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This is a transcript for dialogue with Sergeant Kilborn.


GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 Heard you helped out Jackson, thanks for that. Caravans are still waiting for clearance to move out, but at least there's movement. 1
GREETING Neutral 50 {Impressed} Coming from the North? Must be crazy to brave those roads. 2
GREETING Neutral 50 Something else you wanted? 3
vNiptonVulpesvMOSgtKilbornTopic000 What is this place? Neutral 50 Outpost, Mojave Outpost. Watching a lot of nothing, feels like a big Brahmin pen for caravans. 4
Neutral 50 They've been stopped for a while, waiting for the roads North to clear - or their clearance papers to go through. 5
Neutral 50 Look like you've walked a ways, so if you need to shake the dust off, head to the Barracks, the bar's there. {Beat, shrugs} Not much, but better than nothing. 6
vNiptonVulpesvMOSgtKilbornTopic001 What are those statues of? Neutral 50 Those two? Represents unification. {Beat, a little defeated} Mostly good for shade. Won't do much else when the Legion reaches us. 7
vNiptonVulpesvMOSgtKilbornTopic002 Any work around here? Neutral 50 Nothing I know of, {studies the player} but if you've come from the North, means you can travel freer than most around here. 8
Neutral 50 Might check the Barracks, someone might need you to hoof it somewhere. Just be careful if you go up on the roof - got a sniper watching the road. 9
Neutral 50 If you're gear's in need of repair, HQ's also worth checking out - talk to Major Knight, he can help. {Beat, to himself} Provided you got a pen and plenty of ink. {Slight frustration on bureaucracy at end.} 10
vNiptonVulpesvMOSgtKilbornTopic003 I'll be going now. Neutral 50 Watch yourself. 11
vNiptonVulpesvMojaveNCRTrooperTopic003 Legion's attacked Nipton, burned and killed everyone. Neutral 50 {Slight shock} What? {Beat} There's no way... we're {emph} miles from the Colorado. They...{To himself} they aren't even waiting for the Dam to fall. They're already inside the borders... 12
Sad 10 {To himself} ...we'll never stop them, not at this rate. We're doomed. {To player} Thanks for bringing the word - even if the news is bad, I'll let the men know. 13
vNiptonVulpesvMojaveNCRTrooperTopic004 <Attack> Ave Caesar! Neutral 50 Legion! 14