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Vault-Tec bobbleheads are aid items in Fallout 76.


Vault-Tec bobbleheads are found throughout Appalachia. Bobbleheads were exclusive Vault-Tec merchandise available to executive-level employees of the Vault-Tec Corporation.[1] They were also offered as a gift to individuals who had been accepted into vaults.[2]


The Vault-Tec bobbleheads in Fallout 76 are not permanent, and are consumables that provide temporary effects lasting one real-world hour (two hours with Curator), and multiple copies of each bobblehead can be held. There are fixed locations for a bobblehead to potentially spawn, although the ones that do spawn are usually randomized (with few exceptions).

Most bobbleheads do not spawn at set locations. Instead, they are randomized across a set number of locations. Bobbleheads are affected by physics, so they may fall off of platforms and may not be in the exact location. Additionally, other Vault Dwellers may loot bobbleheads, preventing them from appearing.


Name Effect Form ID
Bobblehead: Strength +2 Strength for 1 hour. 0042FEE6
Bobblehead: Perception +2 Perception for 1 hour. 0042FEDC
Bobblehead: Endurance +2 Endurance for 1 hour. 004FE4EE
Bobblehead: Charisma +2 Charisma for 1 hour. 004FE4EC
Bobblehead: Intelligence +2 Intelligence for 1 hour. 004FE4F4
Bobblehead: Agility +2 Agility for 1 hour. 004FE4E3
Bobblehead: Luck +2 Luck for 1 hour. 0042FED6


Name Effect Form ID
Bobblehead: Caps Twice as likely to find better cap stashes for 1 hour. 004FE4EA
Bobblehead: Leader +5% experience for 1 hour. 0042FED2
Bobblehead: Lock Picking Increases the lockpicking "sweet spot" by 30% for 1 hour. 0042FED4
Bobblehead: Medicine +30% stimpak healing for 1 hour. 0042FED8
Bobblehead: Repair Fusion cores last 30% longer for 1 hour. 0042FEDE
Bobblehead: Science +1 guess when hacking a terminal for 1 hour. 0042FEE0
Bobblehead: Sneak +30% harder to detect while sneaking for 1 hour. 0042FEE4


Name Effect Form ID
Bobblehead: Big Guns +20% damage with heavy guns for 1 hour. 004FE4E8
Bobblehead: Energy Weapons +20% damage with energy guns for 1 hour. 004FE4F0
Bobblehead: Explosive +30% damage with explosives for 1 hour. 004FE4F2
Bobblehead: Melee +20% more damage with melee weapons for 1 hour. 0042FEDA
Bobblehead: Small Guns +20% more damage with ballistic guns for 1 hour. 0042FEE2
Bobblehead: Unarmed +25% more damage with unarmed attacks for 1 hour. 0042FEE8

Potential spawn locations[]


  • Regardless of where the bobbleheads are found, they wear Vault 76 jumpsuits.
  • Despite being created before the war, the Bobblehead: Caps holds a bottle cap.