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This is a transcript for dialogue with Captain Pappas.


GREETING GREETING Happy 50 So you're the one that saved President Kimball. Damn glad to have you on our side. 1
Happy 25 What can I help you with? 2
GREETING Sad 10 I heard there was an attempt on President Kimball's life. I'm glad he's alright. Don't know what the NCR would do without him. 3
GREETING Disgust 10 I've had to increase security around the Strip due to the President's assassination. I can barely believe he's dead myself. 4
GREETING Anger 15 So you're the one causing all the ruckus at The Tops. You're lucky you're not under my jurisdiction or I'd have tossed you in a cell for that. 5
GREETING Anger 15 I heard you killed Benny over at The Tops. I bet you think you're some sort of tough cookie. 6
Anger 20 A piece of advice, if you mess with any of my men, you'll regret it. 7
GREETING Happy 10 I wanted to thank you for stopping the Omertas. That could have gone poorly for us if it wasn't for you. 8
GREETING Neutral 50 I hear you've been meeting with Mr. House in the Lucky 38. I bet you think you're pretty special, don't you? 9
Anger 10 Special or not, stay out of trouble and more importantly stay out of my way. 10
GREETING Anger 15 What the hell is with those Securitrons? Looks like they got some sort of change or upgrade. I don't like the look of this. 11
GREETING Neutral 50 I heard Mr. House is out of the picture now. Guess that leaves us in charge of the Strip. 12
GREETING Anger 50 Make it quick, I've got a shitstorm to deal with due to the damn monorail being blown up. 13
GREETING Surprise 5 So you're the one running errands for Ambassador Crocker. I don't want to know details, just don't cause any trouble. 14
GREETING Neutral 50 Keep your nose clean on the strip, soldier. 15
GREETING Happy 50 {Surprised, Happy} Wow, I didn't expect to see you here. What can I do for you? 16
GREETING Happy 5 Good to see you around here. What can I do for you? 17
GREETING Anger 50 {Threatening} You make one wrong move around here and I'll be all over you in a heartbeat. You hear me? 18
GREETING Anger 25 {Threatening} You better watch yourself around here. 19
GREETING Anger 50 You've got a lot of nerve showing your face around here. You're lucky I don't shoot you right now. 20
GREETING Anger 25 You better have a good reason for being here. 21
GREETING Disgust 5 So you're the new hotshot on the Strip. Just because you can walk around on the Strip with your guns doesn't make you a big shot. 22
Anger 5 You make any trouble for me or my men and I'll make sure you regret if for a very long time. You got that? 23
Anger 5 Now are you here for something or are you just wasting my time? 24
GREETING Neutral 50 Make it quick. 25
GREETING Neutral 50 <Captain Marie Pappas Top Level Topics> 26
vFreeformTheStreet02VStreetMariePappasTopic000 What is happening on the Strip? Neutral 50 More of the usual. We're keeping an eye on the troopers to make sure they don't do anything stupid. 27
Anger 5 The only stupid one we've had lately is Private Erwin. He's starting to cause me more trouble than he's worth. 28
What is happening on the Strip? Anger 5 None of your business. You better keep your nose clean because I'll be watching you. 29
What is happening on the Strip? Anger 5 People drink, gamble, and fight. What do you think happens on the Strip? Any other intelligent questions? 30
What is happening on the Strip? Anger 15 How the hell did a brahmin get loose on the Strip? If this is another one of Private Erwin's pranks, I'll make him regret it. 31
What is happening on the Strip? Anger 15 I've got to deal with drunk troopers making fools of themselves and embarassing all of the NCR with their behavior, so it's just another day here. 32
What is happening on the Strip? Anger 15 Some idiot decided it would be funny to put up graffiti all over the Strip. If I find out it was one of my men, they'll be locked up for a month. 33
What is happening on the Strip? Anger 15 Some fool troopers think they can lounge around on the rooftops instead of doing their job. If I catch them, they'll have KP duty for a year. 34
What is happening on the Strip? Anger 15 Some drunk girls thought it would be fun to play in the fountain in front of the Ultra-Luxe. Now I need to clean up the mess. 35
vFreeformTheStreet02VStreetMariePappasTopic001 I'd like to know more about you. Neutral 50 Not much to tell. Keeping the troopers in line and monitoring the Strip keeps me busy. It's my job and I'm going to do it well. 36
Neutral 50 Now if that's all, I've got work to do. 37
I'd like to know more about you. Anger 15 Look, I don't know you at all and I'm not really interested in small talk. If you have something important to say, do so quickly. 38
vFreeformTheStreet02VStreetMariePappasTopic002 What can you tell me about the Ambassador? Neutral 50 Crocker isn't too bad. He mostly stays in his office now. If you have any questions about the Embassy you should ask him. He'll talk your ear off. 39
What can you tell me about the Ambassador? Anger 5 If you want to know more about the Ambassador, go talk to him yourself. 40
vFreeformTheStreet02VStreetMariePappasTopic003 Tell me about Private Erwin. Anger 5 Private Erwin... he's starting to get a thick file here with all his troublemaking. 41
Tell me about Private Erwin. Anger 15 My troopers are my business. Stay out of it. 42
vFreeformTheStreet02VStreetMariePappasTopic004 I'd like to report a murder at Gomorrah. Neutral 50 Murder? What kind of Murder? Do you have any proof? 43
vFreeformTheStreet02VStreetMariePappasTopic005 Sorry, I'll find some proof. Neutral 50 Okay, this is a very serious accusation. Please be sure to bring me something concrete. 44
vFreeformTheStreet02VStreetMariePappasTopic006 I found a dead girl in Gomorrah. Neutral 50 Well that's something, but I can't go in there without proof of foul play. 45
vFreeformTheStreet02VStreetMariePappasTopic008 I found these tapes. Neutral 50 These are terrifying. Do you have any idea who the man is speaking on this tape? 46
vFreeformTheStreet02VStreetMariePappasTopic009 I can't say for sure. Neutral 50 Well come back here when you can. I'd like to take care of this as soon as possible. 47
vFreeformTheStreet02VStreetMariePappasTopic010 No, but I'll find out for you. Neutral 50 Come back here as soon as you do, I'd like to see this asshole behind bars. 48
vFreeformTheStreet02VStreetMariePappasTopic011 It is a guy named Clanden. Neutral 50 Clanden? Okay, I'll send some troops over there to bring him in. 49


GOODBYE Goodbye. Neutral 50 Bye. 50