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This is a transcript for dialogue with Cachino.


GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 Hey, thanks for all the hard work back there. I'm going to run a tight ship here, don't you worry. 1
GREETING Neutral 50 It is time for the meeting with the bosses. We can't chit chat right now. 2
GREETING Neutral 50 {Placeholder for Top Level topics, and topics that become top level} 3
GREETING Anger 50 I hear you been asking questions about me, dickweed. What the fuck do you want? 4
GREETING Anger 30 You again? What the fuck do you want? 5
GREETING Fear 25 Hey, hey! Look who it is.{Nervous laugh} My best buddy. 6
GREETING Happy 20 Hey, what can I do for you? 7
vDialogueGomorrahVMS21CachinoTopic000 The Omertas won't take kindly to hearing about your relationship with Joana. Neutral 50 Joana? That bitch spreading lies about me? I've got a lesson to teach her about loose lips. 8
vDialogueGomorrahVMS21CachinoTopic001 I hear you've been doing some business on the side. Neutral 50 Business? What the fuck do you mean business? You looking to get yourself burned? 9
Neutral 50 Now you start talking real clear, and I mean fucking crystal clear, because I'm about to lose my patience. 10
vDialogueGomorrahVMS21CachinoTopic002 What can you tell me about Gomorrah? Neutral 50 I banged Lot's wife and licked her salty ass. The fuck do I look like? I'm the one asking the questions here. 11
Neutral 50 Now tell me why you been dropping {droppin'} my name before I get some muscle over here and we find a private place to talk{Talk emphasized} . 12
vDialogueGomorrahVMS21CachinoTopic003 I hear you've been dealing with some business that is off limits for the family. Neutral 50 I don't give half a dick what you've heard. Now get the fuck out of my face before I burn your sorry ass. 13
vDialogueGomorrahVMS21CachinoTopic004 Is this journal worth 100 caps to you? Neutral 50 I can pay you for it, of course. I also have some information about the Family's business that you might find interesting. 14
Neutral 50 Between you and I we can break up what they're planning, maybe save some lives... Mine included, of course. 15
Ok, 100 caps and you help me break up whatever your bosses have planned. Neutral 50 Oh, here are some caps. Now give me the journal. Right, there we go. So let me tell you what I know about the Family's business. 16
Neutral 50 The Bosses, Big Sal and Nero, have been working for a while on this. They're arming themselves like an army, using this new guy, Troike. 17
Neutral 50 They also brought in a specialist named Clanden. At least that's what they introduced him as. 18
vDialogueGomorrahVMS21CachinoTopic005 I found this ledger that proves some of your side business. Neutral 50 Where the fuck did you get that? {Nervous} Okay, listen buddy... That's some dangerous shit you got there. 19
Neutral 50 That book could get me killed, if the wrong people see it. Let's talk, what do you want? What can I do for you? 20
I'd like to talk to you about your journal. Neutral 50 Yeah. I hope you're looking to do some business with me. I think it could be mutually beneficial. 21
vDialogueGomorrahVMS21CachinoTopic006 Do you think the Family would like to see this? Neutral 50 I can't stop you, but that's gonna mean my death. I can make it worth your while to give it to me though. 22
Neutral 50 Plus, if you go to the bosses I can't help you stop what they've been doing. 23
vDialogueGomorrahVMS21CachinoTopic007 I think I'm going to keep this for a little while. Neutral 50 All right, all right. I can't stop you, but I think we can help each other out. 24
Neutral 50 I know Not-At-Home and the NCR would be happy to get some dirt on the Family. I can help you get that dirt, and you got me by the short hairs. 25
<Barter Option>
I'll consider giving this to you, for some cash up front. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] Okay, you got me by the balls. Here's a couple hundred caps, maybe that'll buy your friendship. 26
Err... Well if you give me everything you have, I'll consider making a deal. Neutral 50 [FAILED] Do I look like some kind of fool? I'm not paying you so you can double deal on me. 27
vDialogueGomorrahVMS21CachinoTopic009 Why don't you try and take it from me? Neutral 50 You wanna come into a back room and give me a chance? Didn't think so. 28
Neutral 50 Much as I'd love to put my fist through your neck, Mr. House frowns on that kind of behavior, so it'd get me killed just as quick as that book. 29
vDialogueGomorrahVMS21CachinoTopic010 Clanden has been handled already. Happy 35 Oh? Is that so, well I can't say that I'm sad to see that fucker gone. 30
What kind of specialist is Clanden? Neutral 50 I got no fucking idea. They let him have the run of the place though. He seems like a nice guy, but he makes nervous. 31
Neutral 50 He's a little arrogant, but he's too nice. Too open, I've never seen him fucking or gambling. Everyone has a vice, but this guy seems like the Pope. 32
vDialogueGomorrahVMS21CachinoTopic011 Tell me about this Troike. Neutral 50 He's a skittish little fucker. Spends half the day pumping his body full of chems and the other half pumping hookers with his willy. 33
Neutral 50 He has some kind of connections, so he's able to smuggle huge shipments of weapons into the strip. 34
Neutral 50 The bosses got him by the short hairs. We covered up a hooker he killed while flying on some psycho, so he gets us guns in exchange for not ratting. 35
Tell me about this Troike. Neutral 50 You took care of Troike already, you don't need to worry about him. 36
vDialogueGomorrahVMS21CachinoTopic012 Do you know anything about what they are planning? Neutral 50 No, just that it involves guns and muscle. Also that it's big. Very big. Only Nero and Big Sal know everything, and they ain't telling. 37
vDialogueGomorrahVMS21CachinoTopic013 Um, nevermind. Sorry I said something. Neutral 50 Damn right you're sorry. 38
vDialogueGomorrahVMS21CachinoTopic014 That's all the questions I have for now. I may have more later. Neutral 50 Okay. You can find me here, or upstairs in my room. I'll let the muscle know you're a friend of mine, that should let you get around a little easier. 39
vDialogueGomorrahVMS21CachinoTopic015 I have a couple more questions. Neutral 50 Okay toss 'em at me. 40
{Tell Cachino the bosses plans have been disrupted}
Troike is on his way to destroy the guns for me. Neutral 50 You better get outside for a little bit. I'm sure they are going to look for the infamous courier when things go to hell. 41
Troike destroyed the guns for me. Neutral 50 Yeah, poor fucker got himself caught after he melted all the guns. Bastard mentioned your name before they shot him in the head. 42
Neutral 50 Now the bosses want to see you. 43
I destroyed all the guns. Neutral 50 Whoa{surprised} , you managed to pull that off? Solid work. That ought to gum up the bosses' plans. 44
Troike gave me some Thermite to destroy the guns. Neutral 50 Well, what the fuck are you talking to me for? Go destroy the damn guns so we can move on. 45
Clanden has been arrested. Neutral 50 Yeah, we saw the troopers come through. I can't imagine things are going to work out well for him. 46
Clanden is leaving Gomorrah and won't be back. Neutral 50 Oh, is that right? Well I guess if he's gone, he's gone. I don't need to know anything more than that. 47
Clanden is dead. Neutral 50 Oh, is that right? Was that your handiwork? Well I can't say I'm sad to see him go, he gave me the fucking creeps. 48
vDialogueGomorrahVMS21CachinoTopic017 I have some questions about the Bosses plans. Neutral 50 Alright, let's have them. 49
What's the next step in breaking up the bosses plans?
What's the next step in breaking up the bosses plans? Neutral 50 Now we cut off the head of the serpent. Big Sal and Nero have to die. 50
vDialogueGomorrahVMS21CachinoTopic019 Why do they need to die? Neutral 50 As long as they're alive, they can start up their plans again. All you've managed to do is stall them. I guarantee you they have contingencies. 51
vDialogueGomorrahVMS21CachinoTopic020 How do we take care of the bosses? Neutral 50 They're a little bit upset about what's been done to muck up their plans. They tasked me to find out who's responsible. 52
Neutral 50 There isn't going to be another chance to get both of them together in the same room. I'll slip you a gun and we can take them out. 53
vDialogueGomorrahVMS21CachinoTopic021 What happens when the bosses are gone? Neutral 50 When they're gone I'm gonna run this joint. Don't worry, I'll take care of the place. 54
{Speech Check}
They are going to expect something from me, you can do it and surprise them. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] Alright, I'll take care of them. Just give me the word when to start shooting. 55
I'm not a very good shot, you should kill them. Neutral 50 [FAILED] If you aren't a good shot then we're fucked anyways. No, I think you're going to have to do it. 56
vDialogueGomorrahVMS21CachinoTopic023 Let's go take care of the bosses. Neutral 50 Hurry and get ready. I'll give you a gun when you get to the room. 57
Let's go take care of the bosses. Neutral 50 Hurry and get ready. I'll be waiting for you there when you're ready. 58
vDialogueGomorrahVMS21CachinoTopic024 I'm not ready to take out the bosses yet. Neutral 50 Hurry and get ready. I'll give you a gun when you get to the room. 59
I'm not ready to take out the bosses yet. Neutral 50 Hurry and get ready. I'll be waiting for you there when you're ready. 60
vDialogueGomorrahVMS21CachinoTopic025 I found these tapes in Clanden's room, can you verify this is him? Neutral 50 Yeah this is Clanden, this guy is one sick motherfucker. The way I see it you have a few options. 61
Neutral 50 Maybe you could use what's on these tapes to get him by himself, or maybe you could use them to leverage him out of the casino. 62
I spoke to Clanden, and I couldn't get anything out of him. Neutral 50 I figured you might have that problem. That guy is pretty much a mystery. I did some asking around about him, on the down-low of course. 63
Neutral 50 Turns out the bosses' plans are right fucked without him. Killing him would probably work wonders, just don't let anyone see you do it. 64
vGomorrahBossChips I'm planning on playing some games in the Casino. Neutral 50 Of course, after all you did for me, here are some chips for you. Play, have some fun. 65


