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The following is an overview of vaults.

Numbered vaults

Name Image Location and construction Details Game
Vault 0 V0 bos0117.jpg Location: Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado Control vault Fallout Tactics
Vault 3 FNV Vault 3 door.png Location: Las Vegas, Nevada Control vault Fallout: New Vegas
Vault 7 NA NA NA Fallout: New California
Vault 8 Fo2 Vault 8 Entry.png Location: Vault City, California Control vault Fallout 2
Vault 11 Vault 11 door.jpg Location: Southwest of Las Vegas, Nevada Experiment vault: Determine people's willingness to sacrifice others to ensure the safety of the remaining population Fallout: New Vegas
Vault 12 Fo1 Vault 12 Level 1.png Location: Bakersfield, California Experiment vault: Study the effects of radiation on people; vault door does not close Fallout
Vault 13 FO1Vault13Intro.png Location: Southern California Control vault Fallout
Vault 15 Fo1 Vault 15 Entrance.png Location: Southern California Experimental vault: Stay closed for 50 years, let in people of diverse ideologies and cultures and see how they interact Fallout
Fallout 2
Vault 17 NA NA NA Fallout: New Vegas
Vault 19 Vault 19.png Location: Mojave Wasteland, Nevada Experimental vault: See if paranoia can be induced through non-chemical and non-violent means Fallout: New Vegas
Vault 21 NewVegasStripThird.png Location: Las Vegas, Nevada Experimental vault: Study the evolution of a society where conflict is resolved through chance (i.e. gambling) Fallout: New Vegas
Vault 22 Vault 22.jpg Location: Mojave Wasteland, Nevada Experimental vault: Not an experiment on its inhabitants, but rather, research agriculture Fallout: New Vegas
Vault 29 NA Location: West Coast No purpose known, but said to house "obnoxious rich teenagers" Fallout 76
Vault 34 Outside the vault34 blast.jpg Location: East of Las Vegas, Nevada Experiment vault: Fill the vault with weapons and see if people will attack others Fallout: New Vegas
Vault 44 NA NA NA Fallout: New California
Vault 51
Vltsignwelcome01 51 d.png
Vault51.png Location: Northwestern Appalachia, West Virginia
Occupants 52
Experiment vault: Let a computer determine the best leader (it backfired when it accidentally created crises) Fallout 76
Vault 63 F76 Vault 63 Main Door.png Location: Southwestern Appalachia, West Virginia Can't be entered; true purpose currently unknown Fallout 76
Vault 75
VltSignWelcome04 75 d.png
VaultSuitNumber75dirty d.png
Vault 75 entrance.png Location: Malden, Massachusetts
Occupants 88[1]
Experimental vault: Refine human genetics; raise kids to age 18; only let the "best" live and kill the rest Fallout 4
Vault 76 F76 Vault 76 Main Door.png Location: Appalachia, West Virginia
Began February 2065
End October 2069[2]
Brainpower 4, LightLife Geo-Thermal, General Atomics Nuclear Power[2]
Control vault (built for America's tricentenary, house America's "best" and "brightest")
Occupants 88[3]
Duration 240 months[2]
Fallout 76
Vault 77 NA NA NA Fallout 3
Vault 79 FO76WL V79 NEW DOOR.png Location: Northeastern Appalachia, West Virginia Unclarified if control vault or not; built in secrecy to contain America's gold reserves Fallout 76
Vault 81
VltSignWelcome03 81 d.png
VaultSuitNumber81dirty d.png
Vault 81door.jpg Location: Boston, Massachusetts Experiment vault: Create a cure to all of humanity's illnesses, but use residents as test subjects
Occupants 96[4]
Fallout 4
Vault 84 NA NA NA Fallout: The Board Game
Vault 87 Vault 87 gear door.jpg Location: Northeastern Virginia
Began May 2066
End December 2071[5]
Cyberbrain v2.3, General Atomics Nuclear Power, Versicorps Fusion Power[5]
Experiment vault: Study the effects of the Forced Evolutionary Virus on humans Fallout 3
Vault 88
DLC06VltSignWelcome88 01 d.png
E3 Fallout4 VaultTecWorkshop Door.png Location: Quincy, Massachusetts Experiment vault: Test prototype devices to put in other vaults Fallout 4
Vault 92 Vault 92.jpg Location: Olney, Maryland
Began May 2062
End May 2068[6]

