Vans are a type of vehicle in Fallout 4 and Fallout 76.


Before the War, they were used for goods transport, with prominent users being Vault-Tec and Lobster Grill, as well as being used by medical facilities as ambulances.

Various vans on Mount Desert Island, most of them bearing the defunct Lobster Grill's logo, have been taken up as residences by mutated giant hermit crabs that use the vehicles as shells.


A large van with an unknown power source, multiple doors, and is not exclusive to one company's use.


They are commonly found on streets throughout the Commonwealth, the Island and Appalachia. Some of the vans on the Island may house hermit crabs.


  • At some hospitals around the Commonwealth, there are dead patients in the back. This would look to be impossible due to the van's low doors at the rear. The patient on the gurney would hit the top of the van's doors.
  • Mere minutes before the bombs fell on Boston, the Vault-Tec rep parked one in front of The House of Tomorrow, the Sole Survivor's home at the time.


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