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Vault-Tec Starter Packs are a resource in Fallout Shelter.


The Vault-Tec Starter Pack is a unique lunchbox purchasable in-game that includes a legendary dweller, 2 rare dwellers, a legendary pet, a Mister Handy, 10 Nuka-Cola Quantums, and vault resources. They can be purchased via the Fallout Shelter in-game shop.

Obtaining Vault-Tec Starter PacksEdit

The only way to obtain the starter pack is via the store.


Vault-Tec Starter Packs can be purchased from the shop, by pressing the Pip-Boy in the screen corner and navigating to the shop tab. Alternatively, clicking on the stash of caps or Quantums will bring you to the shop.

Vault-Tec Starter Packs Cost (USD) Cost (AUD)
Vault-Tec Starter Packs $4.99 $7.99


  • The player can only buy one starter pack per vault.
  • Unlike lunchboxes, the starter pack does not include junk, clothes or weapons.
    • Additionally, you cannot obtain it via quests and rewards.


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