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The Vault-Tec Agricultural Research Center is a location in the Forest region of Appalachia.[1]


A pre-War facility established to experiment with crop automation and fertilization, the Agricultural Center was one of the major landmarks in the small town of Flatwoods. The fleet of Mr. Farmhands (customized Mr. Handy robots) would automatically take care of crops, fertilizing them, planting seeds, and collecting the harvest with barely any need for human oversight. While the Great War put the facility offline, it was reactivated and restored to partial operation by MacFadden in a bid to aid starving survivors. MacFadden had no technical expertise and was unable to achieve much beyond simply reactivating the robots, with help from the Responders. He continued his work, but his lack of skill culminated in the Farmhands going rogue and Handy overseers turning the robots loose on anyone who breached the facility's perimeter.[2]


The Vault-Tec Agricultural Research Center consists of the main building with surrounding sheds and greenhouses that no longer house any plant life.

The main building can be accessed either via doors in the greenhouses behind the building, the main front door, or a door on the roof of the building (the roof can be accessed from the outside via a set of fire stairs). It has three floors including a basement. The first floor contains locker rooms, bathrooms, a few hydroponics labs (one contains a chemistry station) and a reception area. One of the overseer's journal holotapes can be found on the reception desk.

The second floor contains multiple offices, one of which contains MacFadden's terminal and a locked (Picklock 0) wall safe. One of the offices on this floor is locked (Picklock 0) and contains a bedroll and laser gun. There is also a meeting room off the main atrium.

There is a skeleton wearing a lab coat and holding a box of rat poison under the stairs leading to the basement. The Agricultural Mainframe terminal can be found here. One of the basement rooms is partially flooded and contains a chemistry station and planters, some of which still have plants growing in them. There is also a locked fertilizer storage container in this room which can be accessed using a terminal. It contains raw fertilizer.

The three greenhouses behind the facility are largely identical. All of them contain farming materials such as garden gnomes, flower pots, and bags of fertilizer as well as a locked (Picklock 0) fertilizer storage container. A few tarberries grow in the pools of dirty water near the greenhouses.

Notable loot

  • Overseer's journal, entry 1 - Holotape, found in the research center, on the front counter.
  • Giant Teapot advertisement - Note, found in the first room after going up the stairs to the second floor.
  • Note to Mac - Note, on a desk in the basement, unable to "take."
  • Note to Marge - Note, found on a desk next to a terminal on the second floor.
  • Harvesting directive - Note, found on a Mr. Farmhand and reaper bot during the Fertile Soil event. [verification needed]
  • Four potential Vault-Tec bobbleheads:
    • On the first floor, inside the men's restroom, in a urinal.
    • In the western corner of the hydroponics room, inside one of the three refrigerators near the locker room.
    • Upstairs in the office to the southeast of the back stairs, in a filing cabinet drawer on the ground, near an office desk fan.
    • In a dry section of the basement laboratory, near an empty filing cabinet, on the corner of the metal desk with the destroyed terminal.
  • Four potential magazines:
    • On the second floor, in the same room as MacFadden's terminal. It is sitting on a cardboard box next to the sleeping bag.
    • On the second floor, inside the office room, next to the broken terminal in the north-east corner of the room, which is near a blue atomic painting leaning against the wall.
    • On the second floor, on the shelf in the northwest corner of the small storage room (blue wallpaper), between the ruined conference room (hole in the wall) and the filing room (across the hallway), on a lower metal shelf near an open footlocker underneath.
    • Inside the basement, in the northwest corner, within a side room with metal shelves, sitting on the right corner of a planter table.

Related quests


The Vault-Tec Agricultural Research Center appears only in Fallout 76.



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    On the southern outskirts of Flatwoods is a cluster of lowrise rusting structures: a curved storage building with two others on the road's north side and the main center with two connected exterior greenhouses. Check under the road bridge for additional items.
    Reach the Center's interior via the main foyer doors, the roadside doors, a side door, or the roof. Access the basement via the easily overlooked stairwell; here you find the Agricultural Center Mainframe, a computer you must access during the event."
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