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Keep it up, Dad, and you'll NEED a wrench to get my boot out of your ass.

Valerie is the brown headed child of Vic the trader, working at Vault City's maintenance center in 2241. She is dressed in brown fatigues and metal armor.[2]


She works as the town's primary repairwoman. Unlike most citizens, she is not a bigot, instead displaying an attitude and short temper, more often than not leading to conflicts with other citizens, in particular those responsible for supplying her workshop. She seems to not have a particular focus, just repairs whatever needs fixing in the city, from laser turret parts through terminal elements to firearms.[3]

Her father, Vic, conceived her with a Vault City citizen in 2221, when he arrived in the city on one of the caravans.[1] In the following years, he visited her on and off, until he stopped coming in 2236.[1] The benefit of being born of a citizen was that Valerie automatically became a citizen herself. Her mother died sometime between 2239[4] and 2241 of radiation poisoning due to drinking unfiltered water from the courtyard well. When meeting her dad, Vic (once he returns with the Chosen One), she jokes that her mother died of 'brain fever' out in the wastes searching for him.[5]

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

Icon quest starter.png
This character starts quests.
40 Weaponsmith.png
This character can modify weapons.



Other interactions

  • Speaking to her with Vic in company will make them eventually get into an argument until the Chosen One stops it. They can then ask her to give Vic a chance (happens only on the next day as she says she "needs some time").

Weapon modifications

As the city mechanic, Valerie also upgrades weapons; the following are available (values after the slash apply if the player character has at least 6 Charisma or a Barter skill above 75):

Base Weapon Upgrade Type Cost
Cattle prod Increased electrical discharge,
Increased damage
Desert Eagle .44 Expanded magazine,
+12 magazine capacity
.44 Magnum revolver Speed loader,
Reload time halved
AK-112 assault rifle Assault rifle (exp. mag.),
+76 magazine capacity
FN FAL Low-light scope,
Increased nighttime accuracy


Apparel Weapon Other items
Metal armor Sledgehammer
Super tool kit* x4

* After given a super tool kit after finishing her quest.


Valerie appears only in Fallout 2.



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  5. Valerie: "{262}{}{Dad?!}"
    {263}{}{2 Seconds}
    Vic: "{264}{}{Valerie?! Honey, is that you?}"
    • {265}{}{2 Seconds}
      Valerie: "{266}{}{Where the hell have you been?! Still running around the wastes, selling shiny junk to tribals?}"
      {267}{}{4 Seconds}
      Vic: "{268}{}{Uh, heh-heh... ignore her, Boss, she doesn't know what she's saying... Val, honey... you see, there were slavers and...}"
      {269}{}{4 Seconds}
      Valerie: "{270}{}{Cut the crap, Dad. Are you STILL calling everybody you meet "Boss?" I always hated that about you.}"
      {271}{}{4 Seconds}
      Vic: "{272}{}{Valerie, honey, please... let me explain... you see...}
      {273}{}{2 Seconds, then Fade Out}
      Vic: "{274}{}{... and that's how we got out of the Den.}"
      {275}{}{2 Seconds}
      Valerie: "{276}{}{What a load of brahmin crap.}"
      {277}{}{2 Seconds}
      Vic: "{278}{}{It's the truth!}
      {279}{}{2 Seconds}
      Valerie: "{280}{}{Don't you start. I'm glad Mom isn't here to hear this.}"
      {281}{}{2 Seconds}
      Vic: "{282}{}{What? What happened to your mother?}"
      {283}{}{2 Seconds}
      Valerie: "{284}{}{Brain fever. Caught it out on the wastes. Probably looking for YOU.}"
      {285}{}{2 Seconds}
      Vic: "{286}{}{Oh. I... uh... I'm sorry, Val.}"
      {287}{}{2 Seconds}
      Valerie: "{288}{}{I'm just kidding.}"
      {289}{}{2 Seconds}
      Vic: "{290}{}{Wh -?!}"
      {291}{}{2 Seconds}
      Valerie: "{292}{}{She actually died of radiation poisoning. She drank some of the unfiltered water from the courtyard well.}"
      {293}{}{4 Seconds}
      Vic: "{294}{}{Wha... what?!}"
      {295}{}{2 Seconds}
      Valerie: "{296}{}{Wasn't your fault. She had too many rads running through her system for Dr. Troy to save her. She was glowing like a lamp.}"
      {297}{}{2 Seconds}
      Vic: "{298}{}{Oh. I... well, I...}"
      {299}{}{2 Seconds}
      Valerie: "{300}{}{Don't worry. She was pretty batty before that, anyway. It was only a matter of time.}"
      {301}{}{3 Seconds}
      Vic: "{302}{}{I'm still sorry I didn't get a chance to see her again.}"
      {303}{}{2 Seconds}
      Valerie: "{304}{}{No, you aren't. You used to call her the 'desert viper,' didn't you?}"
      {305}{}{2 Seconds}
      Vic: "{306}{}{Well... yes. But you shouldn't call your mother th--}"
      {307}{}{2 Seconds}
      Valerie: "{308}{}{Why not? It was true. She could be an awful bitch when she wanted to be.}"
      {309}{}{3 Seconds}
      Vic: "{310}{}{Uh... you look like you've done well for yourself. Inherited your father's knack for repairing stuff, it seems.}"
      {311}{}{4 Seconds}
      Valerie: "{312}{}{Dad... you can barely tie your shoelaces, much less repair anything with moving parts.}"
      {313}{}{3 Seconds}
      Vic: "{314}{}{Wh-?! The devil you say!}"
      {315}{}{2 Seconds}
      Valerie: "{316}{}{Let's ask your "boss."}"
      {317}{}{2 Seconds}
      The Chosen One: "{318}{}{Well... he can fix radios. And stuff.}"
      {320}{}{2 Seconds}
      Valerie: "{321}{}{If you give him ALL the parts, right?}"
      The Chosen One: "{324}{}{Well, yes.}"
      {326}{}{2 Seconds}
      Valerie: "{327}{}{Ha! I knew it. Sloppy, sloppy.}"
      Valerie: "{328}{}{Your "boss" is probably better at fixing things than you are.}"
      {329}{}{2 Seconds}
      Vic: "{330}{}{Well, Val, last I saw you, you could barely tell a lug nut from a wrench.}"
      {331}{}{2 Seconds}
      Valerie: "{332}{}{Keep it up, Dad, and you'll NEED a wrench to get my boot out of your ass.}"
      {333}{}{2 Seconds}
      Valerie: "{334}{}{Oh, yeah?! Well, "honey," you better watch it or -}"
      {335}{}{2 Seconds}
      The Chosen One: "{336}{}{Shut up! Shut up both of you! This has gone on LONG ENOUGH! Now, c'mon, Vic, let's get going.}"
      {338}{}{3 Seconds}
      Vic: "{339}{}{We'll talk later, Val.}"
      {340}{}{2 Seconds}
      Valerie: "{341}{}{Yeah, sure, Dad.}"
      {342}{}{2 Seconds}
      {343}{}{Fade out for 3 Seconds}
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