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Vault 101 security armor and Vault 101 security helmet are a suit of armor worn by the vault security officers.


It consists of a riot helmet with a hinged, acrylic visor and a padded, puncture-resistant vest. Although this armor has a relatively low Damage Resistance rating, it will be the first set of armor the Lone Wanderer will be able to possess and will provide basic protection against early-game foes. The Vault 101 security armor also has little or no movement penalties, allowing characters to move quicker than with other, bulkier variants.


  • Worn by Vault 101 security officers.
  • If Susie Mack is encountered in the wasteland, she will be wearing the Vault 101 security armor without the helmet.
  • In Vault 101's atrium/upper level, two sets are found in the security station, in the weapon lockers.


The effects on the Tenpenny security uniform and Rivet City security uniform are listed as "Vault suit security" in the GECK but isn't used on this armor.