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This is a transcript for dialogue with Jake Erwin.


CaravanOffer Want to play a hand of Caravan? Neutral 50 Bring it on, buddy! 1
CaravanPlayerLoses CaravanPlayerLoses Neutral 50 {Laughs} Nice try. Care to try your luck again? 2
CaravanPlayerWins CaravanPlayerWins Neutral 50 Not too bad. How about we play again? 3
CaravanRematchNo I'm all done playing for now. Neutral 50 Okay. If you want to play again sometime, let me know. 4
CaravanRematchYes Yeah, let's play again. Neutral 50 Let's get this started! 5
GREETING GREETING Happy 50 Didn't you save President Kimball? You're my new hero! 6
Happy 50 What can I do for you, friend? 7
GREETING Sad 50 I heard President Kimball was attacked at Hoover Dam. I can barely believe it. 8
Neutral 50 I'm just glad nothing bad happened to him. 9
GREETING Anger 50 Some bastards killed President Kimball. Who's going to lead the NCR now? 10
GREETING Fear 5 Aren't you the guy that was shooting up The Tops? 11
Neutral 50 Guess you must have some special deal with House to be able to do that and not get in trouble. 12
GREETING Happy 10 I heard you snuffed that Benny guy. Good riddance, guy was a scumbag. 13
GREETING Happy 50 I heard you stopped the Omertas plan to attack the Strip. Good job, you're a real hero. 14
GREETING Neutral 50 So you're the one that went into the Lucky 38. I bet that was pretty creepy. 15
Happy 10 What can I do for you? 16
GREETING Fear 5 I thought those Securitrons were creepy enough already. Now, they have soldier faces on them, that's even creepier. 17
GREETING Surprise 50 Holy shit, did you here about the Monorail being destroyed? How the fuck did that happen? 18
Sad 50 I'm just glad to be safe over here on the Strip. 19
GREETING Happy 10 If it isn't the Ambassador's new best friend. What can I do for you? 20
GREETING Sad 50 I can't believe it's gone. It's all gone. How the fuck did this happen? 21
GREETING Happy 10 Hey, you just get in for some R&R? 22
GREETING Happy 50 Well look who it is! Glad to have you here, buddy! What can I do for you? 23
GREETING Happy 25 Wow, look who it is! What can I help you with? 24
GREETING Fear 25 I don't want any trouble, mister. What do you want? 25
GREETING Fear 5 I probably shouldn't be talking to you, but what do you want? 26
GREETING Anger 50 {Hostile} You're the last person I expected to see here. What do you want? 27
GREETING Anger 25 {Hostile} What do you want? 28
GREETING Happy 15 Hey, stranger. What's happening? 29
GREETING Neutral 50 What's going on? 30
GREETING Neutral 50 <Private Jake Erwin Top Level Topics> 31
vFreeformTheStreet02VStreetJakeErwinTopic000 What's happening on the Strip? Happy 10 Us troopers mostly come to the Strip for our R&R. We blow off some steam by gambling, drinking, partying, or fighting. 32
Happy 50 If you're looking for a good time, I'd suggest hitting up Gomorrah. The girls there are pretty nice, if you know what I mean. 33
vFreeformTheStreet02VStreetJakeErwinTopic001 Tell me about yourself. Anger 5 What have you heard? I know people think I'm a little on the wild side, but I'm just trying to have fun, you know? 34
Anger 5 Just because I happen to get into fights and like to pull pranks doesn't mean anything. 35
vFreeformTheStreet02VStreetJakeErwinTopic002 What do you know about the Ambassador? Neutral 50 He's a little stiff and stuffy. Doesn't leave the office that much, always surrounds himself with papers and reports. 36
Happy 5 I've always wanted to play a prank on him, but there's no way I could ever pull that off without getting in trouble from Captain Pappas. 37
What do you know about the Ambassador? Neutral 50 Sorry. I don't know much about him. We run in different circles, you know? 38
vFreeformTheStreet02VStreetJakeErwinTopic003 What can you tell me about Captain Pappas? Neutral 50 She may be a bit of a hardass, but she's the best damn Captain we've had here. I'd be careful around her. You don't want to get on her bad side. 39
What can you tell me about Captain Pappas? Anger 10 If you're digging for dirt on the Captain, you're digging in the wrong place. 40
vFreeformTheStreet02VStreetJakeErwinTopic004 A prank you say? Happy 10 Yeah, I've got a few ideas that I'm working on. Maybe I'll let you in on it once I have something. 41
vFreeformTheStreet02VStreetJakeErwinTopic005 That doesn't sound like a good idea. Sad 10 Yeah, I know. That's why I'm not really going to do it. 42