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This is a transcript for dialogue with Chauncey.


GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 Who are you? {nervously} 1
GREETING Neutral 50 You'll have to excuse me. There's somewhere I need to be right now. 2
GREETING Neutral 50 Good day. 3
VMS18VMS18ChaunceyTopic000 You first. Neutral 50 You don't know? <Sighs> Good. That's good. So they didn't send you after me. 4
Neutral 50 Where's the gentleman I'm supposed to meet? 5
VMS18VMS18ChaunceyTopic001 I'm looking for someone who went missing. Neutral 50 So was the man I'm supposed to be meeting here. Where is he? 6
VMS18VMS18ChaunceyTopic002 Just someone who found a matchbook. Neutral 50 Matchbook? What about the man I gave it to? 7
VMS18VMS18ChaunceyTopic003 He's dead. Neutral 50 Oh my goodness me! They must know he was talking to someone on the inside. 8
Neutral 50 They'll be watching everyone closer now. I knew this was a mistake. 9
VMS18VMS18ChaunceyTopic004 <Lie> He couldn't make it, so he sent me instead. Neutral 50 {using 'devil' as a curse here} The devil he did. He was supposed to meet me days ago. Are you in Mortimer's employ, then? 10
VMS18VMS18ChaunceyTopic008 [Attack] I am now. Neutral 50 Not for long. 11
VMS18VMS18ChaunceyTopic009 Who are you afraid of? Neutral 50 Mortimer. If he realizes it was me the investigator was planning to meet, he'll have me killed. 12
VMS18VMS18ChaunceyTopic010 What were you supposed to discuss here? Neutral 50 The girl. The one who disappeared. I know what happened to her. 13
VMS18VMS18ChaunceyTopic011 So is Mortimer behind the disappearances? Neutral 50 Yes. The White Glove Society strictly forbids eating humans. But we weren't always the White Glove Society. 14
Neutral 50 Mortimer and some of the others have... regressed... to the old ways. 15
Neutral 50 They've taken many people over the last few months. But always from Freeside or secluded places, where they wouldn't be missed. 16
Neutral 50 It wasn't enough. Lately they've gone for tourists here on the Strip. Even in the hotel. 17
Neutral 50 I guess that's the hazard of a cannibal becoming a gourmet - it's hard to please a refined palate. 18
VMS18VMS18ChaunceyTopic012 How do you know what happened to the girl? Neutral 50 Because I distracted her fiancee while they took her. Well, I'm not proud of it! But I had to. They could see I was having second thoughts. 19
Neutral 50 Some of the White Gloves began meeting privately a while back. Started talking about how we'd lost our identity. 20
Neutral 50 I started attending because I thought it was about changing our politics. 21
Neutral 50 Then they started talking about returning to the old ways, and there was no way out. They'd kill me for the things I'd heard them say. 22
VMS18VMS18ChaunceyTopic013 What about Ted Gunderson? Neutral 50 He's alive, as far as I know. They're trying to keep him fresh. Mortimer has special plans for him. 23
Neutral 50 The White Glove Society has a banquet every night at 7. It's in our private section. 24
Neutral 50 Mortimer wants to reintroduce humans into our cuisine. Since eating people is a crime we punish by death, he's going to do it in secret. 25
Neutral 50 After everyone has eaten it he'll tell them. 26
Neutral 50 With no real way to punish everyone, in Mortimer's mind, anyway, their minds will be open to the idea of eating people as a delicacy. 27
VMS18VMS18ChaunceyTopic014 Wouldn't they punish Mortimer for the deception? Neutral 50 They might. But to him the legacy of returning to the old ways is worth his own life. I don't think he expects it, though. I don't, either. 28
Neutral 50 Nothing is more important to the Society than to be on the cutting edge of New Vegas cuisine. Mortimer's idea will appeal to that need. 29
Neutral 50 He just has to get them over the taboo. 30
VMS18VMS18ChaunceyTopic015 Where are they keeping Ted? Neutral 50 I don't know exactly. I wasn't in on it. I think some of them have stopped trusting me. 31
Neutral 50 But you can bet they're keeping him near the Gourmand. Our chef, Philippe, has an obsession with fresh ingredients. 32
