Template:FO3 Vault 106 is one of the Vault-Tec Vaults. It is located south-south-east of Arefu and directly south of Kaelyn's Bed & Breakfast. As part of the Vault Experiment, psychoactive drugs were released into the air filtration system 10 days after the door was sealed. Like Vault 101, this Vault is located in the Capital Wasteland and in 2277, it is mostly destroyed and flooded, but filled with Insane Survivors.

A Security terminal near the entrance to the Vault requires a Science of 75 to hack, and contains a security notice from the Overseer. The Overseer's computer requires a Science of 75 to hack, and reveals information about the experiments. Reading these is not necessary to access any area in the Vault.


As part of the Vault Experiment, psychoactive drugs were released into the air filtration system 10 days after the door was sealed. It also seems the drugs are still being pumped through the vault, as evidenced by the player's vision suddenly being shaded blue and reality shifting. Accessing the computer terminals also reveals the Vault 106 Overseer (see also: Overseer) knew the inhabitants would be fodder for drug testing and instructed security personnel to tell those in the vault everything was fine.


Vault 106 is inhabited by "Insane Survivors", Vault residents who have been driven insane by prolonged exposure to the Vault's hallucinogen-filled air. They wear Vault 106 Jumpsuits and wield a variety of melee weapons, such as lead pipes, knives, baseball bats, pool cues, etc. Despite not wearing armor, the Insane Survivors are slightly tougher than the average Raider enemies, which can initially mildly surprise low-level players that can break into Vault 106 early on in the game.

At times, the confines of Vault 106 make it hard to wield long range heavy-hitting weapons. With high enough Small Guns skill, the Silenced 10mm is the perfect weapon for quick dispatch of hostile druggies, who should be downed by a single headshot.

On the lowest level of Vault 106, at the end of the Science Lab section, there is a "Vault 106 Survivor", wearing a Vault Lab Uniform and wielding a baseball bat (who oddly has the same ambient/combat voice files as a Raider). After the Survivor takes some damage, he will activate a Stealth Boy, (this is evident by the fact that your non-human followers will have a hard time shooting him as well; if it were a hallucination, only the lone wanderer would have a hard time hitting him) which lasts until the Survivor is finally killed. It would seem that followers also suffer this same hallucination as they will also attack the tunnel snakes. Past the Survivor is a small storage room with assorted misc loot, including a few ammunition boxes and a Mini Nuke.

In the entry room with two floors, a floor down from where you enter on the left, is a room where your hallucinations begin in which your father beckons you into what appears to be a media room, the hallucination doesn't end until you try to interact with him or exit. Once the hallucination is over, you will see the media room, but with all the consoles fallen over.


File:Vault 106 Nikola Tesla and You.jpg

Nikola Tesla and You in a stack of crates

  • A book of Nikola Tesla and You is hidden in one of the wooden boxes on the teacher's desk inside the classroom in the Living Quarters (the room to your left after you first enter the Living Quarters area).
  • A book of Tumblers Today is on the Science Lab level, two floors down from the Science Lab level entrance, inside a large room with 2 lockers visible from the door.
  • Finally, there is a Mini Nuke in the final room of the Science Lab area, just past the fight with the Vault 106 Survivor. The Hard locked ammo box here seems to be contain random loot, but may include one or more Stealth Boys.
  • There are two Vault 106 Master Keys located in the Vault. One can be found next to a functional computer terminal in the northwest corner of a room in the Living Quarters that is only accessible through the Science Labs. (You can see the room and the Science Labs door through windows in the Living Quarters, but have to go through the Labs to get to it.) There is also a hidden key at the bottom of a shelf in the store room behind where you fight the Vault 106 Survivor. This key can not be picked up without using the tcl command and going as close as possible to the key.
  • In the Living Quarters you can also find a Recon Armor and a Recon Armor helmet, both are located in a locker which is in the left room when you enter the Living Quarters (verified). (May fail to spawn on PC version. In that case, go to science labs and search the 2 lockers in the same room as the book of Tumblers Today, or the southernmost dorms in the Living Quarters area.) (seems to be random. Neither the lockers in the room to the left of the living quarters entrance nor the lockers in the room with the tumblers today had them in the PS3 version).
  • At least one time Alien Power Cells were found just outside the entrance to the Vault.


