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This is a transcript for dialogue with Big Sal.


GREETING GREETING Anger 15 This is my room, now you get the fuck out before you get yourself hurt. 1
GREETING Anger 15 I warned you, now it is time to eat hot fucking lead. 2
GREETING Anger 15 Hey, thanks for all the help back there. 3
GREETING Anger 15 Take a seat on the couch over there, Nero and me want to have a little talk with you. 4
GREETING Anger 15 I'm on my way to my room, I don't have time to chat with you right now. 5
GREETING Anger 15 I don't have time to chat right now. If you have business, wait for me to get settled in. 6
GREETING Happy 30 Hey, you're Cachino's friend. You got business with me? 7
GREETING Happy 10 Thanks for bringing Cachino's transgressions to our attention. Shame we had to put him down, he was a good lieutenant. 8
GREETING Neutral 50 Hey, it's my good friend again. What can I do for you? 9
GREETING Anger 25 Hold up, I gotta have a chat with Cachino. 10
GREETING Neutral 50 You got something you need to talk about? 11
VMS21BossGreeting VMS21BigSalGreeting Neutral 50 So I assume you know why we called you here? 12
vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic000 I'd like to talk to you about Troike. Neutral 50 Ah, Troike? What's he want? Some more Jet, a fresh batch of girls? Maybe a guy or two this time? 13
vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic001 What kind of business do you do here? Neutral 50 We run a hotel. What do you think our business is? 14
{Barter Options}
<Lie>Troike wants to see about negotiation some lower prices for weapons for you guys. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] Really? That was his idea? Alright, he can go. Hopefully he finds us some good deals out there. 15
Um... I'm sure you have enough guns. Neutral 50 [FAILED] You're really funny. I like you. But no. We still have business for Troike. 16
vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic003 Actually, I'd like to see about getting him out of his obligations to you. Neutral 50 {laughs} Why would I want to do that? 17
vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic004 Something about his story doesn't sit right with me. Neutral 50 What? That he's a murdering Jet-head? Not a new story around here. 18
vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic005 On second thought, let's talk about something else. Neutral 50 Okay, what's on your mind? 19
{Speech Options}
Troike is pretty strung out. He'll be more trouble than he is worth. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] Yeah, I see where you're coming from. Okay, tell Troike he can hit the road. 20
Well I'm sure he's be a very productive worker, he could use some vacation time. Neutral 50 [FAILED] Nah, I don't think so. We've still got some work for him to do. 21
vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic007 He seems pretty tired. Happy 25 I bet he does. That's from hookers and chems. His work for us is the most restful part of his day. 22
{Speech, Convince Sal or Nero to buy guns from Mick & Ralph again}
You should buy guns from Mick and Ralph, people are starting to ask questions. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] Alright, you've done some good work for us. I'll do this as a favor for you. 23
Mick and Ralph would...Um... Enjoy selling the Omertas guns. Neutral 50 [FAILED] Yeah, I'm sure they enjoy the cash flow, but that doesn't mean dick to me. 24
Mick and Ralph are curious why you stopped buying guns from them. Neutral 50 Sorry, but I don't know you from Adam, and you don't have any business getting in our business. 25
vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic009 No idea. Neutral 50 Well you've been a real thorn in our side. We've got business plans. You set us back a little bit, I'll admit that. 26
Neutral 50 However, we wanted you to know that nothing you did made a shit bit of difference, and you're going to die a failure. 27
vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic010 I hear you lost some guns. Neutral 50 Yeah, we lost some guns{in a mocking tone} you little weasel. However, we can get more guns. You slowed us down but you can't stop us. 28
Neutral 50 You're gonna die a failure. 29
vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic011 Time to die, Sal. Neutral 50 Alright, let's dance. 30
vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic012 Cachino! Shoot now. Neutral 50 Cachino? What the fu...{fuck interrupted} 31
vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic013 I have proof one of your Lieutenants is dealing behind your back. Neutral 50 Do you now? Let's see it. 32
vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic014 Is it worth 100 caps to you? Neutral 50 Here, now give it over. 33
Neutral 50 What the fuck is this shit? Cachino, you dumb motherfucker. Yeah, we are going to have some words with Cachino. Meet me in my office. {Cachino you dumb motherfucker is mumbled to himself, not to the player} 34
{Barter Options}
I'll give it to you for 200 caps. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] Ok, that sounds fair. 35