Neutral 50 It'd be back in the members only section, so you'll have to be careful. Don't be seen, and more importantly, don't let them see Ted in the open. 33
Neutral 50 It's guarded both at the lobby entrance and in the access tunnels leading from the main restaurant. 34
Where are they keeping Ted? Neutral 50 I... could sponsor you as an honorary member. But I don't know that you've achieved the level of status that would gain the Society's approval. 35
Neutral 50 Perhaps if you were to gain some more notoriety on the Strip, we could get you in. 36
Where are they keeping Ted? Neutral 50 I... could sponsor you as an honorary member. The White Gloves are always looking for people who can elevate their status. 37
Neutral 50 You'd certainly fit the bill with everything you've done around here. 38
Where are they keeping Ted? Neutral 50 Otherwise, you'll have to find some way to get inside quietly. It won't be easy. And it'll be harder still to get him out. 39
VMS18VMS18ChaunceyTopic016 Ted's father is a wealthy man. With his resources, this should be easy to stop. Neutral 50 That may be true, but I wouldn't recommend it. He's built a reputation, and it isn't for calmness and impartiality. 40
Neutral 50 He's not what he looks like. They call him "Hurricane Heck." The man built his empire by hiring mercenaries to drive off the competition. 41
Neutral 50 Lately he's been attacking our Brahmin suppliers so he can take over their business. 42
Neutral 50 He's the sort to pound in a nail with a wrecking ball. If you gave him the whole story on this he'd be liable to raze the entire hotel. 43
Neutral 50 And God knows what he'd do to the rest of the Strip. 44
VMS18VMS18ChaunceyTopic017 Why is everyone around here dressed up and wearing masks? Neutral 50 Those are all members of the White Glove Society. Our founder, Marjorie, gave us all a dress code. There's only one rule to it. 45
Neutral 50 In her words, we must dress in such a way that no one can be said to have dressed better than us. 46
Neutral 50 As for the masks, I'm not allowed to tell you. We're sworn to secrecy. 47
Neutral 50 Actually that's not true. That's just what we're supposed to say. 48
Neutral 50 I think Marjorie likes them for the mystery they create. And the way they make it clear that we're different from everyone else. 49
Neutral 50 But you didn't hear that from me. 50
VMS18VMS18ChaunceyTopic018 Any suggestions on how to get Ted out? Neutral 50 Hmm. Well, they'll all be sampling Pre-War wines before the meal. Maybe it's as simple as drugging them. 51
Neutral 50 Although... that wouldn't stop any future kidnappings. You'd have to expose Mortimer. But he's going to confess anyway... {working out a problem in his head.} 52
Neutral 50 What if... what if his revelation were a lie? What if no one had eaten human flesh but him? 53
Neutral 50 If you could somehow replace Philippe in the kitchen and serve a convincing substitute instead... 54
Neutral 50 You could walk Ted right through the middle of that room after Mortimer speaks. And then he'd have some explaining to do. 55
Neutral 50 Philippe has been trying to approximate the taste of human flesh for years. He must have a recipe somewhere. 56
VMS18VMS18ChaunceyTopic019 Where is your mask? Neutral 50 Hmm. Must've forgotten to put it on. How embarrassing. {coy} 57
VMS18VMS18ChaunceyTopic020 I'm looking for someone. Neutral 50 Oh. Well, it's a big hotel. You should talk to Marjorie - she's in charge and she can probably help you find anyone you might need. {First word betrays he's hiding something. Short beat after it as he thinks of what to say.} 58
Neutral 50 She usually works at the front of the Gourmand. She likes to see how people respond to it. 59
Neutral 50 You can get to the Gourmand from the lobby here - it's a big set of double doors on the first floor on the eastern side. Can't miss it. 60
VMS18VMS18ChaunceyTopic021 Let me ask you about something else. Neutral 50 Go ahead. 61


GOODBYE Goodbye. Neutral 50 Let's plan on meeting again as soon as- Wait. Did you hear something? Were you followed? 62
Goodbye. Neutral 50 Farewell. 63