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To be a vampire is a life commitment. It is not achieved by my words, it is something you earn by your own will and sincere meditation.

Vance (born 2236) is the leader of a group of 'vampires' called the Family in 2277.


Vance is 41 and the leader of the Family. When he was younger, he decided that life in Rivet City was not for him and began to wander the wasteland. Soon, the ability to find others of his kind manifested itself. Over time, he gathered these outcasts and founded their home in Meresti. Using his traits as a basis and wanting to establish some sort of society, he molded the residents into "vampires" and taught them his bloodsucking ways.

He is a fair leader and has never demanded anyone do anything they did not wish to do, nor does he wish to put anyone in harm's way. He sees himself as a leader, but more in the way of a guide or a priest than a king. He addresses the residents of Meresti often so they will never "stray from their true nature" - that of the vampire. Vance is not violent and only attacks or orders attacks when survival demands it.[1]


Vance has a very high amount of hit points, being significantly tougher than a standard human non-player character. His durability is slightly less than that of a joinable non-player character companion and (with his armor), slightly more than that of a super mutant brute. His weapon of choice is the Shishkebab. Combat with him can be difficult, if the player character chooses to deal with the Family violently.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character starts quests.
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This character is involved in quests.
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This character drops an ear when killed (Contract Killer).


  • Blood Ties: Lucy West in Megaton has not heard from her brother Ian West in a while and asks the Lone Wanderer to go to his home in Arefu to investigate. When one arrives, they discover Ian missing and their parents savagely murdered in their home. Evan King, the de facto leader of the small town, also asks the Lone Wanderer to find out what's happened to Ian. Unbeknownst to everyone, he has been adopted into the Family by its leader, Vance. To discover Ian, Vance, the Family, and the rest of their story, travel to their underground headquarters located in the Meresti trainyard.
  • I Want to Drink Your Blood: After completing Blood Ties, one has the option of donating blood packs to the Family.

Effects of player's actions

  • If he is convinced to accept blood packs from Arefu one can then give him blood packs for caps.
  • To gain positive Karma and friendship with the Family, one can make a deal with Vance by having the citizens of Arefu donate the Family a periodic supply of blood packs to keep them sustained and to ensure they no longer harass the town.
  • Upon completing Blood Ties, Vance awards the player his copy of the Shishkebab schematics, no matter what dialogue options were chosen.
  • Vance is the only source of the Hematophage perk which causes blood pack to yield 20 HP each rather than the normal 1 HP. Return to Meresti trainyard and talk to Vance after completing Blood Ties and getting Evan King to accept Vance's deal on behalf of the people of Arefu.


Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Vance's longcoat outfit Shishkebab Vance's sword cabinet key


  • He is able to smoke with the Shishkebab's oven mitt on (the cigarette passes through it).
  • Vance is also wearing the unique item Vance's longcoat outfit, but one will have to kill him or reverse-pickpocket better armor into his inventory in order to take it.
  • Vance's overcoat is identical in appearance to the Regulator duster.
  • Vance owns Vampire's Edge although it's not on his person. It is in a locked (hard difficulty) sword cabinet in his room. Vance has the key to the cabinet on his person, so one can either pickpocket the key to open the cabinet, pick the lock, or kill him.
  • If the residents of Arefu are attacked or killed after completion of Blood Ties, Vance, along with the rest of the Family, will instantly become hostile.
  • Vance is the only known non-player character to have a Shishkebab equipped on his person without having picked it up somewhere.
  • One of his audio files is a glitch, causing him to stutter when welcoming the player character to Meresti.
  • Despite appearing rather intelligent and being able to sway quite a few followers to his cause, his Intelligence and Charisma are both only 3.
  • The player can overhear a conversation between Vance and Holly where Vance expresses his doubts and concerns over his ability to control and lead the Family.
  • After getting Ian back to Arefu, it is possible to overhear Vance and Justin still talk about Ian in the meditation area as they would before he left.
  • While Vance's Karma is neutral he will drop an ear when killed.

Notable quotes

  • "My people call me Vance. I lead this group of weary travelers and outcasts who need a home."
  • "To be a vampire is a life commitment. It is not achieved by my words, it is something you earn by your own will and sincere meditation."
  • "What does it mean? Allow me to simplify it for you since you are obviously of limited intellect. Men of science would call us cannibals, eaters of human flesh. Society labels us as monsters, demons and the unclean. I led my flock beneath the sun-baked sands of the Wasteland to keep them safe and teach them my ways."


Vance appears only in Fallout 3.