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This is a transcript for dialogue with Heck Gunderson.


GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 What's this about the White Glove Society? 1
GREETING Neutral 50 You got me my boy back. I got no words. 2
Neutral 50 Now... I hope you didn't do no harm to whoever's responsible for this. I wanna skin their hides myself. 3
GREETING Neutral 50 You got a lot of nerve sticking around here. If I didn't have better things to do I'd thump your skull for what you said. 4
GREETING Neutral 50 Tell me good news. 5
GREETING Neutral 50 {To himself} Ted, where are you, boy? 6
GREETING Neutral 50 Beg your pardon, stranger, but I'm looking for someone. You ain't seen a young man with dark brown hair and a white hat on lately, have you? 7
GREETING Neutral 50 You ain't heard anything about my boy, have you? 8
GREETING Neutral 50 You done right by me. I appreciate it. 9
VMS18SecuritronArrestHeck VMS18SecuritronArrestHeck Anger 80 What in blazes? That's my son you're talking about! He ain't dead. I'm looking for him. {enraged. he's being arrested for his son's murder.} 10
VMS18SecuritronArrestHeck Anger 80 Where's my son? What'd you do with my boy? 11
VMS18SecuritronArrestHeck Anger 80 You can't do this to me! This is a mistake! 12
VMS18SecuritronArrestHeck Neutral 50 The hell I will. 13
VMS18VMS18HeckGundersonTopic000 No, I haven't. Sad 50 <Sighs> Ain't nobody got one darned piece of news about my boy? Not one lousy speck of information? 14
Neutral 50 Ain't got one Brahmin unaccounted for across a dozen ranches, but I'm here for an hour and my own son just up and disappears on me. 15
VMS18VMS18HeckGundersonTopic002 <Lie> Yes, I saw him here in the hotel. Neutral 50 What? Oh, my God! Where? 16
VMS18VMS18HeckGundersonTopic003 You lost your son? Neutral 50 My boy, Ted. He was right here. I didn't leave him but a minute. I told him to stay put while I talked some things over with the White Glove folks. 17
Neutral 50 He never was one to stay tied down to a spot, though. Gets that from his mother. 18
Neutral 50 Got most of my staff out looking for him now. I'd be out myself, but I keep hoping he'll show up back here. 19
Neutral 50 Course if he does that I'll whup him till his skinny hide turns to leather for putting me through this. But that don't mean I wouldn't be grateful. 20
VMS18VMS18HeckGundersonTopic004 So you're a rancher? Neutral 50 Yep, got a whole mess of brahmins to my name. Bighorners, too. 21
Neutral 50 Used to just have the one ranch, but land was easy to grab before the soldiers moved in. 22
Neutral 50 Before I knew it I was running one of the biggest ranching operations east of California. 23
Neutral 50 Now everywhere I go, folks I never even met shake my hand and call me "Mr. Gunderson." Don't know quite what to make of that. 24
VMS18VMS18HeckGundersonTopic005 Did you say something about a white glove? Neutral 50 That's what they call themselves, the folk that run this place. They're the ones dressed all fancy with their bowties and shiny dresses. 25
Neutral 50 Some of 'em got masks, too. Real hard to trust folks like that. Couple of them show their faces and that's who I do my business with. 26
Neutral 50 I don't talk to none of the other ones. 27
VMS18VMS18HeckGundersonTopic006 What business did you have here at the hotel? Neutral 50 That's between me and the White Glove Society. 28
Neutral 50 But let's just say they control the food supply around here, and I got lots of food to give, but that ain't as welcome as you might think. 29
VMS18VMS18HeckGundersonTopic007 Let me help find your son. Neutral 50 I'd be more than happy to have you. Heck, I'll hire anybody with a pair of legs and at least one good eye at this point. 30
Neutral 50 There'd be a lot of money in it for you if you can get him back to me safe. 31
Neutral 50 And if he ain't, you can bet I'll pay for the names of the sons of bitches responsible. 32
VMS18VMS18HeckGundersonTopic009 He's over in the bathhouse, wearing a skimpy two-piece bathing suit. Anger 75 What in Creation is the matter with you? Ain't you ever been a parent? Ain't you ever been worried you lost someone? 33
Anger 75 You got a real sick sense of humor. 34
VMS18VMS18HeckGundersonTopic010 Sorry. I didn't realize the situation was so serious. Neutral 50 You're dead right it's serious. I ain't seen my son in hours. Don't know where he went. 35
