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Ha, no bigger trap for tourists and teenagers than a Pre-War shopping center. Why visit a historic landmark when you can browse the Men's Wear section at Big Steve's Sporting Goods? No, I'm kidding. I love malls. It's like a junkyard, with more organization.Sam Nguyen

Valley Galleria is a location in the Mire region of Appalachia.


The Valley Galleria was a pre-War shopping center, located on Highway 65 in Appalachia. It served the nearby communities of Harpers Ferry and Berkeley Springs, as well as Watoga, though to a lesser extent. The Galleria had three anchor tenants - Valley's Boutique, Big Steve's Sporting Goods, and DeMarco-Boyle Housewares. Additional stores and several eateries were also present, such as the Little Italy pizza and pasta restaurant, the Grey & Gould Jewelry Designs and Repair store, a toy store, books, and stationery store, an electronics store, and even a small dive bar. On the day of the Great War, a piano recital was scheduled in addition to a showing of the Cherry Bomb. Outside, the parking lot is cornered by a Red Rocket fueling station and auto garage and a diner at the end of the mall.

After the war, the Galleria became a haven for ghouls in Appalachia, referred to by survivors as "the Changed."[1] Led by Lucy Harwick, the ghouls sheltering in the Galleria welcomed others like them to travel there and be accepted with "open arms, and more importantly, open hearts."[2] Some time after this, the mall was abandoned by the ghouls, leaving only ferals behind, becoming a prison[3][4] and grave for Jacob Lerner,[5] who was on a mission to find some particular flowers for Free States doctor Ella Ames.[6]


The galleria is L-shaped and has two floors, accessible from different stairs across the building. The ground floor is a large plaza consisting of shops, tables, little stages, a piano, trees, and a fountain. The second floor is smaller and has a variety of accessible shops.

The mall has some sporadic loot both notable and junk, a few locked safes and a parking lot full of volatile nuclear vehicles. Inside the Red Rocket fueling station, there is a weapons workbench and a stash box. A steamer trunk is located upstairs in the northwestern end, in the Valley's Boutique store. A random encounter can spawn in the small clearing next to the Red Rocket, right of the area where the player spawns in when fast traveling to the location.

Notable loot

  • Jacob's holotape 1 - On the counter of a kitchen area to the south of the restrooms on the ground floor.
  • Jacob's holotape 2 - Behind the counter of the book and stationery store (upstairs), near a duffle bag.
  • Jacob's holotape 3 - On a kitchen counter in the housewares store (ground floor).
  • Jacob's holotape 4 - On Jacob Lerner's corpse, in the southern part of the parking lot near a van.
  • Lucy's journal - Note, in the clothing shop on a table next to a trunk.
  • C.H. Monthly, January - Note, in the restaurant across from the Red Rocket station, inside the restaurant's restroom, tacked to a wall.
  • Three potential Vault-Tec bobbleheads:
    • Upstairs in Big Steve's Sporting Goods, above the wall safe, in a display case.
    • Upstairs in the northwestern corner of the Galleria, between the tree and the trash can, on a wheelchair. Above a piano on the ground floor.
    • Inside Valley's Boutique, in the corridor with the locked changing rooms, on the long metal light fixture.
  • Two potential magazines:
    • On the ground level, on the east side of the food court, near the support pillar and green trash can, below the plastic pumpkin on the booth diner table.
    • Upstairs on the south side of the Galleria, in the housewares furniture store, on the formal dining table.
  • Potential recipe - Can spawn on the counter of an interior ground floor kitchen, east-northeast of the restrooms.

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Valley Galleria appears only in Fallout 76.