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This is a transcript for dialogue with Jerry the Punk.


GREETING GREETING Happy 50 I'm so much happier now. Thank you again. 1
GREETING Disgust 25 {Sullen youth, has just been surprised doing something embarassinng} What do you want? 2
GREETING Disgust 35 {Sarcastic} Oh look, it's the conformist tool. 3
GREETING Disgust 50 {Sarcastic} How much ass did you have to kick to get Papa Khan to like you so much? 4
GREETING Happy 15 {Thinks the player is totally cool, but doesn't want to admit it} Oh, hey. What's up? 5
GREETING Happy 50 I can't believe you're talking to me, this is so cool! I mean, uh... dude, what's up? 6
GREETING Anger 25 You going to make fun of me too? 7
GREETING Anger 35 I really don't want to deal with this right now. 8
GREETING Disgust 15 {Sullen youth} What? 9
JerryCaesar What do you think about the Khans' alliance with Caesar? Disgust 25 Huh? Wait, what are you talking about? We're allied with Caesar now? Psh. Typical. Nobody tells me anything. 10
JerryFollowers The Followers have agreed to take you on as a member. Head to the Old Mormon Fort. Happy 50 They did? That's great! Thank you! I'm out of this crummy camp! 11
JerryInitiation What is this initiation? Disgust 25 Everybody has to do it. Well, everybody who wants to be a Khan, anyways. They toss you into the ring there and beat on you for a solid minute. 12
Fear 35 If you survive, you're in. 13
JerryIntro What are you doing? Sad 35 Oh, nothing really. Just trying to psych myself up to try my initiation. Again. {Totally unconvincing roar} Raaaar! 14
JerryKhans Can you tell me about the Great Khans? Disgust 35 I can tell you they're a bunch of big dumb jerks with no appreciation for art. I mean, can you believe their initiation? 15
JerryPoetry I'd like to hear some of your poetry. Happy 50 You would? Really? Okay, well then, here goes: 16
I'd like to hear some of your poetry. Happy 25 This one's a haiku. 17
Happy 25 {Clear throat, begin reciting} Radscorpion bites, 18
Happy 25 my foot in the box canyon. 19
Happy 50 Ow, ow, ow, ow... ow. 20
I'd like to hear some of your poetry. Happy 25 {Clear throat, begin reciting} I wrote this limerick the last time I went to Freeside. 21
Happy 50 There once was a fellow called Garret, 22
Happy 25 whose sister she did love to bare it. 23
Happy 35 She flashed it around, all over town, 24
Happy 45 so if you would screw her, beware it. 25
Fear 25 {back to normal speaking} I, uh, got kicked out of the Atomic Wrangler for that one. 26
I'd like to hear some of your poetry. Sad 50 This is a poem I wrote about the dark loneliness that suffuses my soul. 27
Sad 50 {Clear throat, begin reciting} Rainclouds wrap my heart in sorrow black as silk, 28
Sad 50 My empty scream does not echo, even though we're in a canyon. 29
Sad 50 My soul aches, but not as much as my limbs, because I've been beaten severely. 30
I'd like to hear some of your poetry. Happy 50 Here's one about the girl I love. 31
Happy 75 {Clear throat, begin reciting} Her hair stands tall, like the spiky bits on a Deathclaw. 32
Happy 75 Her eyes are bright as radioactive sludge, glowing with the light of love. 33
Anger 50 But when I talk to her, she laughs and mocks and has her brothers beat me. 34
Sad 100 Oh, why do nice girls hate me? 35
I'd like to hear some of your poetry. Fear 25 That's it. What do you think? 36
VMS47VRRCJerrythePunkTopic000 That doesn't sound so bad. Disgust 40 Sure, maybe not if you're some hulking reprobate like Regis or baked to the gills like Jack. I've tried five times and still haven't made it. 37
