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Vault-Tec wants you to check up on some...experiments we're running in other Vaults.

Vault-Tec Experiment Review is a weekly overseer quest in Fallout Shelter.


The overseer is tasked with sending Vault dwellers into the Wasteland to explore Vaults in order to uncover the experiments Vault-Tec is performing on the inhabitants. The weapon and outfit rewards for different dialogues are usually Rare but some Legendary items have been reported. The reward may be random or it may scale based on the mission's required dweller level.


Opening dialogue Dweller response Character response Reward
You're too late, Dwellers!

This Vault is full of nothing but ghosts!
Boo! Boooooooooo!

You're not dead, you're just wearing a sheet. No, I'm a ghost! Booooooo! (nothing)
Oh no, a ghost! Uh... We're so scared! What will we do?! Muwhahaha! Take this and run, little Dwellers! 2 Nuka-Cola Quantum
Let's see if ghosts can die twice. Attack!. Ha! You can't hurt us! Wait... Ow!
Fear is the only currency in this Vault.

Tell us something scary, or risk certain doom!

Three words: Never. Ending. Deathclaws. Monstrously horrific! Here. A reward. 2 Nuka-Cola Quantum
You'll all die alone and unloved? Existentially dreadful, but not enough! Die! (attack)
Forget this. We're just going to kill you. Ha! Now that's scary! For YOU!
I am the Overseer. Behold our Vault of horrors!

We trade in fear. A scare is worth more than Caps here.
But we understand if other Vaults trade in less fearsome goods.
What can we send you back with?

Nothing scarier than overwhelming firepower. Ha ha! Here you are. Armor piercing sniper rifle OR
Rusty assault rifle OR
Rusty minigun OR
Plasma rifle OR
Rusty Gauss rifle
We need some spooky clothes. Here. One of my spare outfits. Horror fan outfit
You say you don't need Caps? We're happy to take all of them! Here. Nothing about money scares us. Caps
Any frightful crafting junk in this Vault? May you make something spooky with it. Tri-fold flag OR
Military duct tape
We've been breached!

You can't have our secrets, Dwellers.
Our precious, precious secrets.

Secrets? What secrets? Super-secret secrets, that's what! We'll never talk!
Don't worry. We'll keep your secrets. We were never even here. Yes! Now take this briefcase. This meeting never took place... 2 Nuka-Cola Quantum
We'll beat your secrets out of you! Rogue agents! Code red!
Spying is all we know. All we live for.

Give us intel on your Vault, or else!

Of course. We'll tell you everything! Excellent. You're our double-agents now! 2 Nuka-Cola Quantum
Here's some choice intel: it's underground. You think we're idiots? Get them! (attack)
No one spies on our Vault. Attack! Contact! Kill everyone!
Hello, fellow Dwellers.

I'm the Overseer and Master Spy for this Vault.
Secrets are our trade! But we're happy to give you goods.
What can we send you back with?

Surely you have a secret doomsday weapon you can share? All I have is this, but you're welcome to it. Tuned plasma rifle OR
Enhanced sniper rifle OR
Armor piercing hunting rifle
How about some spiffy spy clothes? This is our uniform. Take one. Agent provocateur
Forget secrets. We only trade in bottlecaps. Fine. Take all you need.
We have some secret crafting projects we need junk for. I like it. Here you are. Giddyup Buttercup OR
Military duct tape
Zounds! Adventurers from some distant land!

Have you come to trade with our fair kingdom?
Or is your goal honorable combat?

You're all ridiculous. Such odd manners of speech! Off with you. (attack)
Huzzah! We are here to trade with you, good knights! Here is the bounty from our last quest. 2 Nuka-Cola Quantum
Face our blades... er... guns! Attack! Have at thee! (attack)
The Code of Chivalry rules here.

Honesty, bravery, and hospitality are our laws.
Do you swear to uphold these virtues while in our castle?

