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This is a transcript for dialogue with Cannibal Johnson.

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GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 You better get moving kid, there's bad guys to kill. {Bark during Hoover dam battle.} 1
GREETING Neutral 50 {at Bunker - no plan} Kreger's the officer here, not me. The final say on the plan is up to him. 2
GREETING Neutral 50 {At Bunker, Moreno dead} Moreno and I never did get along. Still, he was a fellow soldier from the old days. 3
GREETING Neutral 50 {at Bunker, helping NCR} The NCR's the best bet for the wasteland. I'm glad we'll be helping them out. 4
GREETING Neutral 50 {Remnants helping Legion} I'm not helping the Legion, no matter how much you talk them up. I will help my friends prepare, but that's it. 5
GREETING Neutral 50 Well, it's about damn time. What took you... oh. 6
GREETING Neutral 50 What brings you around this time? 7
VDialogueRemnantsVRemCannibalJohnsonTopic000 Tell me about yourself. Neutral 50 What do you want to know? 8
VDialogueRemnantsVRemCannibalJohnsonTopic001 So, are you a cannibal? Happy 25 {grinning and being difficult} Ha. I'm not saying. It's part of my mystique, after all. 9
So, are you a cannibal? Neutral 50 {grinning} I'm still not saying. 10
VDialogueRemnantsVRemCannibalJohnsonTopic002 I don't have any more questions. Let's talk about something else. Neutral 50 Well, ain't like I've got places to be. 11
VDialogueRemnantsVRemCannibalJohnsonTopic003 Goodbye. Neutral 50 Be seeing you. {beat, afterthought - he's very old and could die any time} Maybe. 12
VDialogueRemnantsVRemCannibalJohnsonTopic004 What did you do when you were with the Enclave? Neutral 50 Squad marksman. I'm pretty proud of the fact that I never killed a single soul who wasn't trying to kill me or one of my team first. 13
VDialogueRemnantsVRemCannibalJohnsonTopic005 You live out here by yourself? Neutral 50 Sure do. Had a wife for awhile - tribal girl, really pretty eyes - but she's been gone a long time now. 14
VDialogueRemnantsVRemCannibalJohnsonTopic006 Arcade asked me to gather all the remaining members of the Enclave in the Mojave. Neutral 50 {Arcade hired} Thought I recognized the fellow with you. So, what's this reunion all about, then? 15
Arcade asked me to gather all the remaining members of the Enclave in the Mojave. Neutral 50 {Arcade not hired} There's a name I haven't heard in awhile. So, what's this reunion all about, then? 16
VDialogueRemnantsVRemCannibalJohnsonTopic007 He thinks your experience and technology will help resolve the conflict in this region. Neutral 50 Well, now, there's an interesting idea - do a bit of good before we're all dead and forgotten. You can count me in. 17
He thinks your experience and technology will help resolve the conflict in this region. Neutral 50 Oh, and in case Arcade forgot to mention it, there's a five-word pass phrase needed to get into the bunker. My word is "old" - appropriate, huh? 18
VDialogueRemnantsVRemCannibalJohnsonTopic008 I'm gathering allies - just in case. Neutral 50 Yeah, the NCR and the Legion are about due for another dustup. So, you're going to get yourself involved in that? All right, I'm in. Could be fun. 19
VDialogueRemnantsVRemCannibalJohnsonTopic009 Why, do you have something better to do? Anger 5 {slightly offended} Hey, I was just asking. No need to get uppity about it. I'll be at the reunion, don't you worry. 20
VDialogueRemnantsVRemCannibalJohnsonTopic010 You make it sound like avoiding innocent deaths was uncommon in the Enclave. Disgust 10 I'm sorry to say that it was. Civilian casualties was acceptable and sometimes... encouraged. My former squadmate Moreno didn't need encouraging. 21
Neutral 50 Moreno and I might've killed each other if Captain Kreger hadn't been there to pull us apart. 22
VFreeformDevilsBrigadeCannibalJohnsonTopic001 Oh? Neutral 50 I've been in the Reaper's shadow for a long time now, and I thought he'd finally showed up to collect. He's just mocking me now. 23
VFreeformDevilsBrigadeCannibalJohnsonTopic003 How much money do you owe this Reaper guy? Neutral 50 What? I was talking about Death, kid. Guess that one went right over your head, didn't it? Old Sergeant {DOOR-nan} Dornan would've had a field day with you. 24
VFreeformDevilsBrigadeCannibalJohnsonTopic005 You sound like you're eager to die. Neutral 50 There's a twitch in my trigger finger, I've lost my eagle eyes, and the other day I could've sworn I heard Sergeant {DOOR-nan} Dornan chewing me out. 25
Sad 5 I'm old and I'm starting to feel it. It's not pleasant, especially when you know your mind's slipping away. 26
Sad 10 We all gotta go sometime, but I was hoping for something a little more heroic. 27
VFreeformDevilsBrigadeCannibalJohnsonTopic008 Who's Sergeant Dornan? Neutral 50 He was a drill instructor I knew. He was also the meanest bastard I've ever known. 28
Neutral 50 Once, he caught this private out of uniform and old Dornan went off on the most ear-blistering rant known to man. It was inspiring. 29
VFreeformDevilsBrigadeCannibalJohnsonTopic009 You served in the military? Neutral 50 Err... yeah. It was a long time ago. Things were better back then. 30
< Speech - 30 >
It sounds like there's an interesting story behind it. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] The truth of it is that I did cut out a raider's heart, but only took a bite to mess with his buddies. 31
Neutral 50 They had me surrounded and I went with the first thing that came to mind. Some ran, and the rest were startled just long enough. 32
Come on, you can tell me. Happy 25 [FAILED] Nope. You'll just have to keep on wondering. Heh. 33

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GOODBYE Goodbye. Neutral 50 Be seeing you. {beat, afterthought - he's very old and could die any time} Maybe. 34
RemnantsCannibalJohnsonUpset RemnantsCannibalJohnsonUpset Anger 50 You guys are actually going to help the Legion? No thanks - count me out of this one. 35
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