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This is a transcript for dialogue with Samuel Cooke.


GREETING GREETING Anger 50 {Hated} Fuck off. 1
GREETING Anger 50 Who the hell are you? I know you weren't one of the inmates. 2
GREETING Anger 70 What the fuck have you done? We needed that sulfur! 3
GREETING Neutral 50 Have you wiped out those geckos yet? 4
GREETING Neutral 50 Anything from Papa Khan? 5
GREETING Happy 50 {Liked} Good to see you. 6
GREETING Neutral 50 Yeah? What do you want now? 7
GREETING Happy 50 {Kimball dead} Somebody whacked the NCR president. Got what was coming to him. 8
GREETING Neutral 50 {Caesar dead} Someone took out the Legion's boss. Doubt it'll stop them for long, though. 9
GREETING Neutral 50 {Middle Game} Lot more troops on the road these days. Wonder what's up. 10
GREETING Neutral 50 {Late Game} Best to lay low. The NCR and the Legion are about to have it out. 11
VEndingPowderGang VEndingPowderGang Neutral 50 {narrating} With Cooke dead, the Powder Gangers at Vault 19 fell apart. 12
Neutral 50 {narrating} Those who weren't destroyed by the Courier fled into the hills or attempted to work their way back through the Mojave Wasteland. Few survived. 13
VEndingPowderGang Neutral 50 {narrating} Armed with a wide array of improvised explosives and stolen weapons, the Vault 19 Powder Gang tormented the Mojave Wasteland for years. 14
Neutral 50 {narrating} Citizens of the NCR were favorite targets, and they always suffered the worst fates. 15
VEndingPowderGang Neutral 50 {narrating} After the Vault 19 Powder Gang surrendered to the NCR, they were re-incorporated into the correctional system. 16
Neutral 50 {narrating} The NCR did increase their sentences, as they aren't about to take off time for good behavior. 17
VEndingPowderGang Neutral 50 {narrating} After the majority of the Vault 19 Powder Gangers joined the Great Khans, the weaker members scattered throughout the Mojave Wasteland. 18
Neutral 50 {narrating} Though a few managed to erase their pasts, most never survived the journey. 19
VMS42VVault19SamuelCookeTopic000 I took care of those geckos. Anger 60 You won't get a fucking cap from me, and you're lucky I don't blow your goddamn head off. 20
Anger 70 The whole point of killing the geckos was so we could get at the sulfur and you've just made that a hell of a lot more difficult. Now fuck off. 21
VMS42VVault19SamuelCookeTopic015 <GENERAL QUESTIONS> Neutral 50 What do you want to know? 22
<GENERAL QUESTIONS> Neutral 50 There are some fire geckos in the lower levels of the Vault. We need to get them gone so we can get to the sulfur. 23
Neutral 50 You go clear them out for us, and there'll be some caps for you. 24
<GENERAL QUESTIONS> Neutral 50 I want you to head to Red Rock Canyon, north of here. Find Papa Khan and ask him if he'd allow the Powder gangers to join up. 25
<GENERAL QUESTIONS> Neutral 50 Bye. 26
<GENERAL QUESTIONS> Neutral 50 See you around. 27
VMS42VVault19SamuelCookeTopic019 What's going on here? Anger 50 That coward Lem has been talking about surrendering to the NCR. Now the men are confused, not sure who's leading this gang. Fucking idiots. 28
What's going on here? Happy 50 Lem's been taken care of. We can start mining that sulfur now, thanks to you. 29
VMS42VVault19SamuelCookeTopic023 Do you know anything about this vault? Neutral 50 Some of the computers still work, but the only files are diaries and garbage. Typical vault. 30
VMS42VVault19SamuelCookeTopic025 Who are you? Neutral 50 You really don't know? I'm Samuel Cooke. I was the brains behind the NCRCF prison break. 31
VMS42VVault19SamuelCookeTopic027 Tell me about NCR. Anger 50 Their "republic" is a joke. They're a bunch of tyrants led by an even greater tyrant, that idiot Kimball. 32
Disgust 50 They think they have the right to annex every inch of dirt in the West and force their system on every man, woman, and child. 33