I'll give you the journal for... um... 5% of Gomorrah's earnings. Neutral 50 [FAILED] {Laughs} You're real funny. Man, I haven't had a laugh like that in days. Thanks. Now, let's get real here. 36
vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic016 I wanted to ask you another question first. Neutral 50 Make it snappy. 37
vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic017 Actually I have some other business to take care of. Neutral 50 Thanks for wasting my time. 38
vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic018 How is Cachino going to be handled? Neutral 50 He'll be handled in the way the Family handles these situations. I want you there for this, come meet me in my office. 39
vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic019 Cachino mentioned you had something big planned. Neutral 50 Did he now? Funny that, more backstabbing. Yeah, we got something big planned. I was actually hoping to jaw at you about that. 40
Neutral 50 Now that Cachino is gone, we need some help wrapping some things up, and you seem like the resourceful type. 41
I have more questions about your plans. Neutral 50 Okay, what do you need to know? 42
vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic020 What kind of help do you need? Neutral 50 Two of the players, Troike and Clanden, have some problems that need to be solved. Ask them what they need. 43
vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic021 Tell me about the plan. Neutral 50 The plan is called Racket, but that's all the info you're going to get out of me right now. 44
vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic022 Let's talk about something else Neutral 50 What's on your mind? 45
vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic023 I don't have any more questions right now. Neutral 50 Alright, come back any time. 46
{Updates on Racket}
I helped Troike out, like you asked. Neutral 50 I heard, we'll be needing those guns. Word on the street is you handled those Fiend freaks like a real pro. 47
I finished that work for Clanden. Neutral 50 Yeah, I heard. I wasn't sold on the whole gas thing. He's the expert though. It sounds like this chlorine thing is going to work out real well. 48
I'm all done with that work you needed. Neutral 50 I heard you did some good work for us. Thank you. Here's a little cash from us to you. Try not to spend it all in one place. 49
vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic025 Did one of your contractors get lost? Neutral 50 Yeah, Clanden will be hard to replace but not impossible. We'll find contractors just like him without breaking a sweat. 50
{Speech options}
As a last request, will you tell me more about your plan? Surprise 50 [SUCCEEDED] Are you shitting me? You didn't even know what the plan was? Yeah, as a last request I guess we can give you that courtesy. 51
Err.. can you tell me what the plan was? Neutral 50 [FAILED] Sorry, but you're going to have to die ignorant. 52
vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic027 What was Cachino's role in the plan? Neutral 50 As one of our captains, Cachino was{pause} kind of like a project manager. He made sure people had what they needed to get their jobs done. 53
vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic028 So tell me about your plan. Neutral 50 Caesar asked us to provide a distraction on the Strip. So when he gives the word we're going to launch an all out assault on the Strip. 54
Neutral 50 First we're going to blow the Embassy, then we're going to use soldiers to kill every last motherfucker on the Strip. Then we'll run this joint. 55
Neutral 50 That'll teach Not-At-Home what can go on while he sits in his fucking ivory tower lording down from on high. 56
vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic029 <Lie> Well Nero didn't tell me any of this when he convinced me to take you out. Neutral 50 The fuck? I knew there had to be someone higher up helping you. Nero, you backstabbing, two-timing motherfucker. I knew this day would come. 57
vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic030 Can I buy out the rest of his contract for 300 caps? Neutral 50 {Pensive} Yeah, that sounds alright to me. I bet we can find someone to do his work for that much. Tell him to get going. 58
vGomorrahBossChips I'm planning on playing some games in the Casino. Neutral 50 You play some games, have some fun. You did right by us. 59


GOODBYE Goodbye. Neutral 50 Thanks for wasting my time. 60
Goodbye. Neutral 50 Alright, come back any time. 61
VMS21CachinoExecution1 VMS21CachinoExecution1 Neutral 50 Cachino, you've really disappointed me. 62
VMS21CachinoExecution1 Anger 50 I don't wanna fucking hear it. You've lost the trust of the family. Goodbye, I hope Hell isn't too hot for you. 63
VMS21CachinoExecution3 VMS21CachinoExecution3 Anger 50 I don't wanna fucking hear it. You've lost the trust of the family. Goodbye, I hope Hell isn't too hot for you. 64
VMS21OfficeBark VMS21OfficeBark Neutral 50 Let's have some words. Take a seat on the couch so we can get to talking. 65