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This is a transcript for dialogue with Philip Lem.


GREETING GREETING Anger 50 {Hated} Fuck you. 1
GREETING Surprise 50 You're not one of us. What do you want? 2
GREETING Happy 50 I sure hope that explosion was you. Did you seal off the sulfur? 3
GREETING Neutral 50 I guess... I guess that means we can turn ourselves in now. 4
GREETING Happy 50 You're back. What's the word from Papa Khan? 5
GREETING Happy 50 {Liked} You're back. 6
GREETING Neutral 50 Yeah, what do you want? 7
GREETING Happy 50 {Kimball dead} Somebody whacked the NCR president. Got what was coming to him. 8
GREETING Neutral 50 {Caesar dead} Someone took out the Legion's boss. Doubt it'll stop them for long, though. 9
GREETING Neutral 50 {Middle Game} Lot more troops on the road these days. Wonder what's up. 10
GREETING Neutral 50 {Late Game} Best to lay low. The NCR and the Legion are about to have it out. 11
VMS42VVault19PhilipLemTopic000 What's going on here? Anger 50 Fucking Cooke has us trapped here. After we escaped from an NCR prison, he dragged us around the wasteland until we ended up in this shit hole. 12
Fear 30 A group of us want to leave, go back to the NCR and surrender. But Cooke won't let us. 13
What's going on here? Neutral 50 After you cut off access to the sulfur, Cooke left. I guess we're free to surrender to the NCR now. 14
What's going on here? Happy 40 We're waiting on you. A lot of us are interested in joining the Khans. 15
VMS42VVault19PhilipLemTopic001 Tell me about Cooke. Fear 30 Cooke is just an overambitious prick, and he's going to get us all killed. 16
VMS42VVault19PhilipLemTopic002 Who are you? Sad 40 I'm a nobody. Just a survivor. Things were well enough until the NCR threw me behind bars. 17
VMS42VVault19PhilipLemTopic005 What did you do? Anger 30 I made my living sneaking into NCR camps looking for shit to steal. I got sloppy, and then I got caught. 18
VMS42VVault19PhilipLemTopic006 How did you get out? Neutral 50 Made it out during Cooke's big prison break, like the rest of the guys here. 19
VMS42VVault19PhilipLemTopic007 <GENERAL QUESTIONS> Neutral 50 Alright. What do you want to know? 20
<GENERAL QUESTIONS> Neutral 50 If you can find a way to cut off access to the sulfur in the caves below the vault, I've got some caps waiting for you. 21
<GENERAL QUESTIONS> Neutral 50 Later. 22
<GENERAL QUESTIONS> Neutral 50 See you around. 23
VMS42VVault19PhilipLemTopic008 Who's Cooke? Fear 30 Samuel Cooke. It was his idea to organize a jailbreak, but now he's just an overambitious prick who's going to get us all killed. 24
VMS42VVault19PhilipLemTopic009 Tell me about the prison break. Happy 50 I can be pretty sneaky when I need to be, and the prison guards were a joke. 25
Happy 40 So when Cooke told me his plan, I spread the info to anyone that might be useful. 26
VMS42VVault19PhilipLemTopic012 Who is Samuel Cooke? Anger 40 Cooke organized the breakout. But he's just an overambitious prick who's going to get us all killed. 27
VMS42VVault19PhilipLemTopic141 Why can't you do it? Fear 30 I have to watch Cooke. I wouldn't put it past him to just start killing the opposition, starting with me. 28
VMS42VVault19PhilipLemTopic142 I'll do it. Neutral 50 Thanks. Take this keycard - I tried hacking the locking mechanisms on the doors, but it seems that the only way in is with one of these. 29
VMS42VVault19PhilipLemTopic143 Why would you want to do that? Neutral 50 Cooke is planning to use the sulfur to make bigger explosives. 30
Neutral 50 Will you check out the caves and see if there's anything you can do? 31
Neutral 50 Without access to the sulfur, he'll lose what influence he has left with the men here. 32
VMS42VVault19PhilipLemTopic179 Yes. Neutral 50 Good to hear. Without access to the sulfur, Cooke doesn't have much to offer the gang. I... I guess it's over, then. We can turn ourselves in. 33
VMS42VVault19PhilipLemTopic182 The Khans will accept you as long as you pass the initiation rite. Happy 50 Well, that's a hell of a lot better than going back to prison. 34
VMS42VVault19PhilipLemTopic185 Why do you want to surrender? Neutral 50 We can't survive like this - there are too many of us and we don't have the resources. And maybe it's the right thing to do. 35
VMS42VVault19PhilipLemTopic189 Have you considered joining the Great Khans? Neutral 50 [FAILED] No, this needs to end. I'm tired of running and living like scavengers. 36
Have you considered joining the Great Khans? Happy 50 [SUCCEEDED] I hadn't thought of that. Would you be willing to talk to them on our behalf? 37
VMS42VVault19PhilipLemTopic197 You're doing the right thing. Neutral 50 Thank you. I think I just needed to hear someone else say it. I suppose without rule of law, we're no better than raiders. 38
VMS42VVault19PhilipLemTopic199 Sure, I'll go talk to them. Happy 50 Thank you. We'll wait here until we hear from you. 39