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For the headquarters in Washington, DC, see Vault-Tec headquarters.
For the regional headquarters in Boston, see Vault-Tec Regional HQ.


The Vault-Tec headquarters in Los Angeles was the Vault-Tec Corporation's main office in California.[Non-game 1]


It was located very close to the Los Angeles Vault.[Non-game 2]


The Vault-Tec headquarters appears only in the intro sequence to Fallout 2 and its location is mentioned only in the rulebook to Fallout: The Roleplaying Game and an interview with Chris Taylor, the lead designer of Fallout, on Vault13.net. The aforementioned interview was also reprinted in the no-longer-canon Fallout Bible 3.[Non-canon 1]

Behind the scenes

The Vault-Tec headquarters slide was created by altering a still from the 1990 movie Dick Tracy.[Non-game 3]



  1. Chris Taylor interview for Vault13.net: Saint Proverbius (SP): "Which vault number was the Master's base?"
    Chris Taylor (CT): "The Master was in the Vault-Tec private vault. This was the demonstration model built for the federal government, it was also very close to the Vault-Tec headquarters."
  2. Fallout: The Roleplaying Game Rulebook p.250: "After a demo vault was opened to the public in Los Angeles, near the Vault-Tec headquarters, public enthusiasm helped fund the junk bond drive that funded the rest of construction. It was a ray of hope in a profoundly dark time. Those too far from a full vault could buy a Series 1000 shelter, a one-level subterranean mini-vault priced more reasonably for a small corporation or medium-sized community."
  3. 1990, Dick Tracy: Set Design, Cinema. The Red List.