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GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 {at Bunker - no plan} What are you talking to me for? Talk to Kreger. 1
GREETING Neutral 50 {At Hoover Dam battle} Now is {emphasis "not"} not the time! 2
GREETING Anger 20 {Player not in NCR gear} Bah. Looks like I forgot to lock the doors again. If you're with the NCR, get out. This place is mine, and I'm not leaving. 3
GREETING Anger 50 {Player in NCR gear} Look, trooper, I was living in this house long before your farms got set up. {threat} Don't even think about evicting me. 4
GREETING Anger 50 {Remnants helping NCR} I didn't come all the way out here just so we could save the fucking NCR. I'm out. 5
GREETING Neutral 50 {Moreno convinced to stay} I can't believe I'm going to help the NCR. 6
GREETING Neutral 50 {Remnants helping Legion} Since Johnson won't be coming with us, you might as well take his suit of Power Armor. I'll teach you the basics of how to use it. 7
GREETING Neutral 50 {terse} Yeah? 8
VDialogueRemnantsVRemOrionMorenoTopic000 Goodbye. Neutral 50 {dismissive grunt} Hmmph. 9
VDialogueRemnantsVRemOrionMorenoTopic001 {Arcade hired}Arcade and I were looking for you. We're gathering the Remnants. Neutral 50 {to player's companion} Been awhile, Arcade. {to player} So, what's the point of all this? Can't find any younger mercenaries? 10
VDialogueRemnantsVRemOrionMorenoTopic002 {Arcade not hired}Arcade sent me to look for you. I'm gathering the Remnants. Neutral 50 Arcade, huh? Heard he was with the Followers of the Apocalypse. So, what's the point of all this? Can't find any younger mercenaries? 11
VDialogueRemnantsVRemOrionMorenoTopic003 Do you have something against the NCR? Neutral 50 {cynical chuckle} Oh, like you wouldn't believe. The NCR makes a habit out of wrecking homes. I came out here to get away from them - didn't work out so well. 12
Anger 10 Next thing I know, I'm squatting in {emphasis "their"} "their" land. {irritation} Never mind that I'd already been living here for years. 13
VDialogueRemnantsVRemOrionMorenoTopic004 What do you do around here? Neutral 50 Do? I don't do anything. I'm retired. 14
VDialogueRemnantsVRemOrionMorenoTopic005 Your advanced level of tech would be useful in settling things between the NCR and the Legion. Neutral 50 Is that right? The million dollar question is who exactly are we "settling?" 15
VDialogueRemnantsVRemOrionMorenoTopic006 There isn't anyone else around with your equipment and expertise. Anger 5 {bitterly} You can thank the NCR for that one. {sudden thought} Wait - this isn't on behalf of the NCR, is it? 16
VDialogueRemnantsVRemOrionMorenoTopic007 I never said anything about paying you. Neutral 50 {sarcasm} You're doing a fine job of convincing me to go along with this. Really. I'll ask again - why us? 17
< Speech 80 >
The Remnants come in, guns blazing, showing the NCR how it's done. You actually don't want that? Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] {grudgingly} I can't believe you've actually talked me into this. {sigh} Fine, I'm in, but don't expect me to hold my fire if any NCR troops get in the way. 18
This is a chance for one more moment of glory. Anger 10 [FAILED] Sorry, but there's no glory in helping out the NCR. 19
VDialogueRemnantsVRemOrionMorenoTopic009 {NCR - Wild Child}I work against the NCR as much as I work for them. This is no different. Neutral 50 So you help them at the Dam only to screw them over big time later? {sigh} All right, I'll go along with this, then. I hope I don't regret it. 20
VDialogueRemnantsVRemOrionMorenoTopic010 What will your friends think about this? Neutral 50 I've known them far longer than you have. They'll get over it. 21
VDialogueRemnantsVRemOrionMorenoTopic011 Goodbye. Anger 10 {menace} Change of plan - you'll find that I've sealed the doors to this hangar - I don't want my friends getting involved in our little disagreement. 22
Anger 20 Once I'm done with you, I'll talk them out of this stupid plan. You've opened some old wounds - it's only fair I return the favor. 23
VDialogueRemnantsVRemOrionMorenoTopic012 What are you doing? Neutral 50 Getting my gear, what does it look like? What, you think I'm going to leave this here for someone like you? I don't think so. 24
VDialogueRemnantsVRemOrionMorenoTopic013 Will caps change your mind? Neutral 50 No amount of caps will ever repay what the NCR robbed from me. 25
VDialogueRemnantsVRemOrionMorenoTopic014 I haven't decided. Neutral 50 {slowly repeating player} You haven't decided - {sarcasm} well, this is just getting better every second, isn't it? 26
VDialogueRemnantsVRemOrionMorenoTopic015 We don't have to fight. We can still talk about this. Neutral 50 No, I'm done talking. 27
VDialogueRemnantsVRemOrionMorenoTopic016 Come and get me. Neutral 50 Let's see what you've got. 28
VDialogueRemnantsVRemOrionMorenoTopic017 Do you have a preference? Neutral 50 I wouldn't mind cutting down a few platoons of NCR troopers with my old gatling laser. 29
VDialogueRemnantsVRemOrionMorenoTopic018 Does it matter who we help? Neutral 50 Yeah, it does. There's not a chance you'll find me helping the NCR in any way. They've caused me too much grief. 30
VDialogueRemnantsVRemOrionMorenoTopic019 So what did you do before you were retired? Neutral 50 I was a soldier. Why do you even care? I came out here to forget about the past, so quit bringing it up. 31
VDialogueRemnantsVRemOrionMorenoTopic020 So you're not coming? Neutral 50 {Orion agrees to come} Oh, I'll come, but depending on the plan, I might not be staying. Keep that in mind. 32
VDialogueRemnantsVRemOrionMorenoTopic021 I want to help the Legion defeat the NCR. Neutral 50 {Orion agrees to come} All right, then - I'll show up at this gathering of yours. It might be good to see the others - {scowling} Johnson excluded. 33
I want to help the Legion defeat the NCR. Neutral 50 Arcade might've mentioned there's a pass phrase needed to get into the bunker - my part is "Remember." 34
VDialogueRemnantsVRemOrionMorenoTopic024 What did you do when you were with the Enclave? Neutral 50 Heavy weapons trooper. {grim glee} Nothing better than hosing down a target with an excess of bullets and laser fire. 35
Neutral 50 By the time I got through with things, not much was left standing. Any morons who didn't run when they saw me coming got what they deserved. 36
Neutral 50 Back then, it was war. {growling} If we'd been on the winning side, I'd be called a hero. 37

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GOODBYE Goodbye. Neutral 50 {dismissive grunt} Hmmph. 38

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Attack Attack Neutral 50 For Navarro! 39
Attack Neutral 50 {grim satisfaction} Just like old times. 40
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