Neutral 50 Folks round here, some of 'em would kill you soon as look at you. His whole life I tried to keep him at the ranch, away from places like this. 36
Neutral 50 Now I take him here and what happens? 37
VMS18VMS18HeckGundersonTopic012 <Lie> I don't know who took him. I just found him. Neutral 50 Confound it! I just don't know how I'm supposed to sleep knowing whoever done this got away. 38
<Lie> I don't know who took him. I just found him. Neutral 50 All right. Well, I promised you I'd make it worth your while, so here you are. 39
Neutral 50 Try not to lose it all at the same casino. 40
VMS18VMS18HeckGundersonTopic013 You can blame the White Glove Society. They're all cannibals. Neutral 50 Well that does it! None of them maniacs will ever do business with Heck Gunderson long as they live. 41
Neutral 50 Hell, I'll put me together a damn blockade. Hit 'em where it hurts. 42
Neutral 50 They control the food? Well there ain't gonna be no food. Not for anybody in this whole damn town. 43
Neutral 50 It's a goddamned monument to inhumanity. Let 'em starve. Biggest favor anyone's ever done this hellhole. 44
VMS18VMS18HeckGundersonTopic014 Your son is confused. He doesn't know what he's saying. Neutral 50 You better be right. Cause I got me a mind to wipe this town off the map if some of the folks running it are to blame. 45
Neutral 50 Well who did this, if it wasn't the White Gloves? 46
VMS18VMS18HeckGundersonTopic015 Let's not be hasty. You don't have to punish the entire Strip. Neutral 50 The heck I don't! It's their support that gives these bastards power. 47
Let's not be hasty. You don't have to punish the entire Strip. Neutral 50 They all oughtta suffer for what they done. I just won't be satisfied with anything less. Wouldn't be enough. 48
Neutral 50 My mind's made up on this. I'm cutting off the food supply to the Strip. They gotta learn their lesson the hard way, looks like. 49
VMS18VMS18HeckGundersonTopic016 That's just what they'd want. You'd be driving the city to eat each other. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] I don't like this place. Whole Strip, really. Ever since I got here, the stink of it... it's flooded my nostrils. 50
Neutral 50 But you got a point. They're already hell-bent on depravity here. All I'd be doing is helping them along. 51
VMS18VMS18HeckGundersonTopic017 That sounds like a fantastic idea. Neutral 50 Sometimes I got me so many ideas, it's a wonder they don't all just burst outta my head. 52
Neutral 50 This town's headed to perdition anyway. I'm just giving them a little push. 53
VMS18VMS18HeckGundersonTopic018 But, but, but... that's so unfair. You should only punish the man who did it. Neutral 50 [FAILED] No, that ain't enough. It ain't just him. It's this hotel. It's the whole damn Strip, and everybody who takes their money here. 54
Neutral 50 I sensed it when I got here. This place is evil, pure and simple. Everyone did their part. Ted getting taken was just a symptom of the disease. 55
VMS18VMS18HeckGundersonTopic020 Why is your bodyguard allowed to have a gun? Neutral 50 Made me a special arrangement with the hotel. They want to do business with me, they got to play by my rules. 56
Neutral 50 Lot of people out there resent success, might wanna take a swipe at me. This makes them think twice. 57
Neutral 50 If I'd have been thinking, though, I'd have had him watching my boy instead. Then none of this would've happened. 58
VMS18VMS18HeckGundersonTopic021 Ted's been kidnapped. He's here in the hotel. Neutral 50 He's here? Bless you, I thought he was a goner for sure. 59
Neutral 50 Listen, you do what you gotta do to find him. I'd send my men with you but I'm worried they'd kill Ted if we got close. 60
Neutral 50 Reckon you might need one of these. Take it. Just don't wave it around here where they might take it from you. 61
VMS18VMS18HeckGundersonTopic022 Ted's dead. Neutral 50 {Breaking - his son died} Confound it. I knew I shoulda stayed with him. Ted, I'm so sorry, boy. 62
Neutral 50 I demand to know who did this! 63


GOODBYE Goodbye. Neutral 50 Choke on your goodbyes. 64
Goodbye. Neutral 50 I'll be here. 65
Goodbye. Neutral 50 Best of luck to you. 66
VMS18TedReturned VMS18TedReturned Neutral 50 Oh my god! Ted! Are you all right? {reunited with his lost son} 67