Brainpower 7, General Atomics Nuclear Power[6]
Experiment vault: Test psychological effects using white noise to induce aggression
Occupants 245
Duration 100 years[6]
Fallout 3
Vault 94 Vault 94 door.png Location: Near Harpers Ferry, West Virginia Experiment vault: Test the adaptability of non-violent ideological groups when presented with post-apocalyptic societies Fallout 76
Vault 95
VltSignWelcome02 95 d.png
VaultSuitNumber95dirty d.png
FO4 Vault 95 TV 1.png Location: The Commonwealth, Massachusetts Experiment vault: See if chem addicts can successfully recover from addictions
Occupants 72[7]
Fallout 4
Vault 96 FO76SR Vault 96 door.png Location: Southern Appalachia, West Virginia Experiment vault: Conduct genetic experiments on people to research mutated fauna and develop countermeasures Fallout 76
Vault 101
VaultSuitNumber101dirty d.png
Vault 101 entrance ext.jpg Location: West of Springvale, Virginia Experiment vault: Stay closed indefinitely, in order to study the role of the overseer when a vault never opened Fallout 3
Vault 106 Vault 106 door geck.jpg Location: Northwest of Springvale
Began May 2064
End December 2069[8]
Think Machine 2800x, Rok-Solid Brand Geo-Thermal, General Atomics Nuclear Power[8]
Experiment vault: Release psychoactive drugs into air filtration system to research the results on people
Occupants 107
Duration 147 months[8]
Fallout 3
Vault 108 Vault 108.jpg Location: South of Canterbury, Maryland
Began March 2061
End December 2069[9]
General Atomics Nuclear Power, Steam Whistle Mini Geo-Thermal[9]
Experiment vault: Test conflicts in leadership
Occupants 475
Duration 38 years[9]
Fallout 3
Vault 109 NA NA NA Fallout: The Board Game
Vault 111
FO4 Vault gear door 111.png
Vault 111 door opened.png Location: Sanctuary Hills, Massachusetts Experiment vault: Cryogenically freeze test subjects and observe the long-term effects Fallout 4
Vault 112 Vault112.jpg Location: Smith Casey's garage, Virginia
Began November 2068
End June 2074[10]
Think Machine 3600r, Sure Power Geo-Thermal, X-Tra Sure Power Geo-Thermal[10]
Experiment vault: Put people in a virtual simulation
Occupants 85
Duration indefinite[10]
Fallout 3
Vault 114
VltSignWelcome01 114 d.png
VaultSuitNumber114dirty d.png
Vault114.jpg Location: Boston, Massachusetts Experiment vault: Only let rich people in, remove their luxury and authority, assign incompetent overseer
Occupants 120[11]
Fallout 4
Vault 118
VltSignWelcome118 01 d.png
FO4-FarHarbor-Vault118-Entrance.jpeg Location: Cliff's Edge Hotel, Mount Desert Island, Maine Experiment vault: Put 10 rich people in pristine area; put 300 poor people in dismal conditions; observe results Fallout 4

Named vaults

Name Image Location and construction Details Game
Securitron vault WC You and What Army.jpg Location: Mojave Wasteland, Nevada NA Fallout: New Vegas
Los Angeles vault Fo1 Demonstration Vault.png Location: Los Angeles, California Originally merely a demonstration vault, which actually helped people survive the Great War Fallout
Museum of Technology exhibit vault FO3 Museum of Tech interior 7.jpg Location: The Mall, Washington D.C. Merely an exhibit to advertise the vaults Fallout 3
Vault-Tec: Among the Stars - Arcturus I
Arcturus01 d.png
AmongTheStars-Entrance-NukaWorld.jpg Location: Nuka-World, Massachusetts An amusement park attraction to get people interested in buying vault resident spots Fallout 4
Vault-Tec University training vault F76 VTU Vault Atrium.png Location: Morgantown, West Virginia Neither a control or experiment vault; simply meant to teach Vault-Tec and overseers about vaults Fallout 76
The Whitespring bunker Whitespring bunker exterior.png Location: The Whitespring Resort, West Virginia Government fallout shelter to house members of the US senate to ensure continuity of government Fallout 76
Makeshift vault FO76 Makeshift Vault.png Location: Toxic Valley, West Virginia A work-in-progress vault made by Vault-Tec employees after learning the company would not allow them into other vaults Fallout 76
Vault prototype Vault prototype.png Location: Texas No original purpose known; currently used as a base for Brotherhood of Steel in Texas Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel
Secret vault Secret Vault entrance.png Location: Los, Texas Meant for Vault-Tec employees to survive Great War and help them conduct research Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel


Unused or cut Design documents and promotional
Name Game
Vault 24 Fallout: New Vegas
Vault 65 Fallout 76
Vault 74 Fallout: New Vegas
Vault 100 Fallout 3
Vault 113 Fallout 4
Vault 117 Fallout 4
Vault 120 Fallout 4
Vault 121 Fallout 4
Burkittsville vault Fallout 3
Name Source
Vault 1 Van Buren
Vault 10 The Art of Fallout 4
Vault 27 Fallout Bible
Vault 36 Fallout Bible
Vault 39 Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel 2
Vault 42 Fallout Bible
Vault 43 One Man, and a Crate of Puppets
Vault 53 Fallout Bible
Vault 55 Fallout Bible
Vault 56 Fallout Bible
Vault 68 Fallout Bible
Vault 69 One Man, and a Crate of Puppets
Vault 70 Van Buren
Vault 77 One Man, and a Crate of Puppets