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Welcome to Vault-Tec! Our regional representatives are pleased to assist you in all manner of vault-related requests and questions. Please use the main entrance or the basement door (Expert). Please note the views of Martin Reid do not reflect the values of Vault-Tec Corporation. Additional Note: Due to the unwanted deposit of a Mini Nuke, the restrooms are currently out of order.Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Collector's Edition p.462

Vault-Tec Regional HQ is a location in the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Boston in 2287. It once served as the regional headquarters for the Vault-Tec Corporation in the area now known as the Commonwealth.


The facility's troubles started only a few weeks before the Great War. On September 29, 2077, Martin Reid began to discover that not all was right with his employers. Spotting odd shipments of addictive drugs to Vault 95,[1] he immediately took his discovery to his boss, Frank Davidson, who noted in his personal log on October 2 that the company wouldn't do anything to harm Vault residents.[2] On October 7, Reid received word from Walter Scott that a shipment for Vault 111 was in the basement, marked "Vault 111 - DO NOT OPEN." When he opened the shipment, he discovered hundreds of gallons of liquid nitrogen. The shock from these obvious clues that all was not right at the company caused him to decide to submit his notice of resignation on October 22.

Davidson once broke a pool cue over Roger's head because he stood too close to the table when Davidson was taking his shot.[3] In his personal log, Davidson notes that when Sharon accidentally spilled coffee on his shirt on October 13, he had a burning desire to stab her in the throat with his pen.[4] He would eventually fulfill his murder fantasy around October 17,[5] and wrote on October 19 that he had the same desire to "discipline" Reid for repeatedly voicing his theories concerning the company's alleged sinister plans.[6]


The building has two entrances: an unlocked front entrance to the first floor on the northeast side, and an Expert-locked basement entrance to the southwest. The building is inhabited by feral ghouls. The front entrance leads to a reception area, with a blocked stairwell and an elevator to the right. A few small rooms down a hall to the north contain minor loot. A collapsed floor in the kitchen to the northwest serves as a ramp leading up to the second floor.

The north end of the second floor at the top of the ramp has a pair of small offices. To the east is a presentation room and Martin Reid's office, where his terminal provides some information about Vault-Tec's operations. To the south is a bullpen-style office and stairs up to the third floor.

On the third floor, to the south is an office with a hole in the floor, while a conference room is to the east. The middle of the floor features a recreation room with a pool table and another hole in the floor overlooking the first-floor reception area. To the north is Frank Davidson's large office, with his terminal and an Advanced-locked safe.

The first-floor elevator descends to the basement, a large warehouse area where Walter Scott's Novice-locked terminal and a steamer trunk are found. The Expert-locked exit door can be unlocked with the terminal.

Notable loot

  • Mini nuke - In the basement, in the toilet near the exit.
  • Three Vault-Tec lunchboxes - One is in the basement on a shelf, one is on the first floor in the kitchen, and one is on the third floor on the desk in the office to the south.
  • Fusion core - On the roof of a building northeast of Vault-Tec Regional HQ, in a generator. It can be accessed by climbing the rubble and a subsequent series of ramps and stairways in the building just north of Vault-Tec Regional HQ's front entrance, then jumping down to the roof of the building to the east.

Related quests

  • The Creation Club add-on Vault Suit Customization add 25 Vault Jumpsuits and 25 Vault Utility Jumpsuits with no numbers or decorations to the steamer trunk in the basement, the only way you can get jumpsuits with no numbers aside from modifying an existing jumpsuit.


  • In the basement, a skeleton wearing a lab coat is stuffed behind some crates in the northeast corner, most likely the remains of Sharon. Frank Davidson noted in his terminal that he would stab her with a pen if she spilled coffee on him again, and there is a pen next to the remains, while Walter Scott's terminal mentions she had been missing for a couple of days as of October 19.
  • On the third floor in the recreation room is a plastic pumpkin containing some rat poison. Despite terminal entries implying that many of the former occupants of the building seemed unaware of or shocked by the true nature of their employer, perhaps not coincidentally, the poison is near Frank Davidson's office.


Vault-Tec Regional HQ appears only in Fallout 4.