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This is a transcript for dialogue with Ezekiel.


EzekielGreatKhans Julie Farkas said you might know something about the Great Khans. Happy 35 Oh my, yes! They're a fascinating tribe with a long and, unfortunately, tragic history. 1
Sad 35 Their original incarnation, much farther out west, was almost completely wiped out by one of those itinerant heroes so common in the post-War years. 2
Sad 20 Then of course the "New Khans" suffered a similar fate, some say at the hands of the same hero, though of course the dates are all wrong for that. 3
GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 You look like someone with a question. What can I do for you? 4
VMS45VRRCEzekielTopic000 This is fascinating. Please continue. Pained 20 Well, after they migrated to the Mojave, we established relations with them, but that soured when all they wanted was to make drugs. 5
Happy 35 The NCR eventually took them down quite a bit, but the really fascinating thing about them is the origin of their culture as a whole. You see.... 6
VMS45VRRCEzekielTopic001 Can I get the abridged version? Sad 20 Oh, of course! I'm sorry, I do tend to get wrapped up in my own theories and forget that not everyone finds them as fascinating as I do. 7
Happy 25 Here, I salvaged this book from an old library. It's a history of a people called the {over-enunciate, like it's unfamiliar} Mongols. I think that's what the Khans built their culture on. 8
Happy 30 You should read it, it's fascinating stuff. 9