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The Vault-Tec security armor and Vault-Tec security helmet are a type of armor worn by Vault security personnel in Fallout 4.


The armor consists of a bulletproof vest and shoulder pads,[Non-canon 1] and can be worn over various clothing parts including, but not limited to: Vault jumpsuits, various fatigues and harnesses.

The Vault-Tec security helmet is a separate component of this set. Just like the armor pieces and Vault jumpsuits, this helmet has a dirty and a clean variant.

When worn the armor and helmet provides 6 and 5 points respectively, to Damage Resistance.


Name Form ID
Vault security armor
Vault-Tec security armor (Vault 111 clean) 001D884F
Vault-Tec security armor (Vault 111 dirty) 000821B4
Covenant security armor 00156C0D
Vault 81 security armor (dirty) 00154F10
Vault security helmets
Vault-Tec security helmet (clean) 001D8853
Vault-Tec security helmet (dirty) 000821B6
Covenant security helmet 00156C0B



  • Both clean and dirty helmet variants share the same name and model in the inventory. Therefore, the only way to figure out which helmet is the clean/dirty one, is by equipping it.
  • The Vault 111 version was cut from the game. The asset is complete and as such, can be spawned from using the console.




  1. Fallout: The Roleplaying Game Rulebook p.135: "Consisting of a long bulletproof apron and shoulder pads, plus an accompanying shock-resistant helmet, this armor was issued in small quantities to every vault for those vault-dwellers chosen to act as security personnel. It provides modest protection and isn’t especially bulky, but it is unlikely to stand up to heavy combat, simply because vaults were expected to be controlled environments, lacking in the heavy armaments found outside."