The Vault 101 PA System (PA - public announcement) is a radio station broadcasting inside Vault 101. The station broadcasts instrumental music, propaganda slogans, helpful advice, the level of radiation, and fun facts. Residents can hear the station on the Vault's loudspeakers and through their Pip-Boy 3000s.


The radio station becomes available to the player when they receive their Pip-Boy 3000.

During the Lone Wanderer's escape from the vault only this message can be heard: «This is the Overseer. All residents of Vault 101 are hereby confined to their quarters. The Radroach infestation is under control. Do NOT interfere with vault security personnel. Any resident found outside his or her quarters will be dealt with. Severely. That is all.» The same message can also be heard in certain locations of the vault without listening to the radio.

During the Lone Wanderer's return to the Vault, the only things that can be heard on the station is static, probably due to the rebels destroying it or no one wanting to bother operating it.

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  • The Lone Wanderer hears the station for the first time on their Pip-Boy 3000 in 2268.
  • The Vault 101 PA System will always remain in the Radio section, out of range for the rest of the game, even after completing Trouble on the Homefront.