VMS21CachinoExecution1 VMS21CachinoExecution1 Fear 65 I'm sorry boss... Sometimes I just can't control myself. I dunno what's wrong with me. I swear, I can turn this around. Just gimme another chance. 66
VMS21CachinoExecution1 Fear 65 I know boss, and I know it is going to be hard for you to trust me again. But are you going to take the word of this outsider over mine? 67
VMS21CachinoExecution2 VMS21CachinoExecution2 Fear 65 I'm sorry boss... Sometimes I just can't control myself. I dunno what's wrong with me. I swear, I can turn this around. Just gimme another chance. 68
VMS21CachinoExecution2 Fear 65 I know boss, and I know it is going to be hard for you to trust me again. But are you going to take the word of this outsider over mine? 69
VMS21CachinoGun VMS21CachinoGun Neutral 50 Hey, here is that gun I promised you. I suggest using it while they are talking, I'm pretty sure they're going to kill you after they've talked. 70
VMS21CachinoGun Neutral 50 Hey, I'll take care of them when you're ready, just say the word. I suggest doing it while they're talking to get the drop on them. 71


RNVNewsStory2 RNVNewsStoryLine2 Neutral 50 {Cachino:} Before he left, Nero told me him and Big Sal were real tired, see? Said they were gonna go camping up at Lake Mead. 72
RNVNewsStory3 RNVNewsStoryLine3 Neutral 50 {Cachino:} Said he'd always wanted to sleep with the Lakelurks. 73