fully completed. It is up to you to help maintain the security of Vault 114 and its experiment from prying eyes without proper clearance. "Loose lips sink ships," of course. They also result in immediate termination and possible criminal investigations.

Welcome, once again!

Vault-Tec Management

PRIVATE: Science Staff OnlyEdit


WARNING: This memorandum is meant for members of the Vault 114 Science Division only, or those with appropriate security clearance levels (SL-4+). All others must exit this terminal immediately and report your infraction to the Overseer or a member of Vault-Tec Security. Thank you.

=Social Science Division=

As mentioned in your briefing, Vault 114 will be hosting high ranking member of local and state government, local luminaries, business people, and their families. Future members are aware that they will be cohabitating solely with others of Boston's upper class.

However, the "luxury" aspect of this Vault has been highly exaggerated to the future residents. Multiple families, chosen randomly, will live and sleep in single-room apartments, dining, and bathing will be in shared quarters, and amenities will be minimal.

In addition, we are currently interviewing for the Overseer position from many candidates. Our goal is to find someone with no supervisory or government experience, and hopefully with a strong anti-authority bias. Human Resources tells us that the interview process has vetted many viable candidates.

By taking away the luxury and authority these groups saw in surface life, we hope to study their reactions to stressful situations. As such, please do not undermine the new Overseer's authority at all during the experiment, even (and especially) if it may cause physical discomfort, embarassment, or harm to residents.

Thank you,
Vault-Tec Management

Vault-Tec terminal (2)Edit


Property of Vault-Tec
Vault 114 Personnel

Welcome, EmployeesEdit


Greetings, Overseer!

I hope this message finds you well and your move into your new position has been and easy transition. Your appointment as Overseer came with high recommendations from our interviewers and we hope you will be the perfect fit that everyone believes you to be.

Please do not be nervous, as we have chosen you based on your natural qualities, decision making skills, and unique personality. We believe that you possess innate abilities as a leader that will bring this Vault into the new world nuclear war creates. So don't worry! Just go with your gut and everything will work perfectly!

Good luck!

Vault-Tec Managment

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