The Vault 106 terminal entries are a series of entries found on terminals in Vault 106.

Security terminalEdit

Two terminals, one is located in the security office near the entrance and the other is in a room in the living quarters that can only be reached by the Science Labs.

Urgent: Security NoticeEdit


To Vault Security:

If any of our residents notice any unusual odor or faint taste to the air, please assure them that everything is okay. There was a slight irregularity in our filtration system but nothing to cause alarm; the systems have already been corrected and are 100% functional again. If you notice anyone acting out in a strange manner, please report the disturbance immediately so medical assistance can be sent.

The Overseer

Overseer's terminalEdit

Terminal is located in the Overseer's office, near the center of the Living Quarters area.

Urgent: Preperations ReportEdit


The ventilation system has been checked and the required security and medical protocols have been initiated as per instruction in preparation for release of the Control:

The following systems have been brought online:
V-Shaft 00209
V-Shaft 00437
V-Shaft 00518
V-Shaft 00518-C

The following systems have been disconnected:
V-Shaft 00014 A-D
V-Shaft 00083 A-D

The following security precautions have also been completed:
Security Protocol 51:46-A
Camera Protocol 52:Overseer
Medical Protocol 98:MedAlert

I have overseen all preliminary tests and can assuredly say we are ready and prepared for the worst.

Hallucination terminalsEdit

Shortly after entering the vault, as the Lone Wanderer heads down a hallway to the left of the entrance, the screen will turn a purple-like color and the Lone Wanderer will see the player's father (James) in triplicate. In the hallucination, the broken monitors appear to be functional. Activating the terminal accesses one entry, entitled "You Know You Want To..." Selecting it displays the following:


Note To Self:
Sit back and enjoy the ride. Why worry? This place seems great. It's about time we kick back, relax and forget about the desolate, hopeless, bleak and blasted wasteland outside. Have we enjoyed a frosty Nuka-Cola yet today? Well, we ought to fix that.

As the player makes progress, several other "hallucination" terminals are encountered. They all appear in two rooms in the north section of the Living Quarters and read:


A Note To Me:
This place is great, I think itsIcon sic time to accept the new and embrace this change. Relax.


Another Note To Me:
Come on, don't you like it better here? Breathe deep in the blue. Relax.


Please Read Me:
Seriously, this place has everything we need, enjoy it while we're here.


Fine, Be That Way:
I have nothing more to say to you, we're through here.

Cut entriesEdit

Icon cut contentThe following is based on Fallout 3 cut content and has not been confirmed by canon sources.



Mycological Characteristics:
Kingdom= Fungi
Phylum= Basidiomycota
Genus= Ustilago
Species= U. Noslen
Hymenium Type= None
Cap Shape= Convex
Spore Color= Hyper Blue
Ecological Type= Mycorrhizal

The U. Noslen seems to produce a compound that when exposed to the conditions of the cave are able to shield it from harmful radiation. The rate at which the fungus degrades the stone appears to be slowed.

Study shows that the U. Noslen reproduces by dispersing small amounts of diaspores. Due to the lack of wind sources, the fungus is usually clusters but occasionally is able to fan out to other surfaces.


Early speculation is that the U. Noslen's above average poikilohydric characteristics allow it to survive within these caves. Unlike similar species, when dehydrated the plant will release a toxic set of spores and die instead of entering the assumed cryptobiotic state.

Icon cut contentEnd of information based on Fallout 3 cut content.