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This page lists all vehicles in Van Buren, the canceled Fallout 3 by Black Isle Studios.

General information[]

The following vehicles were planned for inclusion in Van Buren. With the exception of rockets, they would have been drivable.


Vehicle Image Description
Armored truck The armored truck is Eddie Galenski's preferred method of travel in 2253. A trucker by trade, Eddie traveled from Hoover Dam with Agnes, Goddard and a large group to the Boulder Dome around 2250.[1] Once the player established trade with Denver, Galenski and his truck would disappear off the map for about a week once a month as he made a trading run. It could be acquired after killing Eddie. If salvaged, it would be unsuited for off-road travel. If one forced it to go off-road, its tires and suspension would be ruined and the vehicle immobilized, becoming a landmark/base but no longer a vehicle. The only travel possible would be from Boulder to Denver.[2]
Boudicca-78/S VB concept art moto
VB Motorcycle CA
A reliable modern motorcycle before the Great War. The bike's 78 HP engine runs off of small energy cells and has a small amount of storage space on the back of the sidecar. The motorcycle is dusty black with paint fading and chipped everywhere. The motorcycle will take three passengers, total. If the PC has more members in their party, characters must be ejected before the bike can be used. The motorcycle can travel on the following terrain types: Road, Desert, Forest, Hills.
Buggy Van Buren buggy A vehicle intended to be encountered in the Southwest United States. An upgradeable one from the buggy seen in Fallout Tactics was meant to appear in the game. It was meant to be of moderate speed and small cargo and passenger space, but be able to traverse terrain other vehicles could not.
Hermes-14 VB DD15 veh Hermes-13 Hermes-14, and its sister rocket Hermes-XIII, were planned to be the latest manned mission to Mars, with an expected launch date of summer 2078. However, as the war with China intensified, Enclave agents seized control of the space center and tried to retrofit the rockets for travel to B.O.M.B. 002 and another planet, where the American way of life would be preserved. The mission: have the crew deliver and install the bases' main power reactors, manually enter final launch instructions, manual check for safety nets and protocols, and do a manual inspection of the station. However, the bombs dropped sooner than expected, and both parties were forced to pull out of the space center, either due to lack of supplies or motivation. The Enclave would need to retake the planet, and the Department of Defense would need to worry about whether they got into the Enclave vaults. Unlike the air-worthy Hermes-XIII, Hermes-14 will never fly off the ground. The Prisoner cannot interact with the rocket.

Hermes-XIII F3Shuttle Hermes XIII was the name of the Mars mission planned to take USSA astronauts from the Bloomfield Space Center, in 2073. It's also used to refer to the shuttle itself. However, as nuclear proliferation reached an all-time high, the U.S. government completed a space station/satellite that housed two-dozen nuclear missiles each carrying four warheads as a reaction to possible nuclear threats, named the Ballistic Orbital Missile Base, or the B.O.M.B.-001. It was considered the ultimate offensive weapon. The only things missing were the main power reactor and launch instructions and codes.

However, since all other space and rocket facilities already used up their resources constructing the missiles for the station, and launching the cargo rockets to carry them to the base, the U.S. needed to scramble to get the much-needed codes and a power reactor to the station. Their answer was to convert the Mars rocket into the vehicle that would carry the codes and reactor to the base. The conversion started in 2074.

In August 2076, the Hermes XIII space rocket was completed and ready to launch at Bloomfield. Unfortunately, by October 2076, funding for the rocket and Bloomfield had to be drastically cut and diverted to vault technology, thanks in large part to the rising world tensions and imminent threat of nuclear war – the launch of Hermes XIII had to be put on hold. All personnel, except for a skeleton maintenance crew, were reassigned to other locations. Bloomfield, B.O.M.B.-001, and Hermes XIII were essentially mothballed. In November 2076, the Enclave seized control of Bloomfield Space Center. They knew the nuclear war was just around the corner, so they tried to refit the Hermes XIII and convert it into a vehicle that would take selected personnel (mainly themselves) off-planet. The Enclave could not see their goals to fruition, as the Great War happened less than a year later. All were either relocated to "hot-spots" or took cover away from Bloomfield. The last people to leave shut down the sub-reactor to Bloomfield and abandoned the facility, leaving Hermes XIII and Bloomfield to brave the elements.

