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Name Locations
215 Rail Line Powder Gang New Canaan
3-Some Caravan Hoover Dam
Blackfoot Arizona
Boulder scientists Arizona
Brotherhood of Steel Maxson bunker
Caesar's Legion American Southwest
Circle of Steel Burham Springs
Crimson Caravan Hoover Dam
Daughters of Hecate Ouroboros
Followers of the Apocalypse American Southwest
Iron Rivers Circle Junction
Jackals American Southwest
New California Rangers
New California Republic
Powder Gangers
Raiders American Southwest
Salvagers Denver
Scaven Pickers Reservation
Reservation Trading Post
Twisted Hairs Arizona
Van Graffs
Vipers Ouroboros


Name Information
Hands of God Jeremiah Rigdon had a vision in which God commanded him to wipe Jericho off the face of the earth so that the Mormons could rise again. The Mormons regrouped, and the Hands of God began raiding Jericho's water caravans, weakening the town in preparation for the day of reckoning.[1]