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GREETING GREETING Disgust 5 I bet it feels real nice to be carrying those weapons around on the strip. 1
Anger 5 That damn Mr. House has forbid any NCR military personnel from carrying any sort of firearms on the Strip. Well, except for Captain Pappas. 2
Neutral 50 Mr. House still doesn't trust the NCR. A word of advice, the Securitrons won't put up with any funny stuff out there, so don't do anything stupid. 3
Neutral 50 This your first time on the Strip? 4
GREETING Neutral 50 Hello. Do you need something? 5
vFreeformTheStreet02VStreetNCRMonorailGuard01Topic000 Tell me about the Casinos on the Strip. Neutral 50 Well, there's the Lucky 38, Ultra-Luxe, Gomorrah, and The Tops. Which one do you want to know about? 6
vFreeformTheStreet02VStreetNCRMonorailGuard01Topic001 What else is there to do besides the Casinos? Neutral 50 Well, there's Vault 21 and the NCR Embassy. Both places are located on the south side of the Strip. 7
Neutral 50 Vault 21 is a small hotel and gift shop. It's not as nice as the casinos, but it's a whole hell of a lot cheaper. 8
Neutral 50 The NCR Embassy is the headquarters for the NCR on the Strip. The Ambassador and his offices are there as well as the MP headquarters. 9
vFreeformTheStreet02VStreetNCRMonorailGuard01Topic002 Yes it is. Happy 50 Well it's time to pop your Vegas cherry, friend! I'm sure you'll have a blast and be drunk and capless in no time. 10
Happy 15 I can give you a bit more information about the various casinos if you're not sure on where to get started. 11
vFreeformTheStreet02VStreetNCRMonorailGuard01Topic003 No, I've been here before. Neutral 50 Okay then. You should know the rules. Just stay out of trouble, and have fun. 12
vFreeformTheStreet02VStreetNCRMonorailGuard01Topic004 None of your business. Anger 50 You're not getting started off on the right foot here. The NCR still has a strong presence here and can make your stay unpleasant. 13
Anger 50 You better watch yourself out there. A loose cannon like yourself can sometimes run out of luck at just the wrong time. 14
vFreeformTheStreet02VStreetNCRMonorailGuard01Topic005 Tell me about the Lucky 38. Neutral 50 Don't know much about it to tell the truth. 15
Neutral 50 That's where Mr. House and his Securitrons are set up, but no one's been in there as long as people can remember. 16
Neutral 50 Probably best that you just ignore it. 17
vFreeformTheStreet02VStreetNCRMonorailGuard01Topic006 What's the deal with the Ultra-Luxe? Neutral 50 The Ultra-Luxe is the nicest casino on the Strip. Real high-end, extravagant, and expensive. Best you have a lot of caps if you want to go there. 18
vFreeformTheStreet02VStreetNCRMonorailGuard01Topic007 What do you know about Gomorrah? Happy 10 Gomorrah is the favorite of the NCR troops on the Strip. If you like girls, alcohol, gambling, and drugs then Gomorrah is just the place for you. 19
vFreeformTheStreet02VStreetNCRMonorailGuard01Topic008 What's The Tops like? Neutral 50 The Tops is the cool place to be right now. Lots of entertainment and shows going on there as well as the gambling. 20
Neutral 50 If you want to catch a show and have a few drinks, you should definitely hit up the Aces Theater in The Tops. 21
vFreeformTheStreet02VStreetNCRMonorailGuard01Topic009 I want to ask about something else. Neutral 50 Ask away. 22