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This is a transcript for dialogue with Alerio.


GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 {Strip} The eyes of the mighty {KAI-zar} Caesar are upon you. He admires your accomplishments, and bestows upon you the exceptional gift of his Mark. 1
Neutral 50 Your crimes against the Legion, including the death of the fearless {WUHL-pace In-CUHL-tah} Vulpes Inculta, are hereby forgiven. {KAI-zar} Caesar will not extend this mercy again. 2
Neutral 50 My Lord requires your presence at his camp, at Fortification Hill. His Mark will guarantee your safe-conduct through our lands. 3
GREETING Neutral 50 {Strip} Incidentally, it will interest you to know that the man you seek has fled the Strip, and is likely making haste for Caesar's camp as we speak. 4
GREETING Neutral 50 {KAI-zar} Caesar awaits. 5
VFreeformTheFortvVMQ02AlerioStripTopic000 You said Caesar has an offer for me. What kind of offer? Neutral 50 {KAI-zar} Caesar chose not to give me that information. I was only told to find you and bring you the message. 6
VFreeformTheFortvVMQ02AlerioStripTopic001 If this is a trap, I'm going to take a lot of you with me. Anger 5 {offended} The mighty {KAI-zar} Caesar has bestowed upon you his Mark and guaranteed safe-conduct. If he wanted you dead, you would be dead already. 7
VFreeformTheFortvVMQ02AlerioStripTopic002 Tell Caesar I accept his invitation. Neutral 50 {Strip} Seek {KAI-zar} Caesar by way of Cottonwood Cove, south of Nelson. The Cursor Lucullus will be waiting. 8
VFreeformTheFortvVMQ02AlerioStripTopic003 How did you find me here? Neutral 50 I am one of {KAI-zar's} Caesar's {froo-men-TAR-ee} Frumentarii, an infiltrator, a spy. You were not difficult to track. 9
VFreeformTheFortvVMQ02AlerioStripTopic004 Why does Caesar want to see me? Neutral 50 Go to him, and you will understand. 10
VFreeformTheFortvVMQ02AlerioStripTopic005 How do you know about Benny? Neutral 50 Little escapes the notice of {KAI-zar} Caesar. He has eyes everywhere. 11