  • Vault 106 Survivor is the only NPC in the vault that has a finger if you have the Lawbringer perk. This is because the Survivor is technically classified under the "Raider" race and/or faction, as evidenced by his voice.
  • The Bobblehead: Science is located in the Living Quarters; after you first enter the Living Quarters (it's a two level room: top level), enter the door on the far left hand side of the room, diagonally across from where you first enter, to a hallway , into a fairly large room (for a vault), this room has 3 windows on each side that look into a subterranean cave. The bobblehead is on a bookshelf against the back wall(3rd shelf).
  • Vault 106 seems to have no Vault Door Control Pad on the inside. So if you close the door from the outside and get in quickly enough before the door is closed you are actually trapped inside the Vault, unless you activate the vault door or vault door motor.
  • There is a small, isolated part of the Vault located far away from the accessible area, used only in hallucinations, but accessible with the tcl command. Exploring this area, the player can find behind the locked door (in which the Vault 106 Master Key has no effect) from the "To:ME" computer terminal hallucination area, a clean, empty, vestigial Vault Atrium.
  • The vault doesn't have a door switch inside. It is possible to lock yourself in by activating the switch outside and running back inside.
  • As in Vault 92, there is an inaccessible, useless secret passage under the Vault 106 Overseer's desk.
  • Downstairs on the left most room of the first left set of bedrooms in the Living Quarters there is a note on the desk entitled "Feel The Love Man" it appears to have been written by one of the insane Vault members.
  • Some may be confused by their minimap and have trouble finding the Science Labs door from the Living Quarters. As mentioned above, there is one door you can see through a window, but can't get to, from the Quarters. The other, reachable Lab door is accessed by heading south down a hallway directly off the ground floor of the central atrium of the Living Quarters.
  • At one point, during a hallucination, three individuals walk in three different directions out of a hallway the player is traversing. The three individuals are actually all your father (at least in one case it was Amata) as evidenced by going into V.A.T.S. mode before they walk out of view. Shooting one of the hallucinations in V.A.T.S. makes it disappear immediately but has no other effect.
  • It is possible that the Vault Dweller's hallucinations in Vault 106 are actually confused flashbacks from Vault 101. Additional evidence comes from the Overseer hallucination which is wearing a Vault 101 jumpsuit.


  • In the living quarters on the second floor there is a barricade. Behind this is a locked door (hard) that leads to another door. The game should turn blue and the vault will appear clean like 101 at this point. If you get through the door fast enough there will be an Overseer and if you attempt to talk to him, the Overseer will vanish and end the hallucination or the game will freeze(360 confirmed) or might crash (PC confirmed) just ends the hallucination on ps3; however, if you attempt to pickpocket him, the hallucination will stop.
    • If you initiate combat with the hallucination of the Overseer, walking back and forth through the hallway where it turns blue, you will be able to walk into and out of that specific hallucination until you kill the overseer. Attempting to loot the remains will act the same as attempting to talk to him when he is "alive."
  • The hallucinations of your Dad that appear throughout Vault 106 are always the default Caucasian model, even if you choose a different race for your player character (and thus also for your father).
  • The Vault 106 Survivor can be quickly killed on lower difficulties without spawning the hallucinations, and his eyes continue to blink even though he is dead, but if you strike his corpse the hallucinations of the Tunnel Snake Gang will appear.
  • If you attempt to lock pick the door located on the southern section of the living quarters ground level and fail, the lock on the door will be deemed "broken", thus entry is restricted.
  • If you see Amata in a hallucination and kill her you will receive Bad Karma.
  • Sometimes the Survivor will have a female voice.

Appearances in games

This Vault was first mentioned in Fallout Bible and appears in Fallout 3.


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