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This is a transcript for dialogue with Regis.


GREETING GREETING Surprise 10 I haven't seen you before - what brings you to the Great Khans? 1
GREETING Happy 35 It's good to have you here. What can I do for you? 2
GREETING Happy 50 You honor the Great Khans with your presence. What can I do to help you? 3
GREETING Disgust 15 You're always... {beat, considering word choice} interesting to have around. 4
GREETING Fear 20 {Cautious, unsure of player's motives} What are you doing here? 5
GREETING Anger 50 If you're smart, you'll find somewhere else to be. 6
GREETING Happy 20 You're becoming quite the political agitator. I can't say I'm displeased. 7
GREETING Neutral 50 Something else you wanted? 8
KarlCaesar Who are you? Anger 20 Name's Regis - I'm Papa Khan's advisor and right-hand man. I'm also the chief enforcer of the tribe's laws - so watch your behavior. 9
RegisCaesar RegisCaesar Surprise 15 I heard you try to convince Papa Khan not to join with Caesar's Legion. I'd like to talk to you about that for a moment. 10
Have a look at this book. It will show you what happens to tribes that "ally" with Caesar's Legion. Fear 30 Let me see. {Thoughtful, dawning horror} My God, this is even worse than I thought. Okay, you have my support. I'll tell Papa the alliance is a bad idea. 11
I'd like to talk more about the Great Khans' alliance with Caesar. Neutral 50 What do you want to know? 12
RegisNCR What's your opinion of the NCR? Disgust 20 That's a complicated question. They've done horrible things to our people to be sure, and I've gladly killed many of their soldiers in battle. 13
Sad 35 But I can't bring myself to hate them the way Papa does. Things would damn sure be better for us if they were in charge than Caesar. 14
I want to talk to you about the fate of the Great Khans. Surprise 20 You're the chief now. What do we do? 15
Now that you're in command, will you lead the Khans against Caesar and fight for the NCR? Sad 30 Without Papa Khan's guidance, I don't know what else to do. All right - you can tell the NCR the Great Khans will fight for them when Caesar attacks. 16
RegisPapaKhan Tell me about Papa Khan. Happy 30 Papa is one of the best leaders the Khans have ever had. He's kept us together through all of our hardships, ever since we left California. 17
Sad 25 Bitter Springs changed him, though. He started to really hate the NCR after the Massacre, and sometimes I worry that's poisoned his mind. 18
VMS45VRRCKarlTopic005 So if you were in charge of the tribe, you'd fight with the NCR against Caesar if asked? Surprise 20 I suppose if asked, I would. But that's a moot point, because Papa's in charge now, and he's not going anywhere. 19
VMS45VRRCRegisTopic000 Who are you? Fear 15 Name's Regis. I'm Papa's second-in-command. You might say I... share your concern about Caesar. 20
VMS45VRRCRegisTopic001 What is it you had in mind? Anger 10 You want to convince Papa not to ally with Caesar, right? Trust me, you'll get nowhere just talking to him about it. 21
Sad 30 He's fixated on restoring the glory of the Great Khans, and he sees Caesar as the path to that restoration. 22
VMS45VRRCRegisTopic002 Why should I listen to you? Anger 20 Because Papa listens to me. And because I actually know how to get things done around here. 23
VMS45VRRCRegisTopic003 So what do I do? Happy 15 Papa can be a stubborn man, but he's not a tyrant. He listens to his tribe, and to four voices in particular: me, Jack and Diane, and Melissa. 24
Pained 10 If you can convince all of us that allying with Caesar is a bad idea, you might be able to sway him. 25
VMS45VRRCRegisTopic004 Aren't you convinced already, if we're having this conversation? Anger 10 I have my doubts about Caesar, yes, but I won't publicly go against Papa Khan based on nothing more than doubts. 26
Fear 30 I've heard rumors that tribes who aligned with Caesar in the past were torn apart and reduced to slaves - prove it, and I'll back you. 27
VMS45VRRCRegisTopic005 What would convince Jack and Diane to support me? Happy 15 You'd have to talk to them - but those two have been thick as thieves since they were kids. Convince one and the other will come around. 28
VMS45VRRCRegisTopic006 What about Melissa? Sad 20 Ah, Melissa. She's a bit of a dreamer. Last time she was in camp, Karl filled her head with stories of serving the Legion as a {SPECK-you-lay-tor-ay} speculatore. 29
Fear 15 Personally, I've never seen a woman in Legionaire's armor, so I have my doubts. 30
VMS45VRRCRegisTopic007 What did you mean about Papa's hatred poisoning his mind? Disgust 10 Nothing, forget about it. I shouldn't be talking about this with an outsider. 31
What did you mean about Papa's hatred poisoning his mind? Fear 30 I probably shouldn't say anything, but it seems Papa's been making decisions based more on his desire for revenge than what's good for the tribe. 32
Fear 40 This alliance with Caesar, for one thing - I have my doubts about it. 33
VMS45VRRCRegisTopic008 Okay, I'll see what I can do to convince everyone. Anger 15 Good. Oh, one more thing: Caesar's representative, Karl, has become fast friends with Papa. Karl's the one who has him so fixated on this alliance. 34
Disgust 10 You'll probably have an easier time of things if you can find a way to get him out of the picture. 35
VMS45VRRCRegisTopic009 I don't think I actually want to do that. Sad 20 I see. Then the Great Khans will fight for the Legion should Caesar give the call. If you change your mind, let me know. 36
VMS45VRRCRegisTopic010 I'll think about it, but I have other questions for now. Neutral 50 All right, what is it you wanted? 37
VMS45VRRCRegisTopic011 How would I do that? Disgust 20 Karl talks prettily about the honor and nobility of the Great Khans, but I suspect his actual opinion is less flattering. 38
Surprise 10 Maybe you could find something he wrote that expresses that opinion, or trick him into losing his cool in the longhouse right in front of Papa. 39
VMS45VRRCRegisTopic012 I'll keep that in mind. Neutral 50 I would too, if I were you. 40
VMS45VRRCRegisTopic013 I'm not afraid of Karl, and I don't feel like wasting my time on him. Disgust 10 If you say so. 41
VMS45VRRCRegisTopic015 Nothing, never mind. Disgust 10 Suit yourself. 42
VMS45VRRCRegisTopic016 Tell me about Bitter Springs. Sad 50 I really don't like to talk about it. Let's just say it was a tragedy and the NCR is to blame, and we'll leave it at that. 43
VMS45VRRCRegisTopic017 Never mind, I have other questions. Neutral 50 Sure, go ahead. 44
VMS45VRRCRegisTopic018 What kind of doubts? Disgust 25 I just don't trust the words of Caesar's ambassador that much. He's promising a lot, and I don't see the advantage for him. It makes me suspicious. 45
VMS45VRRCRegisTopic019 We fight for Caesar. Sad 30 As you wish. When Caesar goes to war, we go with him. 46
VMS45VRRCRegisTopic020 We fight for the NCR. Fear 30 As you wish. When the Republic goes to war, we go with it. 47
VMS45VRRCRegisTopic021 I'm giving leadership to you. I want you to take the tribe north, and find yourselves a new life. Surprise 25 {Surprised, didn't expect this} I... very well. If that's what you want, that's what we'll do. 48
Happy 30 I'll start the preparations and we'll leave when the NCR is distracted by Caesar's attack. 49
VMS45VRRCRegisTopic022 We fight for ourselves. Bring our warriors to the battle and kill everyone. Fear 30 {Uncertain, thinks this is probably a suicide attack} As you wish, chieftain. 50


GOODBYE Goodbye. Neutral 50 Until next time. 51