VMS47VRRCJerrythePunkTopic001 It sounds like you're not happy being a Great Khan. Maybe you'd be happier someplace else. Happy 50 [SUCCEEDED] Maybe you're right. Maybe I can find my true calling, someplace they'll appreciate my poetry! Someplace like the Old Mormon Fort, maybe. 38
Fear 25 Do you think the Followers of the Apocalypse would take me? I remember all those books they brought us when they visited our tribe. 39
Maybe you should just ditch this place. Sad 35 [FAILED] I don't know... the Khans don't really get me, but at least they're family, you know? 40
VMS47VRRCJerrythePunkTopic002 Why don't you just cheat? Neutral 50 Cheat? The only way I could cheat is if I was so doped up on painkillers that I don't feel anything. 41
VMS47VRRCJerrythePunkTopic003 Just wait here a minute, I'll be back with some Med-X. Neutral 50 Really? Wow, um... okay. Thanks. 42
VMS47VRRCJerrythePunkTopic004 <Give Med-X> Painkillers like these, you mean? Neutral 50 Whoa... you were serious. Okay, yeah, this might just work. Thanks. 43
VMS47VRRCJerrythePunkTopic005 Well then, never mind. Neutral 50 Okay. 44
VMS47VRRCJerrythePunkTopic006 It sounded like you were writing poetry. Fear 15 Oh. You heard that, huh? Okay, so yeah, I was writing poetry. I know, I know, it's not a very Great Khan-like thing to do. 45
Happy 25 The Followers of the Apocalypse came to our camp when I was a kid, and they brought a bunch of old books. I used to read pre-War poetry for hours. 46
VMS47VRRCJerrythePunkTopic007 You don't sound too eager for your initiation. Sad 35 Yeah, well, I guess maybe I'm not. But what else can I do? 47
VMS47VRRCJerrythePunkTopic008 I had some other questions, actually. Neutral 50 Sure, okay. 48
VMS47VRRCJerrythePunkTopic009 Why isn't poetry "Great Khan-like?" Disgust 35 Have you seen this tribe? If it's not an epic drunken ballad of cracking skulls and hearing lamentations they think it's a waste of time. 49
VMS47VRRCJerrythePunkTopic010 I could ask them for you. Fear 30 You'd do that? Thanks! I mean, I'd go myself, but what if they said no? The Khans wouldn't take me back, and then I'd have nobody. 50
VMS47VRRCJerrythePunkTopic011 Why don't you go there and find out? Fear 35 I don't know. I mean, I'd go myself, but what if they said no? The Khans wouldn't take me back, and then I'd have nobody. 51
VMS47VRRCJerrythePunkTopic012 Probably. You seem like their type. Fear 35 You think so? I mean, I'd go myself, but what if they said no? The Khans wouldn't take me back, and then I'd have nobody. 52
VMS47VRRCJerrythePunkTopic013 That's not really my problem, is it? Sad 35 No, I suppose not. 53
VMS47VRRCJerrythePunkTopic014 What do you know about the Followers of the Apocalypse? Surprise 25 Not much. They found us when we came to the Mojave, gave us a bunch of books on science and history - I guess they're like teachers or something? 54
VMS47VRRCJerrythePunkTopic015 Wow, that... really was something. Happy 100 You liked it? Wow, you're the first one who ever did! 55
VMS47VRRCJerrythePunkTopic016 That was terrible. Really, really awful. Disgust 50 {Sullen youth} Psh. Whatever. 56


GOODBYE Goodbye. Neutral 50 Whatever. 57
JerryPoetryBarks JerryPoetryBarks Neutral 50 Hmm, indulgent, what rhymes with indulgent? Efful- no, no, that's terrible. 58
JerryPoetryBarks Neutral 50 Silver... silver what? Silver eyes? No, "eyes" doesn't rhyme... 59
JerryPoetryBarks Neutral 50 One, two, three... dammit, too many syllables! 60
JerryPoetryBarks Neutral 50 There once was a man of stout heart... heart, heart, what rhymes with heart? 61
JerryPoetryBarks Neutral 50 I wonder if anything rhymes with "Cazador?" 62
JerryPoetryBarks Neutral 50 Hmm, maybe I should write something about how much the Great Khans suck. 63
JerryPoetryBarks Neutral 50 How do you spell "gesticulate?" 64