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Standard issue is your run-of-the-mill combat armor, with a nice dark coat of paint for both brand recognition and sheer intimidation value.Simon

The Van Graff combat armor is a piece of armor in Fallout: New Vegas.


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Combat armors were designed to provide balanced protection without limiting user mobility. They are a diverse family of personal body armor with varying degrees of sophistication, ranging from the earliest iterations developed by the United States Army[1] to the cutting-edge riot gears that came into use prior to the Great War.[2]


The Van Graff combat armor has a Damage Threshold of 16. It is colored matte black for "brand recognition purposes," but has no matching black helmet. It can be repaired with other combat armor, but it can not be repaired with other combat armor variants.



The armor is given to the player character at the Silver Rush during the quest Birds of a Feather. Once the first part of the quest is finished, the armor is returned. However, one can still acquire the armor with the methods below and it will not be marked as a quest item.

  • One can get it at any time in the trunk on the entrance of the Silver Rush (the trunk might be empty with patch
  • At the end of the Birds of a Feather quest.
  • If the player character lets the Silver Rush explode in the quest Birds of a Feather, one can simply keep the armor given at the beginning of this quest.
  • This armor is also obtainable by killing the Van Graffs during the Birds of a Feather quest.


  • While the Birds of a Feather quest is active, the armor is marked as a quest item and cannot be dropped if stolen from the crate outside of the Silver Rush. Upon completion or failure of the quest (by killing the Van Graffs during Heartache by the Number, for example) the armor will be available to drop or sell.
  • The armor is weightless while it is a quest item (despite being marked as weighing 25 in your Pip-Boy), and is, therefore, a useful item for any character, as it offers good protection and leaves ample space for carrying loot.
  • Player characters simply looking for black-colored combat armor can find it on a Van Graff thug's corpse at Durable Dunn's sacked caravan. The suit is simply labeled "combat armor" (without the Van Graff identifier) and is statistically identical to standard combat armor.
  • This armor is identical to the Rivet City security uniform in Fallout 3.
  • This armor has a script attached to it in the GECK; however, the script is blank aside from the name.
  • Before Dead Money is installed, the crate containing the armor is locked under a Very Easy lock, but when Dead Money is installed, a patch is uploaded that raises the difficulty of the lock from Very Easy to Hard.
  • If one has not completed Birds of a Feather, the armor can be taken into Dead Money.
  • Should Simon be hostile to the Courier while guarding the door, if one loots him after his death, his Van Graff combat armor will be labeled as regular combat armor but will be painted black.


  1. The Army helmet is presented in the game as an older type of helmet, issued to uniformed troops who do not use the standard set of combat armor: Clearly visible in the tutorial segment and later on countless dead bodies throughout the Commonwealth
  2. Riot gear variants available in Lonesome Road.