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This is a transcript for dialogue with Nero.


GREETING GREETING Disgust 15 Get the fuck out of my room. 1
GREETING Disgust 15 I thought I told you to get the fuck out of here. 2
GREETING Anger 15 Hey pal, thanks for helping us shape things up. You're good people. 3
GREETING Disgust 15 Take a seat on the couch please, so we can have a little talking time. 4
GREETING Disgust 15 I'm on my way to have some private time, give me some peace. 5
GREETING Disgust 15 I'm on my way to my office, give me a little time before you get in my face. 6
GREETING Disgust 15 Come to my office, we'll have a little chat with Cachino. 7
GREETING Neutral 50 You're always welcome here, good to see you again. Let's chat, what's on your mind? 8
GREETING Neutral 50 Hey, you're the one everyone's talking about. What business you got with me? 9
GREETING Neutral 50 What do you need? I'm a busy man. 10
VMS21BossGreeting VMS21BigSalGreeting Neutral 50 Is this you asking for a last request? 11
vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic000 I'd like to talk to you about Troike. Neutral 50 My associate Big Sal deals with Troike and his business. When my shift down here is done you can talk to him. 12
{Speech, Convince Sal or Nero to buy guns from Mick & Ralph again}
You should buy guns from Mick and Ralph, people are starting to ask questions. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] We don't want to draw attention to ourselves. Alright, we'll give them a little bit of extra business. 13
Mick and Ralph would...Um... Enjoy selling the Omertas guns. Neutral 50 [FAILED] They're small timers, I could give a fuck what they would enjoy. 14
vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic013 I have proof one of your Lieutenants is dealing behind your back. Neutral 50 Like hell you do, show me what you have or get the fuck out of my face. 15
{Barter Options}
This will be worth your while, so much that you won't regret paying 300 caps for it. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] This'll be worth your while. I wouldn't be here talking to you otherwise. 16
You give me 4500 caps and I'll let you look at the proof I found. Neutral 50 [FAILED] I'm not sure if you're funny or just stupid, but I'm not amused. Make me a real offer and we can talk. 17
vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic018 How is Cachino going to be handled? Neutral 50 Come to my office and you'll see. 18
vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic020 What kind of help do you need? Neutral 50 We have two contractors, a guy named Troike and one named Clanden. They've both been running into some issues. 19
vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic021 Tell me about the plan. Neutral 50 We call it Racket, and it is going to show Not-At-Home and every other fucker in our business just what the Family can do. 20
vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic022 Let's talk about something else Neutral 50 Okay, let's chat. 21
vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic023 I don't have any more questions right now. Neutral 50 Come find me when you have something you need to say. 22
vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic027 What was Cachino's role in the plan? Neutral 50 Cachino was my Man Friday. He took care of what needed to be taken care of. Had no idea what a dumb son of a bitch he was. 23
vDialogueGomorrahVMS21NeroTopic000 What kind of business do you do here? Neutral 50 All kinds of business, most of it is ours. 24
vDialogueGomorrahVMS21NeroTopic001 I'll show it to you for 100 caps. Neutral 50 I'll show you what I have, but if it doesn't rock my world then we're going to have a long talk. 25
{Updates on Racket}
I helped Troike out, like you asked. Neutral 50 I heard, we'll be needing those guns. Word on the street is you handled those Fiend freaks like a real pro. 26
I finished that work for Clanden. Neutral 50 Yeah, I heard. I wasn't sold on the whole gas thing. He's the expert though. It sounds like this chlorine thing is going to work out real well. 27
I finished all the work you had for me. Neutral 50 I heard you did some good work for us. Thank you. Here's a little cash from us to you. Try not to spend it all in one place. 28
vDialogueGomorrahVMS21NeroTopic003 Let's talk about something else. Neutral 50 I'm not sure I have anything I want to hear from you, but you can have your moment. 29
vDialogueGomorrahVMS21NeroTopic004 Nevermind. Neutral 50 Then get the fuck out of my face. 30
vDialogueGomorrahVMS21NeroTopic005 Cachino was talking about big plans for the Family. Anger 50 Really? That two-faced son of a bitch. I'm glad now that we kept him mostly out of the loop. Look, we could use your help with some things. 31
Neutral 50 Especially with Cachino gone, we could use another pair of competent hands, and I think you can provide that. 32
vGomorrahBossChips I'm planning on playing some games in the Casino. Neutral 50 {Laughs} Real subtle. Here you go. Play some games. Have some fun. 33


VMS21CachinoExecution1 VMS21CachinoExecution1 Neutral 50 Cachino, we've been friends for a long time. A real long time, but this time you really fucked up. 34
VMS21CachinoExecution1 Disgust 50 You've been with the Family long enough to know how this goes. I'm sorry you had to fuck this up. Goodbye, you were a real benefit to the business. 35
VMS21CachinoExecution3 VMS21CachinoExecution3 Disgust 50 You've been with the Family long enough to know how this goes. I'm sorry you had to fuck this up. Goodbye, you were a real benefit to the business. 36
VMS21OfficeBark VMS21OfficeBark Neutral 50 Please, have a seat. Let's have a bit of a pow-wow. 37