The Vault-Tec Agricultural Research Center is a location in the Forest region of Appalachia in 2102.


A pre-War facility established to experiment with crop automation and fertilization, the Agricultural Center was one of the major landmarks in the small town of Flatwoods. The fleet of Mr Farmhands (customized Mr Handy robots) would automatically take care of crops, fertilizing them, planting seeds, and collecting the harvest with barely any need for human oversight. While the Great War put the facility offline, it was reactivated by McFadden and restored to operation - somewhat. McFadden was no robot technician and so didn't have a lot of ideas on how to manage the fleet beyond simply reactivating them with help from the Responders. He continued his work, but his lack of technical skill culminated in the Farmhands going rogue and Handy overseers turning the robots loose on anyone who breached the perimeter.[1]


When you enter the building you enter a large room with a staircase leading to the second floor and a hallway as well as a set of double doors leading to another hallway filled with rooms. On the first floor you will find a men's and women's bathroom off the main room, down the hallway there is a locker room, two rooms that appears to be hydroponics labs, and a closet. In the basement there is a large room with a small storage room leading off of it. On the second floor there is an office with a terminal and a wall safe in it, a locked door leading to an second office with a laser pistol in it as well a bed roll. After that room there is another office with a closet and finally there is a meeting room off the main atrium on the second floor.

Notable lootEdit

  • Overseer's journal, entry 1 - Found in the research center, on the front counter.
  • Note to Mac - On a desk in the basement, unable to 'take'.
  • Note to Marge - Found on a desk next to a terminal on the second floor.
  • Four Vault-Tec bobbleheads:
    • One in a urinal on the ground floor.
  • Harvesting directive - Note, found on a Mr. Farmhand and reaper bot during the event Fertile Soil. [verification needed]
  • Two random magazines
    • On the upper floor, in the same room as MacFadden's terminal. It is sitting on a cardboard box next to the sleeping bag.
    • On the upper floor, inside the office room, next to the north-facing broken terminal which is near a door with a blue atomic painting leaning against the wall.
  • Giant Teapot advertisement - Can be found in the first room after going up the stairs to the second floor.

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The Vault-Tec Agricultural Research Center appears only in Fallout 76.