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This is a transcript for dialogue with Karl.


GREETING GREETING Happy 50 You're the one making a name for yourself among the troops, aren't you? What is it you need? 1
GREETING Happy 50 Ah, the vaunted hero of the Legion. What can I do for you? 2
GREETING Happy 15 You've been quite difficult to predict, my friend. I hope I can sway you more solidly to the Legion's way of thinking. 3
GREETING Disgust 30 Caesar is not fond of loose cannons like yourself. I sincerely hope you change your ways before something drastic must occur. 4
GREETING Disgust 50 I've been warned about you. You are perilously close to making an enemy of Caesar, and that is not wise. 5
GREETING Surprise 25 I understand you've been invited to meet with Caesar. You should be aware of the honor you've been granted. 6
GREETING Anger 50 If we weren't in Khan territory I would kill you where you stand. Caesar will be avenged! 7
GREETING Anger 20 Caesar's death was tragic, but do not think that it will break the Legion's resolve. 8
GREETING Anger 25 Caesar's veterans will arrive from Arizona soon, and there will be no stopping our victory. 9
GREETING Anger 10 Greetings in the name of {KAI-zar} Caesar. 10
GREETING Anger 35 I understand you've been talking to the Great Khans about breaking their oaths to great Caesar. I would call that... unwise. 11
GREETING Neutral 50 What more do you want? 12
KarlCaesar Who are you? Happy 50 My name is Karl. Glorious Caesar has sent me as an emissary to the Great Khans as a token of our alliance. 13
KarlGreatKhans What do you think of the Great Khans? Disgust 50 {Shifty, doesn't really believe what he's saying.} They're a tribe of fine warriors, with many proud traditions and a glorious history. They will be worthy additions to the Legion. 14
I've been wondering why you don't petition the Khans for membership as a show of allegiance. Disgust 75 [SUCCEEDED] Join? Oh, no, I simply couldn't. That is... I'm {choking on this, REALLY hates to say it} not worthy of such an honor. 15
What do you think of the Great Khans? Sad 50 [FAILED] Alas, my first loyalty is to Caesar, and a soldier cannot have two masters. 16
RRCLegionAmbush RRCLegionAmbush Disgust 35 You've been a persistent annoyance. I had hoped to avoid this, but it seems I have no choice but to deal with you myself. 17
VMS45VRRCKarlTopic000 Let's get this over with then. Anger 30 Well-spoken. 18
VMS45VRRCKarlTopic001 Send your whole damned Legion if you want - I'll water the desert with their blood. Fear 100 Noooooooo! 19
VMS45VRRCKarlTopic002 But surely a warrior in service of glorious Caesar is the equal of any tribe's finest? Anger 30 [SUCCEEDED] {Getting annoyed} Of course I am! {Smoother, recovering} That is to say, Caesar has many fine warriors, and I wouldn't wish to compare them to the Great Khans. 20
Wow, you're not worthy to join a scruffy tribe of has-been desert raiders? You must suck. Disgust 25 [FAILED] You insult our hosts, where I wouldn't dare to. You might want to watch that talk around Papa Khan. 21
VMS45VRRCKarlTopic003 Because you know they'd come up lacking? Anger 50 [SUCCEEDED] {Furious} Enough! How dare you compare Caesar's finest to this tribe of savages? The mightiest Great Khan is scarcely a match for a Legion recruit! 22
Anger 75 The Burned Man would leave their mightiest shitting themselves in terror! I would... {Beat, realizing what he's just done} Uhhh, that is.... 23
Well-spoken. You win this round. Disgust 50 [FAILED] Win? I wasn't aware we were competing. 24
VMS45VRRCKarlTopic004 Interesting opinion, Karl. I wonder what Papa Khan will say about this. Disgust 50 You motherless bastard. You'll pay for this! 25
VMS45VRRCKarlTopic006 What alliance? Anger 10 In exchange for great Caesar's promise of all the lands west of New Vegas, the Khans have agreed to fight alongside the Legion when the time comes. 26
VMS45VRRCKarlTopic007 What's your role in Caesar's Legion? Happy 20 I am one of the {Fru-men-TAR-ee-eye} frumentarii: it is my duty to scout the Wastes in Caesar's name and make contact with any tribes that might serve a useful purpose. 27
Disgust 20 You might say I'm somewhere between a scout and an ambassador. I'm assigned here as part of the alliance between the Legion and the Great Khans. 28
VMS45VRRCKarlTopic008 What does the Legion want with the Great Khans? Disgust 50 Though they have been cruelly oppressed by the NCR, the Khans remain great warriors. {Choking on this a little; he's lying and it galls him} The Legion is honored to have such allies in battle. 29
VMS45VRRCKarlTopic009 I had some other questions. Neutral 50 Speak, then. 30


GOODBYE Goodbye. Neutral 50 Yes. Goodbye. 31