Mobile science lab VB trailer A fully equipped science lab, packed into a small trailer. Useful for those wishing to conduct experiments while mobile.
Police car VB Cop Car A pre-War police cruiser, that the Prisoner could use as transportation.
Road tractor VB Truck and trailer A road tractor is a high-powered truck designed to pull trailers; the mobile science lab can be attached to it.
Train Circle Junction The locomotive system in the southwest played just as an important part in the transport of people and goods as it did before the Great War, albeit on a smaller scale. Some tribal denizens have little to no knowledge or experience of trains, the Jackals in Boulder for example will gather at the station and investigate the trains trying to figure out what they are and what they mean. Recent endeavors to create new railway links have been pioneered by the New California Republic to transport resources, citizens, and prisoners. The Prisoner can acquire their own train by repairing the one at Denver. Another train named John Henry is found at Tibbets. The General is Victor Presper's personal train, rigged to explode when tampered with. El Loco is one of the trains stationed at Tibbets, used by ARGOS to chase Presper's party, derailed in Circle Junction.

Train stations[]

The stations are where the Prisoner will arrive if he has used a train to travel to the respective location.

Station Image Description
Boulder Train Station VB DD03 map Boulder flowchart A wrecked train station with an intact line of tracks leading to the south.[3] During the Prisoner's first visit to Boulder an NCR train will be here dropping off people as close to Bloomfield as they dare go. The train can be found on an unused spur on the track on a second visit, but only with a high Luck, otherwise it has moved on. Presper's train, "the General," can also be found here on the Prisoner's first visit.

The train station is infested with Jackals who are trying to figure out what the trains are, and how they got there. If the player character enters Boulder with their own personal train, they will become hostile and attack. Although, the station itself is pretty big, most of the lines leading in and out of the station are unusable because of debris blockage. From here, the player character can access the Jackal camp, the secret tunnel entrance, or the west quarantine center of the dome. The preferable way to go is the trail leading directly to the dome, as the Jackals will attack the player character if they enter their camp, and the secret entrance is initially hard to find.

It has a radio detonator rigged up to explosives on the train, it is difficult to diffuse[4] and an unsuccessful attempt results in the train exploding, causing damage to nearby creatures and people (the trains world object would become a wreck and pieces scattered across the station).[4][5]

Denver Union Station VB DD02 map Union Station 1 It needs some repairs but there is nothing too serious stopping it becoming operational. One can fix Union Station for civilian use,[6] and may even be able to salvage enough parts to restore a train to working condition, if unable to do that a hand car can be made instead. Once open to civilian use, there will need to be security here to protect them from nearby dogs and raiders. If the rail connection is fixed all the way to NCR and trade is established with them, they'll post a small military squad at the station.[7]
Jericho Union Station VB DD10 map Union Station A large, decaying multi-room train station which has fallen into disrepair. It has a large dry fountain and a parking lot. The tracks are stable enough to support a train and if the Prisoner has managed to get his own train it will be found here upon using it to travel to Jericho.[8][9][10][11]
New Canaan Union Station VB DD10b map New Canaan Union Station This station is unused, but in a usable state, so the Prisoner can use it to travel to New Canaan quickly. The tracks skirt the edge of New Canaan and it is the main visual feature of the local map, the station entrance is also where the Prisoner's car will be parked if they used it to travel to New Canaan.[12]
Nursery Factory automated trains VB DD08 map Factory Central to the distribution center is a small train station with a side rail. Currently the side rail holds a flatbed car with a semi-truck upon it. The main rail holds a locomotive with a boxcar attached. The distribution center also acts as a warehouse for finished products and the parts required for their manufacture. From the lower level the Prisoner can get the train system functional. Once power is restored to the factory the trains will start to recharge their power sources. However, the sealed doors will not open due to damage. The Prisoner will need to patch power to the door locks to get them to open.[13] This station also has a functioning rotating train platform.[14] When the train is fixed there would have been a short movie showing the train powering up, the secure door to the tunnel opening, and the train pulling out of the station through it.[15] To get production up to maximum efficiency, the rail system needs to be up and running.[16]