By our honor, we so swear! We dub thee: Knights of the Realm! 2 Nuka-Cola Quantum
News flash: you're in a Vault, not a castle! What nonsense! Away with thee! (attack)
We got your Chivalry right here! Get them! To arms! (attack)
You may bow before the king!

My land is generous, and noble.
You may but name what you seek, and we shall provide it!

We seek weapons to protect our kingdom! And you shall have them. Random weapon depending on quest level
We dig the knight outfits. Can we have one? May this armor protect you from harm. Knight armor
Got any cash, king? The treasures of our land are yours.
Any crafting junk in this land of yours? Our blacksmiths may have something of interest. Here.
Gary? Gary! What's wrong with you? Gary! Gary!
Uh... Gary? Gary, Gary? Gary! 2 Nuka-Cola Quantum
No one calls us Gary! Attack! Gary!
Gary! Gary Gary Gary! We know the answer to this. It's Gary. Gary! 2 Nuka-Cola Quantum
Say something else! Gary!
That's it. You're all dead. Gary!
Gary! Gary Gary!

(He points to a stash of items. Gifts?)

Uh... We'll take the weapon. Gary! Random weapon depending on quest level, including laser rifle and minigun.
That outfit looks nice. Gary! X-01 Mk VI power armor (Fallout Shelter) OR
Greaser outfit
We're all about that sack of bottlecaps. Gary!
That junk looks useful for crafting. Gary!
Place your bets! Place your bets!

Red or black?

Red? Sorry, you lose. Better luck next time!
Black. You're a winner! 2 Nuka-Cola Quantum
We bet on... Death! Kill them! The bets are off and the fix is in!
This Vault is devoted to nothing but Lady Luck herself!

I'm going to draw a card. Guess it right and win a prize!
Guess it wrong... and we just might have to kill you.

Queen of Hearts? Always your best bet! You win. 2 Nuka-Cola Quantum
Ace of spades? Loser!
How about we kill you first? Attack! Looks like the house loses!
What are the odds? Fellow Dwellers!

I'm the Overseer here. Lady Luck is always on my side!
Turns out she's also on your side!
You get one prize of your choice.

We like backing up our luck with weaponry. Critical hit! Rusty railway rifle OR
Enhanced shotgun OR
Enhanced Gauss rifle (lvl 50 party requirement)
We'll roll our fortunes on new clothes. Take my lucky suit! Fancy formal wear
We'll take home our winnings in Caps. Let's cash you out.
We'll take that junk in the prize window. Hey, glad someone finally wants it! Gold watch OR
Yao guai hide OR
Military duct tape
Step into the ring, Dwellers!

Behold our signature move, the Radscorpion Hold!
Let's see your counter-move!

We prefer boxing to wrestling. Sorry. What kind of talk is that? Out of the ring!
You'll never defeat... The Deathclaw Dive! Oh no! Such an awesome move! We're done for! 2 Nuka-Cola Quantum
Our counter-move is we kill all of you! No holds barred!
All disputes in this Vault are solved by wrestling!

You want to stay, you need an awesome wrestling name!

We are... The Vault Vigilantes! A fearsome name to shake the ring for years to come! 2 Nuka-Cola Quantum
Our team name is... The Only Ones Who Aren't Idiots. Mocking the ring? Time to knock you down for the count!
This is dumb, and we're going to murder you. Time to clean up your act!
I am the undisputed Heavy Weight Champion!

As Overseer of this Vault, the people look to me!
And I am here to give back to all wrestling fans!

Got any weapons we can take? Weapons are banned in the ring... But yeah, of course! Enhanced shotgun OR
Hardened Gauss rifle
How about a wrestler outfit of our very own? Oh yeah! Wrestler outfit
Care to share some Caps? Here. From my last match.
You guys don't have any junk for crafting, do you? As it so happens, I have this. It's yours!

Quest stages

1 Travel
2Quest finishedTalk to the Vault Dwellers.

Behind the scenes


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