VMS42VVault19SamuelCookeTopic032 Tell me about Lem. Neutral 50 He was an inmate like the rest of us. He had his uses, but he's a coward and a troublemaker. 34
VMS42VVault19SamuelCookeTopic034 Who's Lem? Neutral 50 He was an inmate like the rest of us. He was useful during the jailbreak, but now... 35
Disgust 50 He's just another coward. He wants us to leave the vault and hand our asses to the NCR, as if they'd treat us like human beings. 36
VMS42VVault19SamuelCookeTopic035 How did you end up in prison? Neutral 50 I was blowing up supply caravans along the 15 freeway. The NCR got wise to my ambush spots, picked me up and threw me in a cage. 37
VMS42VVault19SamuelCookeTopic036 Tell me about the prison break. Happy 50 A beautiful thing. Saved a little blast powder here, hid a makeshift weapon there, and one day I orchestrated a little symphony for the NCR. 38
VMS42VVault19SamuelCookeTopic038 Why did you kill Lem? Neutral 50 Didn't have a choice. He was confusing the men, and I need to control them or we're just a bunch of disorganized idiots. 39
VMS42VVault19SamuelCookeTopic039 Why can't you do it? Disgust 50 I have to keep an eye on that bastard Lem. The second I turn my back, he might go crying to the NCR. 40
Neutral 50 So, what do you say? You going to take care of those geckos? 41
VMS42VVault19SamuelCookeTopic041 What do you want the sulfur for? Neutral 50 Explosives. Bombs. Big, big fucking bombs. You gonna help us or not? 42
VMS42VVault19SamuelCookeTopic046 Why do you want to join the Great Khans? Neutral 50 There aren't enough of us here to make a real impact on the NCR, and the Khans probably hate the NCR more than we do. Strength in numbers, they say. 43
Neutral 50 So, will you talk to Papa Khan on our behalf? 44
VMS42VVault19SamuelCookeTopic047 I'll do it. Happy 50 Great. Come back as soon as you can. 45
VMS42VVault19SamuelCookeTopic048 I'll do it. Happy 50 Great. Get to it. Oh, and take this - there's some weird shit with this Vault's security and some doors will only open if you have a keycard. 46
VMS42VVault19SamuelCookeTopic058 So, what brought you to this place? Neutral 50 Heard there was an abandoned vault along this mountain ridge, and that the wildlife here had teeth big enough to keep the NCR away. 47
VMS42VVault19SamuelCookeTopic059 Tell me about the area outside the vault. Neutral 50 It's a fucking deathtrap around here. Fiends swarm all over Vault 3 in the east, and there are fucking Deathclaws south of that, at Quarry Junction. 48
Neutral 50 If you're looking for humans, the Khans are north of us and an NCR base at McCarran, past Vault 3. Supposedly there are muties to the southeast. 49
VMS42VVault19SamuelCookeTopic071 Tell me about the Fiends. Neutral 50 Like raiders, but worse - these guys are messed up on every damn chem there is. You can spot them by the horned skulls they wear as hats. 50
VMS42VVault19SamuelCookeTopic074 Tell me about Quarry Junction. Neutral 50 The NCR's been mining there for awhile, but now it's full of Deathclaws. Don't go there unless you want a quick, bloody death. 51
VMS42VVault19SamuelCookeTopic076 Tell me about McCarran. Disgust 50 It's the main base for the NCR, and a breeding ground for oppression in the name of patriotic bullshit. Do humanity a favor and blow it up. 52
VMS42VVault19SamuelCookeTopic078 Tell me about the Great Khans. Neutral 50 They've been through some rough times, but they can hold their own. I wouldn't mind taking the boys and signing up with them, if it weren't for Lem. 53
VMS42VVault19SamuelCookeTopic094 Tell me about the super mutants. Neutral 50 I've heard the muties there are different. Completely insane, and supposedly they use some kind of invisibility technology. I'd stay away. 54
VMS42VVault19SamuelCookeTopic218 Yes. Happy 50 Good. Hey, I got another job for you if you're interested. 55
VMS42VVault19SamuelCookeTopic221 Yes. You can join then, but he says you would all still have to pass the initiation rite. Neutral 50 I'd rather not, but fair enough. We'll do it. 56